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The Fourteenth Year

Westermark Invasion -- Southern Shores
April 5, 1980 (AS XIV)


Westermark, alleging that it has been receiving bad thoughts from Southern Shores, plans to invade said place and put an end to the harassment on 5 April at Ed Levine Park in Milpitas.

Both sides are hiring mercenaries. Westermark is appealing to the barbaric nature of all fighters by offering potables as a bribe, while Southern Shores, maintaining that there is a civilized side to all fightesr, is offering aphrodisiacs.

Military events planned are a castle defense, mine defense, a bridge defense, and a field battle. There will also be events for non-combatants for war points, e.g., prisoner escape, tug-of-war, body-looting, and mind-games (backgammon, chess, riddles, etc.).

Directions: (omitted)

Call Sir Thomas the Incomplete at (phone) or Lord Catalin di Napoli at (phone) for further information.

There will be a Westermarkian revel afterward.

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