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The Fifteenth Year

Twelfth Night Coronation
January 3, 1981 (AS XV)

From The Page (December, 1980):


Kingdom Twelfth Night for AS XV is on Saturday 3 January 1981 and tickets are now on sale: Send for yours now as the price will go up. Everyone must have a ticket to get into the hall, including children. Prices and deadlines are (omitted).

This Coronation and Festivitites will vie with the best in memory. The hall is very spacious with a danceable floor, alcoves, accessory rooms, lovely garden nooks and even a castle (of sorts) on the hill. (If you've never seen Frank Lloyd Wright's Marin Civic Center, you are in for a surprise!) Best of all, while it is removed from things, it is just moments away from eateries, hostels, all manner of shops and major highways.

Twelfth Night will be held in the Exhibit Hall of the Marin Center in San Rafael, California. A map and list of local restaurants/motels will be sent to you with your tickets.

Kingdom royalty and entertainers will be sent tickets. Please contact the Autocrat, Dierdrianna of the Misty Isles if you are royalty from another Kingdom and plan to attend. She can be reached (contact info omitted).

Tentative Schedule (omitted).

Be it known that smoking will not be allowed inside the hall. Constables will ask you to go outside if you do smoke. Children are the responsibility of their parents. If smalls are running about and being noisy, their parents will be asked to quiet them or remove them. There will be two rooms set aside where smalls may nap, be changed, or nursed. There will be signs.

Prizes will be offered in the category of "Belt or Girdle" at a competition sponsored by the Kingdom Costumers Guild. This may be in any technique as long as it is appropriate to the period of the costume it is worn with.

Entertainers will include Baron FfellyanDrac from Allyshia with wondrous Magical Feats, the Dowager Princess Janeltis of An Tir with a brief original sketch, Lady Kahina Dhahabiya of Golden Rivers with ethnic belly-dancing, the Silver Desert Madrigal Singers, and the Shire of Westermark Players with a play.

The entire front lobby has been set aside for the Arts Show and Sale sponsored by the Principality of the Mists. Artisans from the entire Kingdom are encouraged to bring samples of their work to share your knowledge and skills and encourage, enlighten and enthuse others to try their hand. Things displayed need not be for sale, but if you plan to sell, be advised that there will be a 10% tariff of sales to benefit future Arts competition prizes. To reserve space, please contact Arts autocrat, Aliste von Falkenhof (contact info omitted).

The winner of the Kingdom Costumer's Guild Badge Contest will be announced. There is still time to get your entry in. See article on page 10 of this issue for further details.

The College of Scribes will be holding a benefit auction at Twelfth Night. Contributions from members of the College and the general populace would be greatly appreciated. Promised so far is a painted minature, board games, a trencher, a magic show, fantasy illustration, and calligraphy.

We are also planning a display of finished scrolls at Twelfth Night. If you have a scroll that you think the populace would enjoy viewing or you are or were a scribe and did a scroll you were particularly proud of, please contact us so we will have display space reserved for you. Scribes should let us know who they did the scroll for so that we can contact them and ask them to bring it to Twelfth Night.

Lord Ahmed ibn Tr'bai once more announces the rules for his Imperium Compound Recipe Contest, to be held at Kingdom Twelfth Night. Interest is growing in this unusual competition, especially since Lord Ahmed has announced that the prize is a bottle of GlenLivit!!
1. Entries should be of at least 1 pint in volume. 2. Entrants must, if requested, drink of their own products. In other words, NO sterno, fermented frogs, etc. 3. A legibly written copy of the recipe must accompany the entry. The winning recipe will be published at a later date. 4. No judge of this contest may also be an entrant. 5. Judging will be completely subjective. "Does this meet the judge's opinion of what Imperium Compound should be like?" 6. No entries will be returned, so please use a container you don't mind giving away. (Since this is being held at a Coronation, guess who is going to get it all!!!!) 7. There will be a small entry fee (50cents) collected to help subsidize the cost of the prize. Should an excess of fee monies be collected, they will be donated to the Land Fund. 8. A group or individual may have more than one entry.

Floor space and breakfast: $2/person, to be paid to your hosts. If you are coming from out of the area and do not know anyone in the Bay Area with whom you may seek accomodation, these people may be able to help you. If you are coming from the south, Renfield Wanderscribe (contact info omitted) or Thomas Buttesthorne and Helyn Brownberry (contact info omitted). From the north, Ahmed ibn Tr'bai and Aliste von Falkenhof (contact info omitted). If you live in the Bay Area and have space to accomodate out-of-towners, call these people to let them know that.

From The Page (February, 1981):

The Twelfth Night Coronation and Revel of the Kingdom of the West will live in fond memory for many of the populace who attended the gala event on January 3, AS XV. The colour, the splendour, the regalia, the sounds, and the smells were almost too numerous and pleasant for the senses to gather in.

The hall, so bare in the morning, soon bloomed with festively decorated tables, the walls festooned with a myriad of banners, and as the bedecked participants filled the hall it fairly vibrated with the joyful spirit of the celebration.

The last Court of King Radnor and Queen Esmirelda was a chorus of pomp, splendour, and sound as the candle-bearing courtiers and madrigal-chanting singers lead the way for Their Majesties. They were accompanied by the Coronets of Their Land.

Foremost among the many scrolls and awards given that day by Royal Hand were the Knighting of Rolf the Relentless and the raising to the Order of the Pelican of Dierdrianna of the Misty Isles. Ysabel del Norte passed on the office of Kingdom Chatelaine to Sharane de Kondrack.

