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The Fifteenth Year

Coronet Tournament -- Principality of Cynagua
May 24-26, 1980 (AS XV)

From The Page (May, 1980):

This event will be held at Dog Valley Campground, west of Reno. To get there (directions omitted). Bring your cloaks!

There will be contests for:
Costuming - Mantles for the new Tanists, the Lord and Lady of the Swan
Cooking - Heraldic subtleties
Bobbin Lace - The prize is 24 kliot bobbins
Embroidery - Celtic interlace, counted cross-stitch, hardanger. The prize: a half yard of even-weave linen.
Poetry - Something composed at the event, but not necessarily about it. Prize, a rhyming dictionary.

Novice fighters, sharpen up your skills, there is a contest just for you! House of the Hammer is sponsoring an event for novice fighters who have been qualified for six months or less. The prize? Your very own helm made by Hardhedward the Arbitrator.

Aislinn de la Chevoits, Mistress of Sciences for the Shire of the Silver Desert is announcing a cover-up contest. You are asked to disguise a tent so that it looks medieval. A drawing or model is all that is needed; you need not disguise your own tent to enter. The prize will be a hooded cape.

From The Page (August, 1980):

From fog-shrouded hills a muttering came, clinking 'mongst the canyons and plains. Closer it came to finally lay over the fair realm of Cynagua. The foul curse 'gainst it crept up to the highest mountain and there it touched silver clouds, curdling and turning them to ice (or so rumor has it).

The site was a lush valley, pine held and stream crossed; there, in the fair lands of Silver Desert, they came, the seekers of the Coronet of Cynagua. There, in Dog Valley, they readied their strength for the test of sword and skill ... and snow.

Saturday morn gleamed crystalline as the sun lit gently on pavilions and the blanket of white which enfolded it all. Their Majesties and bearers of the Coronet declared it a day of getting acquainted -- the populace complied readily. Standing about the various fires which dotted the area, they spoke of many things: of fighting and snow, of fair chivalry and cold, and snow, and snow.

Thus huddled about the ice-thawing flames, they attended an auction. Lord Macsen Fidelis did put forth his many vocal talents as he auctioned off the wares donated by benefactors of the realm. The purse did prosper greatly and many thanks go out to the generous men and women who bid.

Sunday brought forth many things -- snow and battle among novice fighters for a fine helm. Michael San did thus prove greatly his skill and gained the prize and the admiration of the populace.

Between streams and pines the fighters waged their craft, finding it doubly difficult to wield a weapon and yet avoid waiting. The fifteen soon dwindled to two: Sir Maelgwyn de Lyonesse and Rolf the Relentless.

Thrice they clashed, swords thudding mightily. In best dueling tradition they did march out ten paces before setting to the battle. As white flakes fell, golden armor gleamed triumphant -- the Viking stood victor.

The Coronets were laid upon the heads of the new Lord and Lady of the Swan. Their Majesties congratulated Rolf and Mistress Yolanda del Campo de Cerdana and wished them well, as Their reign was soon to end, and the second reign was to begin.

(The author is Ceridwen MacAoudhegain)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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