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The Fourteenth Year

Mists Spring Coronet Tournament
May 12, 1979 (AS XIV)

From The Page (March, 1979):

Mists' Warlord Tournament

The Principality of the Mists Warlord Tournament will take place on Saturday, May 12 at the San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo. Though San Anselmo is in far off Marin County, don't be deterred -- the site is only four miles from Highway 101. Be warned, though, this site was long famous as the only site where SCAers had had personal things stolen including valuables to us but apparently worthless to outsiders objects such as coronets. To get there (directions omitted).

In addition to the main attraction of the Warlord Lists, games and competitions are planned. All activities are designed to promote a medieval atmosphere and increase the aesthetic appearance of the tournament site.

Arts competitions: BANNERS -- your own, the Principality's, or just a beautiful banner. A cash prize is offered. TOURNAMENT SITE -- a pavilion or rug, a nicely set table, or whatever you do to make your personal touranment site more medieval and beautiful. Jay Witcher has donated a hand-made folding tourney stool as the prize. FAVORS -- veteran fighters are offered a custom made torse and mantle for the most attractive display of favors collected over the years.

FIRE LIGHTING -- can you light a fire using medieval methods? The Provincial Master of Sciences is offering an "unobtrusively modern" fire-lighting device as the prize for the winner of this competition. A safe site and fire extinguishers will be provided; bring your own combustible material.

ARCHERY -- a Royal Round and a competition for accuracy at greater distances (40-50-60 yards) will be held. Prize for the latter is a half-dozen arrows hand made by Duke Henrik and Sir Mark von dem Falkensfenn.

There will be a boffer melee with a prize for the best boffer (judged on looks and serviceability). Other non-fighting activities will include the bell-and-pillow dungeon games introduced at the last Warlord Tourney. There will also be a Maypole. A pot-luck dinner and revel will take place at a nearby hall immediately following the tourney. There are plans for dancing and entertainment.

For further information or to offer suggestions or volunteer assistance, phone Duke Henrik of Havn (phone) or Lady Rowena Douglas of Falconhurst at (phone).

From The Page (May, 1979):


You've seen, if you read THE PAGE, this announcement twice before. But this time it's different!. Now it's not the Warlord Tournament, it's the FIRST EVER CORONET TOURNAMENT OF THE PRINCIPALITY OF THE MISTS. With, therefore a change: Dukes, Counts, and such are no longer excluded from the lists. Don't miss this one! Coronet Tournament ... [The rest of the event copy matches the earlier ...and is actually shorter in this issue of The Page ... -- Hirsch]

From The Page (July, 1979):

Those who arrived early at the San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo on May 12, were greeted by a sight which could well have greeted our predecessors in the fourteenth century. The early morning sun, filtering through the leaves, had turned the dew on the grass into a glittering field of emeralds. The air was crisp, but the brilliant blue sky held the promise of heat for the day. Then two deer appeared at the side of the field, sniffed the air, and strolled with casual unconcern to the other end of the field and disappeared into the brush and woods which concealed the mundane world from view. A cry of "Archers! Archers!" was ignored by men and beasts alike. After a moment's pause for reflection on the wonder and beauty of it all, tourney preparations renewed.

Over one hundred people braved the trip to Marin county to take part in the first Coronet Tournament of the Principality of the Mists. They were rewarded by some really good fighting: twenty-four fighters (six belted, including two dukes, and eighteen unbelted) competed in double elimination lists. Comic relief was supplied in the next to last round when Duke James Greyhelm and Sir Allyn Samildanach, no doubt weary from having fought all day in the heat, called for their squires to bring stools. Seating themselves thereon, they proceeded to fight, but were cut short when Sir Allyn's stool self-destructed beneath him. They finished the fight in the conventional manner and Sir Allyn emerged the victor. But in the final round, Sir Allyn suffered his second defeat of the day and Sir Christopher of Hoghton became Prince of the Mists.

Duke James represented King Steingrim at the final court and presented Sir Christopher with the traditional laurel wreaths for himself and his lady, Esmirelda Dancingstar (represented by Lady Dierdriana of the Misty Isles). Sir Christopher announced his intention to perpetuate the title of Warlord of the Mists and invested Sir Allyn therewith.

A revel was held in a properly medieval looking hall owned by the Knights of Columbus. After the pot-luck dinner, the coronetting ceremony was presided over by Duke William of Hoghton and his lady Maythen of Elfhaven, Duchess of Hoghton. Oaths of fealty were exchanged with the newest prince in the SCA receiving the oaths of three of the more senior Dukes in the SCA: Duke James Greyhelm, Duke Paul of Bellatrix and Duke William of Hoghton (Prince Christopher's father).

The Province of Ceantyre, host of the tourney, presented Prince Christopher with peacock feathers for himself and his lady as a remembrance of Marin County -- whose symbol the peacock feather has become -- where he won the coronets.

Winners of the several competitions were announced: Banner contest: Stacy Smith; Favors - Duke Paul of Bellatrix who created an attractive display of favors and impressed the judges with his ability to identify the donor and circumstances of his receiving each one; Archery - Llerret de Granada, The Principality Mistress of Arts had announced an on-the-spot contest for the most practical and authentic tourney costume which was won by Hroar Bjarnarsonr for a hand made Viking costume. The sponsors of the "Most Beautiful Tournament Site" contest decided to postpone juding of this contest to a later date and larger tourney with more entrants. The seneschalate of the Principality was transfered from Renfield Wanderscribe to Anthony the Sinister.

The evening's festivities concluded with medieval dancing led by Lord Renfield Wanderscribe with music by the von Markheim record consort (which had also played during the coronetting). Real die-hard fans enjoyed the screening of the 10th Century Havn film of the 1977 PEnnsic Wars.

The Tournament was a definite success despite the heat and when the hat was passed the contributions came within $5 of covering the costs of the tourney -- for which the sponsors thank the generosity of the people.

The San Rafael Independant Journal printed a full color photo of Duke Henrik of Havn and Duke Douglas Longshanks battling it out with great swords, captioned "Striking a Blow for Medievalism" on their front page the following monday.

(The author is Rowena Douglas of Falconhurst)

Christopher of Hoghton
Or, upon a saltire sable a
tower argent within an orle
of eight mullets counterchanged.
Esmirelda Dancingstar
Purpure, a shooting star bendwise
sinister Or.
Arms by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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