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The Sixteenth Year

Lord Defender of the North Tournament -- Eskalya
July 11-12, 1981 (AS XVI)

From The Page (July, 1981):

The 1981 Lord Defender's Tourney will be held at Lake Eklutna State Park campsite in Alaska. This is the same site as last year. Set-up will begin Friday night at 7:30 and will close at dusk (approximately 10:30 pm!). Set-up will resume at 9 am on Saturday and will cease at 11 am. Late arrivals may set up during the leisure hours later in the afternoon, after opening court.

The following rules and regulations will be in effect during the event: Open food will not be allowed in the pavilions. Food storage should be outside or in the central area. Use rodent-proof containers - small animals (squirrels and rodents) will not hesitate to sample your feast. Also be aware that the Park does have bears in residence. 2. All garbage will be in the central area. 3. Each family will be responsible for keeping children under control and watched. 4. No pets or animals be brought to the event. 5. No fires except for the permitted bardic fire. Cooking will be done on a central fire table or camp stoves of the bottled or liquid fuel type only (i.e, Coleman). 7. No firearms are permitted. 8. No contraband is permitted. 9. There will be a work tax levied on all who are caught drinking from a mundane container.

Contests: Cooking Guild - Anything in a pot. Something in the coals. Something on a Skewer; a Whim of the Queen of Love and Beauty - Breakfast sweet rolls without raisins; Sharane de Kondrak - Best period gorp or snack mix, House Shadowood - Breads (leavened or unleavened) baked or cooked in camp (Masters and Novices separate). Beverages - summer punches made with liquers (submit one gallon in a container which may be set in the creek to cool). Fighting - Double Elimination Swashbuckling Tourney.

Work Tax: Fire builders, toters, water fetchers, garbage removers, and other workers will be recruited from among the participants to get things done (noblesse oblige). An hour's duty is a small price to pay for a comforable, smooth-running event.

Even if the gods frown on us and cause the sky to weep, the event will be held. The Autocrats have made arrangements for overhead tarps and wind screens, as well as the arrangement of the large household pavillions in a manner allowing for the enjoyment of the event in the case of rain. Do not miss this event! We will take great delight in presenting a method of camping and SCA tourney-going never quite seen before!

Personal Reminisces:

"This event was fun. I drove down to the event from Winter's Gate (a 350 mile or so drive) with someone, but I don't recall who at this point. I don't remember all of the details, and at the time I didn't know Kylson or Aryana well at all. However, King William and Queen Andrea came up for this event (it was the only major event in the north during Their one reign together). They were quite funny as King and Queen, because Andrea was William's squire. This provided some odd "training" bits during the event. For example, during the dancing, William would take the sleeves of his houpeland (which were knotted to avoid stepping on them) and hit the Queen with them. It scandalized many of us, because at the time we had no idea the relationship, and the King hitting the Queen! Gasp! The funnniest bit for at least those of us who noticed was the wrestling match on Sunday morning between the two of them ... very silly.

"It was at this event, I think, that the Selviergard "trolls" (an offshoot of the Atenveldt Dwarves, but not as well known), surprised everyone at the Bardic Circle Saturday evening. There was a break in the singing while folk were flipping through songbooks, waiting for someone to chime in, and suddenly from one point of the compass, from the woods, a voice rang out in song. This voice was soon accompanied from the other three points of the compass, and then four of the "trolls" came into the bardic circle, singing a VERY funny song about the "Troll and the Crownéd Fart". When the song was done (with most of us laughing hysterically), they turned around back to the four points of the compass, and sang as they walked back into the woods, not to be seen again for the rest of the evening. They never sang that song again at an event outside of Selviergard, that I am aware of, which is a shame -- it was quite funny." -- Hirsch von Henford

Kylson Skyfyre
(Lord Defender of the North)

Azure, a unicorn rampant argent,
crined Or, on a chief arched Or
three snowflakes azure.
Aryana Silknfyre
(Queen of Love and
Beauty of the North)

Per pale and per saltire argent and
Or, a unicorn trippant sable,
crined gules.
Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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