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The Fifteenth Year

Lucky/MacEanruig War
September 13, 1980 (AS XV)

From The Page (September, 1980):


On September 13, 1980, Sir William the Lucky and Sir Steven MacEanruig will fight a war. The cause of the war is to determine whether it will be known as the Lucky/MacEanruig War or the MacEanruig/Lucky War next year.

This war will be held at Mills College, Oakland, California. The site opens at 8:30. Armor inspection and division of the forces will be from 9:00 to 10:00, with battle starting immediately thereafter (we hope).

While this is a private war, not an SCA event, all SCA fighting conventions will be observed. Only authorized SCA fighters will be able to compete in the fighting events. Please note that qualifications will not be done at this war. There will be a special waiver used for this war. Minors who will not have a parent on-site to sign for them must obtain a copy of the waiver in advance from Sir William or Sir Steven.

SCA war rules apply. Striking from behind, to the helm, firmly and not smashingly, and a verbal notification of lethal intent will be fatal. Light thrusts to the face will count as kills; all helms being considered as open faced.

In matters of dispute, the decisions of the chief marshal, Sir Stefan de Lorraine, will be final.

The available forces will be divided into as equal sides as we can manage. Time permitting, each battle will be fought twice, with the commanders rotating between battles.

Bridge fights: There will be one bridge for each 10-15 fighters on a side. The bridges will be some yards apart, to add to the tactical problem of attack/defense across the River.

No Shields battle: There will be at least one No Shields battle, which may or may not be over a bridge. Bring your pikes, greatswords, double weapons, etc. Remember your spare elbow protection!

Open Woods melee: The ground is somewhat uneven, but relatively open. Trees are 5 to 10 yards apart.

Possible Tunnel fight: 10 foot across section with a roof. This will only be held if the rope for the construction can be obtained at a reasonable cost.

Archery: There will be both an archery skirmish (with war arrows) and target archery for non-combattants.

Revel: there will be an evening potluck revel at the Mills College Old Student Union. There will be dancing. If someone starts singing, we will probably join in -- you have been warned!!

Other Events: Other combat events and non-combat events will be added, time permitting, as they occur to us or are suggested by others. If you have such suggestions, contact Sir Steven at (phone) or Sir William at (phone).

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From The Page (November, 1980):


This unique event was held at Mills College among the eucalyptus. For those who prefer their fighting frequent and rapid it was the place to be. Some 33 fighters gathered to contest two open or semi-open field slaughters, four furious broad bridge fights, two narrow span encounters, three terrible tunnel turmoils, and a single combat line battle. All this was done in time for early supper.

Sir William the Lucky and Sir Steven MacEanruig traded leadership of two enthusiastic battle arrays impartially designated Heads and Tails. Other than the initial field combats the two charismatic generals shared victories in near equality. In the two melees fortune smiled on her namesake and Sir William made both Heads and Tails of it.

The tunnel fights were the novelty. Formed of rope and branches and netting, the lengthy structure was only 5 1/2 feet high in so much of it. For most, save Mary of Uffington and Maythen of Elfhaven, the crouch was the necessary stance though knee fighting was also popular. Actually none appeared too useful as the tunnel rapidly became chocked with bodies in intricate heaps that required considerable effort to disentangle.

Perhaps it was the reckless ardor of fighters who hurled themselves into the fray but few fights lasted as much as ten minutes. On the other hand perhaps defensive fighting could be given more attention.

It is to be hoped that the First Annual will be followed by enough to start a tradition because it was a gentle gathering marked by good feeling and action.

(The author is Lorin sur la Roche)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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