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The Fourteenth Year

Quest -- Silver Desert
August 3-5, AS XIV (1979)

From The Page (July, 1979):

The First Annual Silver Desert Quest for the holey (sic) grail will be held at the Davis Creek Park, Group Tent Camping Area, Washoe Valley, Nevada (between Reno and Carson City). Setup will begin on Friday, August 3 at noon. The Quest will begin on Saturday with the first qualifying foray for Sunday finals. There will be interludes for food and frivolities and a bardic circle. On Sunday, for Saturday's survivors that will be a last foray and general merriment for all others. If possible, please notify Lisa Ross (contact info omitted) if you plan to attend. There will be a creek or two replete with Little Johns so you should bring old, cool, comfortable costumes and good hiking shoes. It will be cool in the evening, so bring warm cloaks. Please bring boffers. Armor is not recommended; there is no eric. And if possible, please leave dogs at home -- leashes are required.

From The Page (October, 1979):

Beneath a flawless August sky five small bands of adventurers braved the perils of the forest in search of the Silver Desert Holey Grail. In each of the three stages of the quest the seekers were set upon a questionable trail that would lead them, eventually, to the grail. Along this path, they "chanced" upon various inhabitants of the woods, who subjected them to tests of skills at arms, the arts, virtuosity, and integrity. In return, the adventurers were rewarded with obscure clues to the grail's location.

Among the inhabitants were a pair of brigands, an incredibly vain lady and her husband, a reluctant unicorn, a mad washerwoman, a silver-tongued rhymer, a trio of evil magicians, the red sorceress, and a very recluse hermit, to mention a few. Most of the seven deadly sins were tested and those who paid careful attention to the clues were led to the end of the quest. However, as two of the groups discovered, neither over-caution nor blatant nastiness prevailed.

The least diplomatic group (i.e., raunchiest) was definitely Clan Kidney, a despicable group of adventurers lead by Llerrett de Granada. The most cautious and slowest group was, regrettably, Mistunderstood, the group which included Crown Prince Radnor, Prince Christopher of Hoghton, and Princess Esmirelda. The most succsesful group was Bent Sinister, the noble questers from Golden Rivers, who were rewarded for their efforts with a lovely wine glass each. The wine glasses were custom etched by Galin Flamebeard to commemorate the first Silver Desert Quest.

Morning court on Saturday included a presentation to Silver Desert Seneschal Wilhelm von Schwarzwald, of a banner emblazoned with Micky Mouse ears as a reminder of the Silver Desert foray into Caid that caused the dissention leading to a war with Caid.

The Shire was pleased and honored to have the presence of Crown Prince Radnor of Guildemar and of Prince Christopher and Princess Esmirelda of the Mists. In spite of their difficulties in the Quest, Their Highnesses and His Royal Highness enjoyed themselves and praised the Silver Desert for their well-planned and fun quest.

Credit for much of the work on the Quest goes to Senschal Wilhelm von Schwarzwald, Margause McKenna, Ritchenda de Chalfont, Ceridwin MacAoudhegain, and James McTire, who became an instant herald.

Following closing court on Sunday, Prince Christopher joined an impromptu fighter practice to help the fledgling fighters of the Silver Desert.

(The author is Mirielle de Ferrier)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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