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The Fifteenth Year

March Crown Tourney
March 21-22, 1981 (AS XV)

From The Page (February, 1981):

This year March Crown Tournament will be held at Orangevale Park in Sacramento. This is the same site as the Cynagua/Mists War held this past spring. The site will open at noon on Friday,a nd close at dark on Sunday. Opening court on Saturday will be at 10:00, and the lists will begin at 12:00. Sunday will be the Queen's Champion Lists. Any further questions should be directed to the autocrats, Charles Smokeater and 'Tricia of Weatherford (contact info omitted).

The Kingdom Costumer's Guild will sponsor a banner contest at March Crown. The category of "Banners" will include any type of the family of hangings classed as banners, bannerettes, pennants, etc. They are to be appropriately displayed outside the entrant's pavilion. They will be judged on display, workmanship, and accuracy of heraldic usage.

The Land Beyond the Rainbows will also sponsor a banner competition. Thinking it would be nice to see more authentically done, primarily hand-made banners, the main rule of the contest will be that at least 75% of the banner must be hand-done. (That is, hand sewn, embroidered, woven, hand-appliqued, or anything of a similar nature.) Of the 75% of the work that is hand-done, the major portion must be the device or design on the face of the banner. There will be no specific size limitations, but please keep it reasonable. Prize will be a silver brooch or cloak pin of Celtic interlace design by Sir Mark von dem Falkensfenn. If you have questions, call Lady Narissa of Hart's Wood (contact info omitted).

The Clother's Guild of the Shire of Vinhold is sponsoring a contest for the best article of any kind made from Hand-made Fabric. This can be woven, knit or crcheted material, as long as it is hand fabricated. Extra points will be awarded for fabric made from hand-spun wool, cotton, or linen. Prize will be hand-spun 2-ply wool. For information contact the Guild Mistress Lady Aliste von Falkenhof (contact info omitted).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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