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The Sixteenth Year

Mists Investiture
May 9, 1981 (AS XVI)

From The Page (May, 1981):

The Principality of the Mists will invest the new Prince and Princess on Saturday, May 9, at Mount Madonna County Park in Santa Clara County. This site is non-reservable, so try to get there early. Opening court will begin promptly at 11:00 am, followed immediately by the Investiture.

There will also be a Plunder Melee (see the April PAGE for details).

Costumer's Guild Contest: Practical Tourney Costume, including completion of an obstacle course of hazards normally associated with tournaments (ditches, stairs, creeks, burrs, etc.) to test the washability, durability, and versatility of the costume.

The Principality Coordinator of the Costumer's Guild is sponsoring a Hat Contest. For more information: Eilonwy Margause Gray (phone).

As Mount Madonna County Park is in the far southern reaches of the Principality, please allow about 2 1/2 hours travel time from Berkeley. There will be a revel at the home of Lady Helen Brownberry - maps will be available at the site.

[Note: regarding the "Plunder Melee" mentioned above, going back to the April issue of The Page, there was no mention of this event, much less a "Plunder Melee" ... Hirsch]

Maythen of Elfhaven
(Maythen Gervaise)

Per bend sinister sable and Or,
a dragon counter-passant
reguardant, wings addorsed, gules.
William of Hoghton
Per bend sinister sable and Or,
in bend two towers palewise
William's Arms by Nicholas Bawcock of Petersfield, used with permission
William's Arms colored by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm;
Maythen's Arms by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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