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The Sixteenth Year

Valhalan Day on the Green -- Principality of Cynagua
October 31, 1981 (AS XVI)

From The Page (October, 1981):

A site has been found for the Valhallan Day on the Green! It will be held at Camp Pollock Boy Scout Camp in the Sacramento area. Valhalan Day on the Green is a fund-raising tourney for the Principality of Cynagua, sponsored by Tribe Röt Mahne. It is a Viking Tourney with lots of Nordic Games and Contests, but all people are encouraged to attend in their own personae. No restrictions will be placed on those not attending as Vikings.

The unbelievable number of contests (I'm sure you'll find something you like) will include:

Fighting:1. The Unbelted Prize Lists--Prize: a 25# shirt of chainmail. Sponsor: Valgard Stonecleaver
2. Sir Rolf's Bastard Sword Competition--Prize: TBA
3. Holmgang--Prize: An engraved wooden wsword. Sponsor: Elric Wolf's Head
4. Ship-to-Ship Fights--Prize: TBA. Sponsor: Sir Alfric Favnesbane.
Plus: The Ragnorok Melee, the Tribe Röt Mahne v. the Rest of the Known World Melee, and much, much more!!
Recreation: 1. Simulated Oar Walking--Prize: An engraved wooden oar. Sponsor: Valgard Stonecleaver.
2. Bear Pit Fights--Prize: TBA. Sponsor: Elric Wolf's Head.
3. Anchor Toss--Prize: TBA. Sponsor: Sir Alfric Favnesbane.
4. Ransack Village--Prize: Drinkable.
5. Drain the Drinking Horn--Prize: TBA. Sponsor: Valgard Stonecleaver
6. Knot Lifting--Prize: TBA.
And lots more!!

The entry fee for the chainmail lists has been dropped from $10 to $5. Most of the other competitions will have an entry fee of about a dollar. We need a lot of people for the chainmail lists.

The arts competition will be Lace Beasties, Skaldic Story, Skaldic Song/Poem, Nordic Costumes and Rune Stone. A rune stone is an object in any medium which meets these requirements: It must have the appearance of a stone; it must have (somewhere upon it) a decoration and/or inscription "carved" on it; a story describing what it was for (this category is for those who wish to try their skald skills--a written tale is fine, too). There will be a prize for the most authentic, most inventive, and most entertaining tale. The entry fee is 75cents per category for a chance at winning fine vintages and semi-precious stones.

A cooking contest will be held for "pickled fish" dishes with extra points for berry and herb garnishes. Fee is $1, prize: a serving platter.

The most extensive competition is to be the persona contest. Entrants must prepare a written description and history of their persona, the more extensive the better. They must then remain in personal for the whole tourney. Entrants will be judged on historical accuracy, costume, speech, and bearing. Extra points may be obtained for armor as well. Entry fee is $1.

As you can see, we will be having a very busy weekend and we need lots of people to make this work. Please come, and bring money. A potluck banquet will be held on Saturday night outdoors. Dishes are as follows: mundane last initials A-G are asked to bring bread, condiments and appetizers; H-M are asked to bring main dishes; N-S desserts; and T-Z salad and vegetable dishes. Bring your own drinks.

WARNING: The site lies next to the American River, a major tributary to the Sacramento River. It is very good for swimming, but also very dangerous for small children. Please, if you can't keep an eye on them, leave them at home. No pets.

Directions: Omitted.

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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