The Shire of Westermark made impressive and most unusual petition to His Majesty for Barony status. Those close to the Thrones fairly overdoes on adjectives! King Radnor graciously gave permission to approach the BOD on the matter. [Hirsch notes: see below for the text of the petition ...]

The Coronation of King Frederick and Nicorlynn, His Queen of Love and Beauty brought a lump to many a throat as the nobility and humility of the Crown Prince and His Princess gave way to the Stately bearing and Regal composure of the newly crowned King and Queen. It was a spectacle which gave new status to the Thrones of the West.

King Frederick asked for a showing of the fighters and archers of His Kingdom and asked for their support in the Burro Creek War IV.

Two Great Officers of State were invested. They were Mistress Rowena d'Anjou as Seneschal and Wulf Sagan von Onstensee as Earl Marshal.

The swearing of fealty over, the Grand March began amid much pomp and (sadly) noise, as the hall echoed loudly at the slightest whisper, challenging all to try their best to remain chivalrously quiet.

As the Royalty retired for their evening repast, the hall resounded with the evening's entertainment, including magicians, musicians, players, and singers. There was much dancing and much merriment. Many contests were run, a gaming room was set up to benefit the Land Fund, an Arts Show was set up in the Lobby, and good folk had no excuse for a case of boredom!

'Twas indeed the perfect way for the good and noble people of the West to end the Yuletide season and begin a New Year!

(The author is Aliste von Falkenhof)

To Their Majesties the King and Queen of the West


O high and puissant monarchs!

O thou pure, unblemished twin stars of chivalry and beauty conjoined for the illumination and rapture of we poor dwellers of the lowly mortal spheres!

O blessed and wondrous beings of light whose souls are the essence of pure flame and whose forms are the acme of regal perfection!

O mighty sovereigns at whose wrath we tremble, at whose word we prostrate our unworthy selves, to whose commands we bend our lowly deeds and on whose smiles we wait with humble obedience!

O glorious orbs!

O perfection of nobility!

O lofty eminences akin to the immortal gods!

We, your abased and abject acolytes.
We, your bemoaning and beseeching bozos.
We, your cringing and crawling churls.
We, your drooling and demeaned denizens.
We, your enervated and entropic entities.
We, your fevered and frenzied fawners.
We, your groaning and grieving groupies.
We, your hapless and hopeless hoplites.
We, your indentured and inchoate intendants.
We, your japing and jaundiced jackanapes.
We, your kinky and kiltered kiddies.
We, your lamenting and loquacious lumpen.
We, your mean and maundered morons.
We, your nameless and nurture less nothings.
We, your obsequious and obedient oafs.
We, your picayune and preposterous pulers.
We, your quivering and querulous quakers.
We, your reeking and rancid roisterers.
We, your slinking and slithering slime.
We, your trembling and tottering toads.
We, your unctuous and unworthy underlings.
We, your vile and verminous villeins.
We, your warped and worthless waiters.
We, your xanthippic and xeropthalmialic xenophobes.
We, your yelping and yielding yokels.
We, your zoned and zapped zogs.

Do humbly beseech of your almighty persons:

That You should look with favor upon your loyal subjects of the Westermark and grant them the status of Barony.


They have the requisite number of members for this status within the bounds of their Shire.


They have raised up numerous fighters for the defense of their borders against their rapacious neighbors who are at Your Majesties’ service for the protection of the realm,


They have presented divers entertainments for the enlightenment and edification of Your Majesties’ subjects,


They have thrown many revels proclaimed throughout the Knowne World for their refinement and taste,


They have fostered oodles of activities which have increased the numbers of Your Majesties subjects in the Westermark and which have been recognized to the degree that there are currently within the bounds of the Westermark;
          Nine Awards of Arms
          Three Orders of the Leaf of Merit
          Two Queen’s Order of Grace
          Two Members of the Queen’s Guard
          Two Holders of the Queen’s Cypher
          One Order of the Rose Leaf
          Two Members of the Order of the Astral Fog


They have a complete compliment of tried and tested officers who will ensure a true perfection of administration within the bounds of the Westermark.


They have given many crass and weighty bribes to the Throne and have not, until this moment, called in their chips,


They have established a reputation throughout the Kingdom for honor and service to the degree that all and sundry speak the name of “Westermarker” in tones of reverent awe and humble respect.


They have numerous etchings of certain highly placed individuals in exceedingly compromising positions.


In consideration of these glorious achievements and any others Your Bounteous Majesties may have occasion to think of, we do humbly beg that Your Majesties grant Westermark the status of Barony and that you name the noble Catalin di Napoli Baron thereof that Your loyal subjects within the Westermark may better serve Your Majesties interests and continue to raise the state of Your Majesties Kingdom to ever higher levels of culture and prosperity.

(This was written by Gerhardt von Nordflammen, and published in the First Folio of Gerhardt von Nordflammen, as well as having been 'performed' at 12th Night. Gerhardt retains Copyright: © 1981, Lawrence Hyink III on this work.)

See photos of this event

Frederick of Holland
Azure, a unicorn's head couped to
sinister above two ovoid annulets
conjunct in fess at their smaller
ends argent.
Nicorlynn of Caer Wydyr
Or, seated on a fountain, a mermaid
in her vanity azure, comb and mirror
Frederick's arms by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm
Nicorlynn's arms by Evaine ni MacGreger

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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