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The Fourteenth Year

October Crown Tournament
October 6-7, 1979 (AS XIV)

From The Page (October, 1979):

The Order of the Wooden Spoon contest category for October Crown will be Pear Anything. A major ingredient must be pears. Written recipe must accompany entry.

The Arachne's Web Lace contest for lace accessories will be judged at October Crown; look for the Arachne's Web spiderweb banner. The prize will be lacemaking supplies. For further information: Deporodh of Rannoch (contact info omitted).

The "From the Ground Up Contest" will also be judged. Enter a hand-sewn costume, cut from cloth hand-woven, using wool you sheared, washed, dyed, teased, carded, and spun. Or a book on hand-made paper with home-made inks, etc. All entries must be accompanied by a written explanation of the process involved in creating the finished product. Shortcuts will be allowed only if they are authentic in period and for your persona. Written explanations and/or defenses of any shortcuts must accompany entries.

The archery competition will be individual competition, shot mainly with war bows (35 lb maximum) using arrows with bludgeon tips while archers are wearing face protection such as fencing masks or helms. Regular arrows and your usual bows are needed as well. Some masks and blunts will be provided for those who do not have them. For further information, communicate with the Royal Archer (address under Royal Archer in Announcements section.)

From The Page (December, 1979):

October Crown Tourney was held at Big Trees in Oakland, as usual. Friday night passed more or less uneventfully, in spite of numerous howlings at the beautiful full moon.

After Court on Saturday morning, all fighters who wished to enter the lists were divided into two columns, with a few of the better unbelted fighters joining the knights and masters to make numbers even. The unbelted fighters then chose their opponents for the first round from the belted side. Their Majesties then invited all contestants who wished to do so to present their lords or ladies to the Crown before the lists began.

All who entered the lists fought well. The final round saw Duke William of Hoghton facing his son, Christopher of Hoghton, Prince of the Mists. Tension mounted as Prince Christopher won the first fight and Duke William the second. The victor of the final fight was Prince Christopher. He and his lady, Princess Esmirelda Dancingstar were invested with the titles of Crown Prince and Crown Princess of the West at final Court on Saturday. King Radnor and Queen Shannon-Morgan presented scrolls and wreaths of Chivalry and Valor to Duke James Greyhelm and Berek von Langental. Duke James' lady, his daughter Lauriel, was presented a white rose, and Berek's lady, Leisel von Langental, was given a red rose. Duke William of Hoghton and his lady, Maythen of Elfhaven, were honored as Salutorians and presented scrolls of honor. The winners of the Kingdom Arts Competition were announced. (Ed. note: See the notice from the Council of Arts for details.) Honorable mention in the "From the Ground Up" contest was given (with cheers of the populace) to Duke James Greyhelm and Duchess Verena of Laurelin who entered their lovely daughter.

On Sunday morning Their Majesties announced "weird melee" day, and so it was. Among other entertainment was the sight of His Majesty's squire, Catalin di Napoli galloping across the field with long ears on his helm, a tail of rushes behind, and coconut shells in hand.

Court business for the weekend included admitting Sharra ni Perran to the Order of the Leaf of Merit, the investment of Lady Rowena Douglas of Falconhurst as the new Kingdom Chronicler, a peace offering from the representatives of the Black Seagull (a broken black arrow, the waste of which appalled His Majesty), and Awards of Arms for Esmirelda Dancingstar, Rodrigo de Cerdana, Yolanda del Campo, Reagan of the Setting Sun, Trista de Cordoba, Thomas the Incomplete, Desiree de l'Avien Argent, Charles Smokeeater, and Grün der Spitzenklöppler.

(The author is Tara Fallingstar)

"It was Saturday night and as was the custom the populace were engaged in various conversations and entertainments upon the Eric. One group began an amoeba that proceeded to absorb most of the other groups on the Eric. As we aproached a small group that, as it turned out, included His Majesty Radnor of Guildemar, His Majesty raised his hand and commanded "Disperse" in a very authoritative voice. This resulted in the amoeba breaking up and all participants scattering to the four winds.

"From this incident, at least around Bardic Circles, His Grace was thereafter refered to as the "Antibody King."" -- Cedric MacRory

[Editor's note: "Amoebas" were formed by taking people's cloaks and covering a group of people up, these would wander around the eric "absorbing" people ... it was very silly, harmless, and an ... interesting way to meet people ... -- HvH]

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