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The Fourteenth Year

Mists Winter Investiture

December 1, 1979 (AS XIV)

From The Page (November, 1979):

(Insert in the middle of The Page)

Mists Coronetting

Oyez, oyez, Lords and Ladies of the Mists!!! Attend your Prince on Saturday, 1 December 1979 at the Principality's Coronetting Feast. His Highness, Prince Christopher (of Hoghton) will pass the Coronet to His successor, Duke William of Hoghton.

The feast will take place at the Mills College Student Union in Oakland. Doors open at 5 pm. Preceding that, there will be games on the lawn in the afternoon. It will be a sit-down, pot-luck feast, with the preparation of meat and fruit for a mid-winter feast as the theme. Presentation of your culinary contribution to the food autocrat will get you a ribbon which is, in turn, your token of admission to the feast.

Kitchen facilities will be available for both heating and refrigeration of food (please do not plan on elaborate cooking, however), and you must supply your own utensils. This is a college campus, so revellers are requested to use alcohol with discretion. The services of strolling entertainers and musicians of all kinds are earnestly solicited.

For any information not supplied above, call the Principality Seneschal, Anthony the Sinister, at (phone).

From The Page (December, 1979):

This festival, honoring the new Prince and Princess of the Mists, Duke William of Hoghton and Lady Maythen of Elfhaven, will be held at the Mills College Student Union in Oakland.

[The rest of this page copy is pretty close to identical to the insert cited above ... no need to repeat it. -- Hirsch]

From The Page (February, 1980):

Fog and mist covered Mills College and the small tourney that took place in the afternoon. There was some fighting and a treasure hunt run by Andrea of Clear Mont.

The populace, happy to get out of the damp and cold, began to set up for the potluck feast. Anthony the Sinister, Hilary of Serendip, Megan Silverstar and many others tried to bring order out of chaos, and very nearly succeeded. The populace outdid themselves, producing a beautiful potluck medieval feast, and giving the high table some lovely foods and subleties. Prince Christopher and Princess Esmirelda had the honour of being hosts to Prince Strider and Princess Kathryn of Cynagua. However, Prince Strider's squire "accidentally" stabbed the King's squire, thus providing yet another excuse for war.

King Radnor and Queen Shannon-Morgan arrived in time to watch a motely based on the tale of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Anthony the Sinister narrated, assisted by the players (including the Noble Steed).

Their Highnesses, wearing the new Principality Coronets made by Sir Mark von dem Falkenstein, held their final court, thanking officers and populace alike. The Heirs came forth, demadning their thrones by right of combat, and the populace acknowledged this right. Then the Investiture took place. The Heirs swore fealty to the Prince, the Officers, and the Populace, and then they were crowned. Christopher and Esmirelda were entered into the Rolls of the Mists as the first Prince and Princess, and the Principality charter was read. Their Highnesses William and Maythen invested Branden d'Arindel as Warlord of the Mists, and his lady, Dianne de Sourire, as Lady of the Mists. Count Frederick of Holland pledged loyalty as Prince's Champion, and will retain his title until the Champion tourney. Princess Maythen chose Sir Loren sur la Roche to be Her Champion. Their Royal Highnesses, Christopher and Esmirelda, were invested as Viscount and Viscountess.

Prince William and Princess Maythen began court by declaring war on Cynagua. King Radnor gave Prince William permission to play rough with his cousin, Prince Strider, upon being told of the heinous and "accidental" murder of His (Radnor's) squire, Catalin di Napoli.

Many rich presents were given to Their Highnesses by the populace. Princess Maythen presented a pound of emeralds (jellybeans) to the tourney's most skillful melee team. At the conclusion of court, Their Highnesses commanded the revelry to begin. The hall was cleared, Prince William and Princess Maythen began the festivities by leading a Royal Pavanne. The Markheim Consort provided music all evening, there was dancing, some lovely singing, and a Bardic Circle, where many a tale was told and song was sung.

(The author is Megan Silverstar)

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William of Hoghton
Per bend sinister sable and
Or, in bend two towers palewise
Maythen of Elfhaven
(Maythen Gervaise)

Per bend sinister sable and Or,
a dragon counter-passant
reguardant, wings addorsed, gules.
William's Arms by Nicholas Bawcock of Petersfield,
colored by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm
Maythen's Arms by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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