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The Fourteenth Year

May 1, 1979 - April 30, 1980
Anno Societatis XIV
Event Titles/Locations from the Calendar of The Page

May, 1979
May 5Bardic RevelLion's Gate
May 5War Between the West and CaidRieslingshire
May 5-6Black Rose FayreBlatha an Oir
May 12Coronet TournamentPrincipality of the Mists
May 12-13Coronet TournamentPrincipality of An Tir
May 13Equestrian Trail RideProvince of the Mists
May 19Tournament and FeastSouthern Shores
May 19Captain's TournamentWinter's Gate
May 19-20Ithra Specialty SessionSouthern Shores
May 19-20Ithra Fighting SeminarLion's Gate
May 26New Moon TournamentSt. Andrew's
May 26-27EgilstourneyAdiantum
June, 1979
June 5Lyceum of the Ivory Tower AwardsGolden Rivers
June 9Princess' Champion Lists and Princess' TeaPrincipality of the Mists
June 10Equestrian Trail RideCeantyre
June 12Dessert PotluckProvince of the Mists
June 15-18Heraldic EnclaveSCA College of Arms
June 16-17WeddingLion's Gate
June 23Highland GamesMadrone
June 23-24June Crown TournamentKingdom of the West
June 23-24IthraLion's Gate
June 30 - July 1Lyceum of the Ivory TowerGolden Rivers
June 30 - July 1War -- Zifran vs Aonghais?
June 30 - July 1Midsummer TournamentSelveirgard
July, 1979
July 7Sergeant at Arms TournamentLion's Gate
July 21InvestiturePrincipality of An Tir
July 21-22Lyceum of the Ivory TowerGolden Rivers
July 22Equestrian Trail Ride?
July 28Tournament/DemonstrationPrincipality of the Mists
July 28-29Archery TournamentProvince of the Mists
August, 1979
August 3-5QuestSilver Desert
August 4Market Square TournamentSeagirt
August 4-5LammastideLion's Gate
August 4-5Birch Grove Prize TournamentEskalya
August 11Ithra Music RevelPrincipality of the Mists
August 12Equestrian Trail RideCeantyre
August 12Baronial Charter QuestThree Mountains
August 18Beach Blanket Goes AtlantianSt. Andrew's
August 25WeddingSeagirt
August 25-26Purgatorio Coronation FestivalKingdom of the West
September, 1979
September 1-3Coronet TourneyPrincipality of An Tir
September 14LyceumGolden Rivers
September 15-16War of the RosesThree Mountains
September 22Captain's TournamentWinter's Gate
September 22Harald Hadraada Memorial TournamentLion's Gate
September 29Beggar's BurdicaProvince of the Mists
September 29Renfield RevelProvince of the Mists
September 29Grand DietGolden Rivers
October, 1979
October 6-7October Crown TournamentKingdom of the West
October 13Autumn BallWastekeepshire
October 13Coronet TournamentPrincipality of the Mists
October 13-14Battle of HastingsSt. Bunstable
October 20AnniversarySt. Andrew's
October 20AnniversaryWindy Meads
October 20-21Equestrian Arts TournamentGolden Rivers
October 27SamhainMadrone
November, 1979
November 3Samhain/All HallowsWinter's Gate
November 3All Saints FeastSeagirt
November 3-4First Coronet TournamentPrincipality of Cynagua
November 10Intra-baronial WarAllyshia
November 10WinetastingLand Beyond the Rainbows
November 10RevelSt. David
November 10Peasant RevelEskalya
November 12Kingdom Fighters MeetingProvince of the Mists
November 17TournamentSouthern Shores
November 24Anniversary BanquetGolden Rivers
November 24Baronial BanquetLion's Gate
November 24Banner WorkshopProvince of the Mists
November 24Arrigan/Marli Anniversary RevelSouthern Shores
December, 1979
December 1Investiture and RevelPrincipality of the Mists
December 7Yule FeastSt. Andrew's
December 8Yuletide Festival and Wedding RevelAn Tir
December 15Yule Feast and St. Lech's VigilMadrone
December 29Annual Yule FeastWinter's Gate
January, 1980
January 5Twelfth Night CoronationKingdom of the West
January 5Twelfth NightSeagirt
January 12Twelfth NightAn Tir
January 19Lord Defender's TourneyEskalya
January 26Wedding RevelThree Mountains
January 26Eminently Impractical RevelSt. Andrew's
January 26Captaincy TourneyWinter's Gate
February, 1980
February 2Prince's Champion TourneyPrincipality of the Mists
February 8-10Winter CarnivalSilver Desert
February 8-10Daffodil TourneySeagirt
February 16Valentine RevelProvince of the Mists
February 16-18War - Atenveldt/West/CaidKingdom of Atenveldt
February 23LupercaliaAllyshia
February 23Second Winter CarnivalSilver Desert
February 23Bobbin Lace WorkshopProvince of the Mists
February 23Bonfire RevelWolfscairn
February 23-24Ithra Mini-Session - Medieval CookeryMadrone
March, 1980
March 1St. David's Day TourneySt. David's
March 1St. David's Day Revel(An Tir)
March 8-9War - Mists/Cynagua and Duramen Prize TourneyProvince of the Mists
March 15Champion TourneyProvince of the Mists
March 15Penny's Bawdy Birthday PartyAn Tir (Seattle)
March 22-23March Crown TournamentKingdom of the West
April, 1980
April (?)Baron's Champion Tournament and Boar HuntEskalya
April 5House Briarwood Founding FairSeagirt
April 5Westermark InvasionSouthern Shores
April 12Anniversary BanquetPrincipality of the Mists
April 12Championship TournamentWindy Meads
April 13Windy Meads Song SwapWindy Meads
April 19-20Quest of New HopePerilous Visions
April 26Coronet TournamentPrincipality of the Mists
April 26-27Royal Household Spring ProgressGolden Rivers

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