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The Fourteenth Year

Tournament -- Southern Shores
May 19, 1979 (AS XIV)

From The Page (March, 1979):

Southern Shores invites everyone to celebrate the May with a day of chivalrous combat and merry festivity on Saturday, May 19. Set up will begin at 10 am on Roble Field, Stanford University. A challenge lists wil open at noon with a melee. Fighters, best the might of Southern Shores and by your prowess and courtesy win for you and your consort the right to reign as King and Queen of the May. Let all join in the Maypole dance and in English country dancing. Vie for our best mead in the ever popular giant tug-of-war. In addition, Lord Knud announces a contest for 13th Century dress, while Lady Trista de Cordoba (Southern Shores' Mistress of Arts) will sponsor a contest for embroidered butterflies.

In the evening, at 6:30 pm, our guests will sit down to a sumptuous feast of divers courses and dishes prepared according to the best sources of courtly cookery. It is imperative that we known approximately how many will attend so send for reservations asap. Send $3.50 to Eudaimon of Alexandros (contact info omitted).

The evening's entertainments will include Renaissance court dancing with our favorite consort of jongleurs, a Court of Love presided over by the Queen of the May, and a dramatic performance. The site and directions thereto will be published next month. For forther information: Eudaimon, (phone) or Knud, (phone).

From The Page (May, 1979):

A flier inserted into the center of this issue of The Page notes:

Our Tourney has moved! Come celebrate the May with a day of chivalryous combat and merry festivity on Saturday, May 19, at Mitchell Park in Palo Alto.

[the rest of the event copy is mostly the same, describing schedule and so on ... with details on the site for the feast at Covenent Presbyterian Church ... -- Hirsch]

From The Page (July, 1979):

The day dawned fair and warm; the Province of Southern Shores assembled at Mitchell Park, Palo Alto for a tournament and May festival. More than a dozen of the Province's fighters entered the challenge lists and were most pleased by the arrival of Sir William the Lucky to help test their mettle.

At the third hour after noon fighters rested during country dancing and the Maypole, led by David and Joyce Uggla and musical friends. Spectators joined in dancing the Hole in the Wall, Gathering Pea's Cods, and other dances, then fighters returned to the field. Lady Rebecca announced the wish of the ladies present to name Sir Radnor of Guildemar as "he who fought best" and he was crowned King of the May and selected as his lady for the evening Linda of the Lakelands, the Seneschal of Southern Shores.

A noble feast was served at a neighboring church, preceded by an original masque of Tristan and Ysolt. Barley-fruit soup; stuffed artichokes; pasties of mushrooms, carrots, sweet potatoes, and apples; beets; and cheese were served among other dishes, and the whole was crowned by Lady Colleen's sublteties, Mock Saddle of Venison.

The Flexer Consort accompanied court dancing beginning with the pavanne, "Bell Qui Tiens Ma Vie," beautifully sung by Lady Elaine. A court of love was held and the winners of teh day's contests announced: Lady Jana Seasgir won the silver thimble for the most magnificent embroidered butterfly and Piotyr was judged to have the best thirteenth century costume. The evening ended with a display of exotic dancing at the request of the King of the May.

The Autocrats are extremely grateful to all the folk of the Province for their assistance and support of this most successful event.

(The author is Eudaimon of Alexandros)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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