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The Sixteenth Year

Ducal Grand Prize Tournament
October 10-11, 1981 (AS XVI)

From The Page (October, 1981):

The Ducal Grand Prize Tournament to benefit the Land Fund of the Kingdom of the West will be held on October 10 and 11 in the Province of the Mists. To support the Kingdom Land Fund--and because it's the most event-filled event of the year--make sure you're there!

Competitions: The tournament will include many competitions in all areas of the Current Middle Ages, including: Brewing, Calligraphy, Fighting, Cooking, Wagering, and MORE! Details will be announced at the tourney. A few contests require advance preparation: Brewing of Beer, Bread Baking (basic yeast breads), Table Covering for a Banquet Table (a table cloth fit for a banquet table--embroidery, lace, applique, or ...), Pear Anything (anything to eat or drink wherein the main ingredient is pears), and Calligraphy (a scroll containing the words: "Oh, Westermark, your forests.").

If you wish to sponsor a competition, please let me know before the tourney. "Sponsoring" includes setting the rules, running the competition, and donating the prize. Entry rules, running the competition, and donating the prize. Entry fees are charged for each competition. The amount of the entry is in proportion to the value of the prize. All entry fees go to the Kingdom of the West's Land Fund. [The third sentence is exactly as it is in the original copy in The Page -- no typo ... HvH]

There will also be an auction of donated items. In previous years, these have included cloisonne jewelry, silve rjewelry, folly baldrics, food, prize-winning recipes, clothing and armour. Who knows what might show up this year? Please contact me before the tourney if you wish to donate something; or bring it with you. The money from the auction goes to the Land Fund.

Feast and Revel: The Principality of the Mists has, in recent times, gained a great reputation for the excellence of their feasts. Now these same cooks will provide a Fall Feast for Ducal Prize. The menu is: Russian peasant soup, piroshki, sausages and cheese, bread, apple pies, and cider. The cost is only $5.50, which includes a donation to help cover the costs of the hall. Children 4-12 are $3.50; under 4 are free. Deadline for reservations is October 1. Any profits from the feast will go to the Land Fund.

Everyone is welcome at the revel; please plan to attend; some competitions will be judged there. Those not wishing to be included in the feast may bring their own food. A donation of $1.00 per person from anyone who does not have a feast ticket will be asked to cover hall rental costs.

Lunches, Too: This is not an overnight site, so, to make it easier for those who do not wish to bring a lot of gear, the Barony of Westermark has volunteered to provide lunches and non-alcoholic beverages for sale at Ducal Prize. If there are any profits from this, they will go to the Land Fund, too.

Thanks to the College of St. Hildegarde, Ducal Prize and the revel will be held at Mills College in Oakland. This is an excellent site and has the advantage of not having a dry hall!! It is not, however, an over-night site. If you are coming from some distance away, make arrangements to stay with friends or contact me before October Crown so that I can arrange something for you with a local household.

Directions: (omitted)

There will be signs direction you to the field. The revel and feast will be in the Student Union. You may obtain directions at the tourney or from the gate guard.

For more information, to sponsor a competition, or to volunteer to help, please contact: Duchess Verena of Laurelin, (contact info omitted).

From The Page (October, 1981):

In spite of threatening weather, more than 100 people came to the field at Mills College to fight, eat, and revel for the benefit of the Land Fund. Fighting events and archery were held on Saturday, with food, drink, and bardic competitions taking place at the feast that evening. On Sunday, games and more fighting took place.

The first event was "old business" as Duke James Greyhelm and Duke Frederick of Holland settled a fight from last year's Ducal Prize (it had been interrupted by an injury). Duke James won the fight (and his sponsor, Wolfshall MacWombat took the prize).

This year's Tourney was "graced" by the return of Duke Paul of Bellatrix who won many of the fighting events for his various sponsors. Macsen Fidelis greatly increased the fees recieved for the events by his excellent auctioneering of those entrants who wished to be sponsored.

The evening's feast was simple and delicious, with plenty of food for all. Many thanks to Ysabel de Norte and Maythen of Elfhaven who labored long and hard to prepare it. Thanks also to the Shire of Vinhold for donating time, labor and apple pies. Following the feast, Macsen again demonstrated his auctioneering skills as he auctioned the many items that had been donated. An evening of general rivalry was highlighted by singing, dancing, and story-telling.

Sunday's weather was perfect for fighting and gaming. Geoffrey of Griffenhold and Sir William of Briardust won the exceiting Knight-Squire lists sponsored by the Knights of the Silver Mullet [Molet]. Many other feats of valor and skill occurred in the "hunkerhauser" competition. Many other competitions were held and many more people helped out the Kingdom's Land Fund.

To all those herein named, and to the many others unnamed who helped THANK YOU for helping to raise more than $1000.00 for the Land Fund.

(List of contests, sponsors and winners omitted).

Final Statement for the Tourney
Event fees and sponsoring at the Tourney  $ 623.85
Feast Tickets368.00
Expenses for Tourney and Feast-206.69
Net Profit$1049.16

For more information about the Kingdom Land Fund, and to make donations between Ducal Prize Tourneys and other fund-raising events: Verena of Laurelin (contact info omitted).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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