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The Fifteenth Year

West/Caid War
May 17-18, 1980 (AS XV)

From The Page (March, 1980):

People of the West!! You have defied the will of Caid and the lawful commands of good King Martin by refusing to illuminate last May's peace treaty in argent and azure. If any of your warriors are brave enough to cross our northern borders, then you may attend the Second Annual Caid/West War and Tourney of the Cloth of Gold.

This event will be held at the Johnny Barton Ranch, May 17, 18 in Rieslingshire (Fresno). There will be water at the site in barrles, but it would be very helpful if water were also brought by the participants.

The eveng will be similar to that held last year with a few exceptions, and will consist of battles, archery, and arts competitions, all contributing points to the total score. Martial events will include, but not be limited to, an open field battle, bridge fight, and castle defense. There will be a separate archery and siege weapon assault phase against the castle. Also planned is a light armored battle featuring war archery and shinais (no personal shields, only pavises) and target archery for points.

Weapon and armor requirements will be sca war minimums, and will be enforced ... thrusting spears 9 1/2 feet ... slashing polearms ... (other details omitted). All equipment must pass marshalls inspection, and exotic weapons will be allowed only if marshalls judge them to be relatively sane.

The arts competitions will consist of the following contests (see below in the Chronicle of the event for details (and lists of winners)).

For more information, contact Duke Douglas Longshanks (contact info omitted).

From The Page (May, 1980):

People of the West! Due to circumstances beyond our control, the West/Caid War, Field of the Cloth of Gold has been moved to a new site a short distance away. The new site is the same one that was used in the earlier Caid rebellions. Also, there have been some changes in the rules that concern the event. For informations contact His Royal Highness, Prince Strider.

(directions and schedule omitted)


Ten (10) arts contests - 2 points for first place, 1 for second. Maximum of 30 points. Bridge fight - 20 points. Open field - 20 points for victory, 5 extra for the capture of the vanquished army's flag, 5 points for fleeing. Archery battle - 20 points. Castle attack - 30 points. Castle defence - 10 points.


This event will take place on the central wooded hill. The objective is for either side to capture the opponent's flag and return it to their stronghold. A) No Shinai, B) Small archer's shields (bucklers) and pavises only, C) You may wear armor if you wish, but it doesn't protect you, D) 30lb. bow, E) 28" arrows counted from the back of the blunt to the nock, F) No blunts less than 7/8" across, G) All blunts must have knobs cut off, H) All bows and quivers must be inspected and marked, I) Though not a rule, all arrows should be marked in the Kingdom, Barony, and Personal Colors for easy I.E. (Kingdom of the West: Gold/Green; Kingdom of Caid: Blue/Silver). Kingdom colors should be nearest the fletchings.

The arts competitions will consist of the following contests: (For more information please contact your respective Kingdom Mistress of Arts.)
1) Best crafted item of jewelry (in period, and no kits).
2) Best field costume (the costume should be durable and washable - it may also be worn at the time).
3) Best crafted item of pottery or ceramics.
4) Best item of needle work (embroidery, needle point, etc).
5) Best item of lace or tatting.
6) Best war banner.
Entries to the following contests must be signed up by 4pm. All performances will be at the bardic circle Saturday night.
7) Best original war song. (May be performed by the writer or by a willing substitute. Any war-related topic is acceptable. The song can be inspirational or funny.)
8) Best original war poem. (Same rules as for songs.)
9) Best belly dance or other non-court dance.
Entries to the following contest must be to the judges by 10 am Sunday, May 18.
10) Best drawing of a war activity. (To be drawn at the site from some portion of the weekend's activities.)

From The Page (July, 1980):


The Kingdom of the West and the Kingdom of Caid met recently for a combined war and arts tourney patterned after he meeting of France and England at the Field of the Cloth of Gold. The pretext for this war was that the West had failed to illuminate the peace treaty from teh last war in the colours of Caid, the victor of the conflict. When the two kings met in the morning of the first battle, the heralds, in a valient effort to fulfill their age-old function of negotiations asked them if there were no other way out of the looming war. In reply, the two kings ground the treaty into the dust beneath their heels. They agreed it was war, and off they went to fight it.

