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The Fifteenth Year

October Crown Tournament
October 4-5, 1980 (AS XV)

From The Page (September, 1980):

The fall crown tourney will be held at Big Trees in the Redwood Regional Park in Oakland. As usual, set-up will begin on Friday afternoon, the Crown Lists will be drawn on Saturday, and the event will conclude Sunday afternoon.

Among the many competitions to be held at this tournament is the Arts competition to Use the Whole Thing. See previous issues of the Page for details.

The Kingdom is commissioning royal robes of state to be made for the King and Queen, and there is a competition for the design. The winning design will be chosen and announced at October Crown and will be used for the first time at the Twelfth Night Coronation festival in January.

Designs should be submitted to Queen Esmirelda (see Directory) no later than early Saturday of October Crown, as the winning design will be chosen that afternoon and announced at Sunday's court.

Golden Key will hold its lottery to raise money to replace and refurbish costumes and to pay the printing costs for various of the hospitality guides they distribute. Tickets are $1 each and will be on sale at Purgatorio and October Crown. You may buy them by mail from Katherine von Hect (contact info omitted). To donate a prize contact Mistress Ysabel del Norte (see listing in Directory).

The lace competition at October Crown will be costume accessories. This includes lace trim on a costume, shawls, veils, collars, cuffs, and whatever. All kinds of lacemaking are acceptable. If there are enough entries, there will also be a novice category. The competition will be held on Saturday at October Crown.

On Sunday at October Crown, Arache's Web will have its annual lace auction and sale to give lacemakers a chance to display and sell their production, and to raise some money for the Order. Call Deporodh of Rannoch at (phone) for more information.

Please be reminded that the Shire of Vinhold will hold its first Annual Fruit of the Vine Contest at October Crown. Prizes to be awarded will be substantial and appropriate for the three categories. Judging will be done by experts in each field. Rules are as follows: 1.) Whole Fruit Concoctions (baked goods, desserts, and confections using whole grapes or raisins); 2.) Jams, jellies, sauces and juices (using any form of the grape - wines may be used to produce jellies); 3.) Ferments (wines and sherries (using any form of the grape)).

From The Page (November, 1980):

The autumnal quest for the Crown of the West took place amid the hottest temperatures of the year, which cooled to mere summer-like warmth by the second day.

Opening Court was wisely held in the shade of the forest. King Radnor and Queen Esmirelda had read amendments to the Law of the Kingdom. (Printed in their entirety elsewhere in this issue.)

Mistress Rowena d'Anjou turned the office of Chronicler of the Kingdom to Lady Aliste von Falkenhof. Several other Kingdom officers announced that they would be leaving their posts at Twelfth Night.

The lists began shortly after court with many valiant fighters giving way to the heat of the day and the exertion in such fiery conditions as well as being bested in combat. At the end of the day, two fighters of much merit faced each other. At the invitation of Their Majesties, their ladies and retinues were installed within the Royal Pavilion and with the eloquent introductions of their respective heralds, the fighting began. Steingrim, Prince of An Tir faced Count Master Frederick of Holland and blows rang out as they cleanly fought. The first victory went to Count Master Frederick. The noble Lords squared off and commenced to lay on once more and after another beautifully fought match, the clarion sound of sword to helm rang out. Prince Steingrim lay on the field of valour. His Gentle Lady rushed to his side and was seen to weep and keen unconsolably and he was lifted up by his comrades in arms and retainers and taken from the field on his shield.

Court was held directly and both men were welcomed by King Radnor. Prince Steingrim was proclaimed fighter "Comendabalis" by His Majesty. Count Master Frederick of Holland was crowned with the laurel wreathe and proclaimed Crown Prince. He then placed on the head of his Lady, Countess Nicorlynn of Caer Wydyr the wreath of laurel and roses. The highlight of the evening's activities, in fact the entire weekend was Suleiman's Tea House and Garden of Earthly Delights, proferred by the Province of Golden Rivers. Teas and coffees of all kinds were offered, as well as Arabian sweetmeats and all manner of foods, enhanced by the entertainment and luxurious surroundings.

The usual evening entertainments included the Bardic Circle, dancing and much merriment.

The day dawned cooler, having been preceeded by much welcomed fog, soon replaced by the smiling sun. At morning Court the Office of Golden Key held its long awaited raffle with many happy winners of many beautiful and original prizes. The Fruit of the Vine contest was won by Jilara of Carrowlea with a superb grape pie, with honorable mention to James the Fisher and Mairi NicColin for their mixed grape rose of vintage A.S. VI. It was suggested that someone produce a directory of the populace of the West with several people acting upon the suggestion after Court and forming a committee.

There were the usual various melees and challenge matches fought this day, with one notable variation upon a theme being the two Grand Prix Melees. Combatants had to pile their weapons in the center of the field and when given the command, run and grab their respective arms before laying on. Very interesting to watch!

Closing Court was held, with many presentations, most notable being the Award of the Order of the Battered Helm to Berek von Langethal and the elevation of Richard of Seahaven to the Order of the Pelican. Both the Queen's Archers and King's Yeomen were disbanded, to be replaced with the Royal Compan of Archers. The four bowmen chosen were Kevin Peregrynne, Stephan of Bellatrix, Davous Windrider, and Urlich Ramlord.

As lords and ladies decamped, packing their firechariots, it was remarked by many that it had been a very fine tourney indeed!

(The author is Aliste von Falkenhof)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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