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The Sixteenth Year

Coronet Tournament -- Principality of Cynagua
November 7-8, 1981 (AS XVI)

From The Page (October, 1971):

Presenting the Fourth (count them) Cynaguan Coronet Tourney, a weekend of multitudinous medieval activities, occurring November 7-8 at Howard Park in Ione (see map below). Brought to you by teh same collection of sodden oafs (excuse me), friendly fhow who brought you pleasant and temperate Cynaguan tourneys of Autumns past. It wouldn't dare rain on us this time, right? Of course not. No way. However, just in case it does, we have reserved a site that includes a capacious, concrete-floored hall, large enough for indoor combat and most of the other planned events. The site also has wide, romantic foresty areas undoubtedly denizened by elves, wood-sprites, and other creatures that you normally would have to drink a quart of good Mustkatel to see nowadays. Please watch your children! Other features include: nearly-civilized restrooms, fire pits, running water, a shrubbery. The park will be open for Friday night set-up. There will be no gate fee. Coronet lists will begin Saturday at about 1:00 p.m. Armor inspection will follow a brief noon court.

The Coronet Lists will be a standard double-elimination tournament. Thrusting weapons will be permitted, and past deaths will count in the final round. Please not that all contenders must be current SCA members or We'll Give You Such a Hit! The Lists Mistress will request proof, such as a current SCA membership card, a canceled check, for payment of SCA fees, or a copy of the Page bearing your name or address on the label. No kidding, we plan to be snippy about this. If you have lost your membership card, or never received one in teh first place, send for a card now. The address of the Registry is on the back cover of this newsletter. Enclose a SASE.

Activities: The autocrat has requested that artists and craftspeople of Cynagua bring examples of their efforts to this event for display purposes. Please contact him for details. There will be a Sandcastle Building Competition (materials to be provide) with prizes being awarded to different age groups of children; a Costume Design Competition; with an emphasis on cape design (after all, winter is coming); Helmet Design and Construction; and Medieval Weapon Design and Construction. We need people to sponsor competitions. If you can help, or can suggest any games, etc., please call Arron of Wolfskrag or Alexia of Candamar at (phone).

Arts Contests: Categories will be Herbs Preserve Us!--anything preserved with herbs and/or spices (must include recipe); To Test Your Metal--handcrafted metalwork (pre-1650 technology); Leatherwork--for the hands, feet or head; and Woodworking--hand carved swans.

Arts/Sciences Workshops: We will offer brief workshops over the weekend in such colorful topics as Herbal Lore and Remedies; Practical Leatherworking; Lace making techniques (principally tatting-- those interested bring shuttle and thread); and Cloaks and Warm Wear (or: Alternatives to Freezing).

Archery: The Principality Royal Archer will run four archery events: (1) A boffer/archery skirmish; (2) a "treasure train ambush"; (3) a William Tell apple shoot; and (4) stnadard Royal Rounds and Inter-Kingdom archery. Some of these events will require boffer weapons, war-bows (less than 30# draw), blunts, and archery armor (please check Kingdom standards). We will be able to supply some boffers; if you elect to bring your own, note that the maximum length will be 36 inches, and they must pass inspection.

Princess Christianna is also planning a special game-quest of her own devising. Info will be provided on-site.

The autocrat of this event is Lord Arron of Wolskrag (contact info omitted).

From The Page (November, 1971):

[The first paragraph of the Page Copy is different, and funny, worth repeating here -- Hirsch]

Cynagua is proud to present its Fourth Coronet Tourney, the culmination of countless minutes of groundwork and planning, wtih time out only for a few quick naps and trying to tilt the BB's into the eyes of the bear. The tourney will occur November 7-8 at Howard Park in Ione (map below). We are expecting a Dry Weekend With No Rain. Please leave liferafts and scuba gear at home this time; it wasn't very funny the first time anyway. In case of flood, we can always climb the trees ... The site has wooded areas, so please watch your children ...

[... and the last paragraph was added, and is also amusing ... HvH]

Apologies from His Highness: We will have to charge a gate-fee (voluntary donation) at this event, and we will not, after all, have the use of the on-site hall in the case of rain. Last month we reported just the opposite. We were wrong. Do you see how easy it is to make a fool out of oneself? Go forth, dear people, and do likewise. No, no, don't thank us.

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