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The Fifteenth Year

June Crown Tournament
June 21-22, 1980 (AS XV)

From The Page (June, 1980):

This event is being held in An Tir for the first time in the Kingdom's history. In addition to the usual activities for a Crown Tourney, Her Majesty has requested the populace to join Her on Sunday at noon for a picnic. The Order of the Wooden Spoon competition will be Fowle Dishes (see details under Lesser Officers' messages), and the the Costumer's Guild of the Barony of Three Mountains is sponsoring a competition in "Practical Tourney Costume". This is to be an authentic costume design complete with accessories within the period 100 AD to 1600 AD. Judging will be based upon authenticity and design, workmanship and visual appearance, with consideration toward historic line, the covering of parts of body consistent with the period of the costume, good sewing and construction techniques, the absence of such non-period accessories as wrist-watches and tennis shoes. The costume must be worn, though not necessarily by the maker; however, the maker is the one being judged and who will receive the prize, if deserved. Judging will be on Saturday at a time and place to be announced.

Also to be judged at June Crown will be the Performing Arts division of the Arts Championship. All who wish to participate must sign up on Saturday. A schedule will be posted at the site, vocal performance will be judged Saturday evening at the Bardic Circle, all other events will be judged on Sunday. Jesting will be judged at the whim of the King. Categories and rules for this division may be found under the Arts message.

The rest of the schedule for the weekend is: set-up on Friday afternoon (and Friday night, and Saturday morning, and so on through the night); opening court will take place at 10 am Saturday, with the lists opening for sign up at 11 am (His Majesty requests that fighters sign up before arming up); the lists open at 12:30 pm. Investiture of the Crown Prince and Crown Princess will take place at the conclusion of the days lists.

Please note that while there is water in the park, it will have to be transported to the camp site. Your Kingdom Seneschal bids you remember that the State of Oregon enforces the 55 mph speed limit vigorously and has the assistance of radar in such enforcement. Speeding tickets are likely to beggar you, so be cautious, and drive safely.

Mistress Deporodh of Rannoch of the Order of Arachne's Web will be on hand to discuss the Order and any aspects of lacemaking of interest. Membership in the Order is obtained by demonstrating knowledge (by exhibiting examples of your own work) of two methods of lacemaking. Mistress Deporodh will be happy to meet you and see your work.

(directions omitted)

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