The first battle was a bridge fight, which took up most of the day, it being a difficult position to charge from either side. This was eventually declared a draw, both armies having toiled valiantly thru the heat of teh day. After a gentlemanly pause to allow the armies time to rest and recuperate, a field battle was waged through the high ground and woods. The West claimed victory here, and again battle ceased so that armies could re-fresh themselves.

The sun set in the meantime, and battle was waged in a different field, that of the gentle arts. Competitors met around the Bardic Circle that night, and sang, danced and poemed at one another. The exact count of the contestants escaped your humble chronicler, but methinks it was in excess of thirty, for the singing and dancing and poeming went on most of the evening, and a delightful evening it was, too.

Next day dawned hotter, if possible, than the day before. Master Frederick of Holland, cloaked in his herald's green streode to the center of the encampment, cried "All rise for Their majesties. Their Majesties give you leave to depart. That was morning court." And a mercy it was, too, for many of the populace had been felled by the great heat of the previous day and were reluctant to risk themselves in any but the most necessary activity.

But war is hell, as the saying goes, and the armies met for a third time, this time in a castle assault/defense. Caid had won the toss and elected to defend, and so the battle was joined. Mindful of the heat and the problems of the day before, a time limit was set for this battle. But it was not needed, as Caid proved the victor before the time was up.

A final court was convened, winners of the arts competitions were announced, and the Queen's agreed that the treaty for this war would be illuminated in blood-red for the slain, and a border of celtic interacing to be done in the colours of both Kingdoms. It was further declared that henceforth there will be West/Caid tournaments, not wars, with various events to be held, both arts and fighting, but smaller groups of fighters will take part. This was greeted enthusiastically by all. The war itself was declared to be a draw.

The arts competition drew a great many entries from both kingdoms, and judging them was no easy task. Your chronicler was pressed into service to judge the field costume competition, and that competition alone had fourteen entrants. Such handwork, needlework, and crafts, as could be displayed was on exhibit for most of the two-day event. It was a joy to see the beautiful work of so many contestants. That these may not go un-appreciated, here is the list of winners of the arts contests:

Ceramics 1. Jehanna the Harper - Caid
2. Josette de Chante Clair - West
Jewelry 1. Louise of Woodsholme - Caid
2. Maelgwyn de Lyonesse - West
Embroidery1. Trista de Cordoba - West
2. Keridwyn or Mynydd Gwyrdd - West
Counted- 1. Eilis O'Boirne - West
stitch 2. Conrad von Regensberg - Caid
Tatting & 1. Heulte von Anens - Caid
lace 2. Aja - West (a very close second)
War Banner1. Ahmsha - Caid
2. Narissa of Hart's Wood - West
Drawing & 1. Bjo of Griffin - Caid
sketching 2. Sadowara Yoshira - West (tied for first)
Costume 1. Neptha of Thebes - Caid
2. Guinevere de Bremble - Caid
Original 1. Duke Gregory of York - Caid
war song 2. Duke Paul of Bellatrix - West
Dance 1. Lindia of Woodlyn - Caid
2. Neptha of Thebes - Caid

Next year's event will be an attempt to recreate even more the spirit of the Field of the Cloth of Gold (or Golden Veil as it was known in its own time), and history records that the two kings, Francis and Henry, tried to outdo each other in the splendour and lavishness of their arts.

(The author is Rowena d'Anjou)

The following "Corrigenda" was published in the August issue of The Page:

First place in the poetry competition for this war was won by Baroness Bjo of Griffin, Caid, while Thomas Buttesthorne took second place for the West. The Costume comeptition was won by Morgunn Ravenstone of Tantallon in second place for Caid, not Guinevere de Bremble as previously reported (she modeled it). The Field of the Cloth of Gold was known in its own day as the Golden Valley or Vale, not "Veil" as I reported last month.

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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