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The Fourteenth Year

Battle of Hastings Recreation -- College of St. Bunstable
October 13-14, 1979 (AS XIV)

From The Page (October, 1979):

Normans! To William, your duke! A barony to each surviving noble. Death to Harold the Traitor!

Saxons! Defend your kingdom! Defend King Harold II! He is beset by Norman invaders after fighting off Haralds Vikings at Stamford. Huscarls, fyrd, to arms!

In Seattle, on the University of Washington's athletic fields on October 13 and 14, the SCA and West Markland will hold a joint tournament/reenactment honoring the 913th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings and the 10th annual recreation of that battle by Eastern Markland.

The College of St. Bunstable will hold a prize tourney on Saturday, details to be negotiated. For information: Daniel of Shadygrove (phone). On this day will also be some practice for the battle of the following day and possibly some lectures by qualified individuals on the importance of Hastings in history.

The reenactment of the battle itself commences at 9:00 on Sunday. We'll need authentically clad huscarls, knights (on foot), and archers. Extra fyrd costumes will be useful, as mundanely garbed enthusiasts will be recruited. Dull steel, or sharp steel wrapped with duct tape, will be permitted. Fear not, for this will be neither competitive nor combat. Standard padded arrows and 25 lb bows and padded javelins will be allowed. No pointed steel spearheads, though padded tips are cool. Goggle helmets of the SuttenHoo/Vendel type are suggested, especially for Saxons. Leave your heavy steel huscarl axes at home. Rattan is good for anything, but expect your wood to meet steel. Complete authenticity, minus authentic intend is the rule. This should interest those who want to fight but don't want bruises. This is a non-SCA event, so something things you'd want to do in the SCA but can't, you can here. A BYO feast will follow the battle. Info: Daniel of Shadygrove or Marklandic big cheese, Buran, Khan, Warlard of West Markland (phone).

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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