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The Fifteenth Year

Samhain -- Barony of Madrone
November 1, 1980 (AS XV)

From The Page (November, 1980):

Samhain will be held on November 1 in the Swiss Hall in Blatha an Oir. PLEASE TAKE HEED: THIS IS A CHANGE OF LOCATION! The site offers several advantages, not the least of which is atmosphere and ceilings adequate for the tallest wings or towers or what-get-we. The autocrat (who should know better by now) wishes to urge the populace to overcome the fears and superstitions of the ignorant peasantry and venture to our darkened hall for this festival!

Contests currently scheduled: Food "Weird Foods-Authentic or Ought to Be"-- let your sense of culinary adventure carry you away! Entries are assumed to be not only edible, but part of the potluck, please plan accordingly. Looks count, so don't forget those special touches--henbane sprigs, and so forth! Costume "Best Assasssin, Plague or Infestation, Ghoulie-Ghostie-or-Thing-That-Goes-Bump-In-The-Nightie, Preservation Job" (please! no LonChaney drag. Try authentic mummification make-up, or bog person, etc.), Most Mythical Representation (such as Charybdis, Osiris, the Grim Reaper, et alia), Martyr (really exceptional entries for this category should be impressed into the LIVES OF THE SAINTS! production). Other contests: Best Fighter's Death (designed to give them something to embellish their reputations); Beastie, by Selindra fyredrak of Firethorne - to be made of natural materials available during the time of your persona. Prize to be a pavillion banner of your device/arms. Best Song, Poem or Short Story on the theme of Encoutners with the Other Side (a good opportunity for a ghost story!) Best Hot Drink - two categories: alcholic and non. Points will be given for appearance, taste and effect, the last being particularly important if you enter an aphrodisiac! Insults - one impromptu- most tastefully stated rude remark about a lord or lady with their consent, a team contest; one planned -- most groan producing remark delivered on the subject of taxes paid in the various wierd coinages of An Tir (for example, green M&M's). Sciences- Preservation -- anything in period goes, food used need not date back to 1600. Interesting herbs (henbane, false unicorn root, etc.) will be allowed. Calligraphy- "The Road to Hell is paved with ..." Aside from considerable notoriety and egoboo, winners will receive material reward appropriate to the occasion and the autocrat's often bizarre sense of humor. Pray for fog ... To add contests or volunteer (he-heh-heh) contact Asahla (contact info omitted). It could be the chill thrill of your life!

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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