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The Fifteenth Year

Japanese Tourney -- Golden Rivers
April 18, 1981 (AS XV)

From The Page (March, 1981):

Orientaphiles Arise! In the midst of the vast European desert, a lotus is blooming for the purpose of presenting those eastern ways that have eluded the Zen hearts in the Kingdom of the West. The event is patterened for pleasuring the day-dreaming Daimyo, the itinerant Ronin, the gracious Geisha, and even the nefarious Ninja.

An overnight event, it begins the morning of 18 April at Orangevale Park. All comers are urgently encouraged (but not restricted) to affect Japanese or Oriental forms in all things. After all, we can have only so many Portuguese tourists. Lords and households should come as Daimyo and retainers, or Ronin, Merchants, Monks, actors, etc.

The tournament will include the following: SHIELDLESS COMBAT ONLY, Archery (target and live target) for formal duels and challenges, singular and melee. Equestrian arts for spear, sword, and lord-rescue, as the site has an arena for horses. Horses are available for reservation from the Shadowglen Stables. A Ninja-night-course will be held Saturday night.

Contests are being created for costume, Sashimono (war banners), fast-draw for sword, manners, and Outstanding Samurai! The Autocrat is open to any further suggestions for the event. He is Wolowen of Stuarts Og Dunniwey (contact info omitted), whose blonde Japanese persona is Onickko Tora.

(Directions omitted)


Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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