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The Fifteenth Year

Coronation -- Principality of An Tir
January 17, AS XV (1981)

From The Page (January, 1981):

On January 17, the nobility and servility of An Tir will pilgrimage to the Barony of Lion's Gate to celebrate the coronetting of Scellanus and Maelen, and the joyful season. Sharing the duties of the host with the Barony will be the Shire of Eisenmarche. Between these two populations, the revelry and pageantry will flourish!

A feast of four removes will be set for the guests, including entertainment, the last court of Steingrim and Lenora, the coronetting of Scellanus and Maelen, and general revelry. Tickets for the feast at $11 after December 24. ($10/Canadian and $8.50/U.S. prior to that date.) Advance registration is strongly advised, as there is a seating limit of 200 forthe hall and no tickets will be sold at the door. Children under 12 are half-price. No baby-sitting facilities will be available; everyone will be seated in the main hall. The feast will be held at the church hall of Our Lady of Lourdes in Coquitlam, B.C. Directions below.

Many contests are being offered at this event, among them: Costumers Guild- THe Kingdom Costumers Guild is offering a Full Court Costume contest, to be an aristocratic or noble dress of the period and area chosen. Fabrics and decorations are to be suitable in type, and the appearance of suitable undergarments is desirable. Accessories such as headdresses, jewelry, shoes, etc. are suggested. Judging will also include proper decorum and handling of the costume. A contest for a badge, suitable for heraldic submission, representative of the concepts and goals of the Costumers Guild, and capable of differentiation between journeymen and masters is being run. Entries must be recieved by January 1, with results to be announced at this event. Heraldic Needlework Contest- Janeltis Karaine Starfarer, Dowager Princess of An Tir offers this contest for the second year, to include banners, accessories, or any article upon which heraldic needlework may be practiced. Entries must be heraldic in design, yours or someone else's. They must be in some form of needlework, i.e., embroidery, needlepoint, applique, etc. and acceptable under SCA heraldic rules. It may be an original design, or worked from other sources, but it must be done by the person entering it. The winner(s) will be proclaimed Master/Mistress of Stitchery for 1981 and will be presented with a scroll and the symbol of the contests, a pair of folding scissors on a gold cord. Waterbearer's Badge/Name- Melissa Kendal of Westmoreland is offering a contest for a name and badge for the waterbearers who serve fighters at wars and tourneys. Best Unicorn Horn- Bahrem the Resplendent will judge a contest open to maidens of either sex (for reasons which should be apparent to anyone familiar with the habits of unicorns). The prize will be a fine-spun pewter goblet. Further information from the sponsor (contact info omitted).

Logistics: The festivities will be held in the Church Hall of Notre Dame de Lourdes in Coquitlam, B.C. (Directions omitted).

For further information: Tickets and Accomodations- Roberta of Rowan (contact info omitted). Entertainment and Contests- Maelen of Catcott (contact info omitted). Banquet Information- Rowena de Roncesvalles (contact info omitted). General Information- Amanda Kendal (contact info omitted).

Caveats: No one will be allowed to bring alcoholic beverages onto the site. If you are attending the feast, please bring trenchers, bowls, tableware and goblets.

Scellanus of Skye
Azure, a sea dog rampant to
sinister and issuant from
canton a quarter-sun Or.
Maelen of Catcott
Purpure, on a lozenge argent
a forget-me-not blossom proper.
[Myosotis scorpioides]
Arms by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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