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The Fourteenth Year

Coronet Tournament -- Principality of the Mists
October 13, 1979 (AS XIV)

From The Page (October, 1979):

From an insert in the middle of The Page:


The following sword oath shall be sworn by all entrants into the coronet lists of this principality, (On October 13th) and shall be sworn by the entrants placing their hands upon the sword of state, or upon their own "live steel".

"I (entrant shall state his/her society name), do hereby declare my intent to compete in the coronet lists of the Principality of the Mists. I swear by this sword that I shall conduct myself on the field in a chivalrous and gentlemanly/gentlewomanly manner. I swear by this sword a gentle lady/lord has given me her/his favor and agreed to rule as my princess/prince should I win. I swear by this sword I shall count the blows dealt me fairly and honestly, and will respect my opponent's judgement of blows I deal him. I swear by this sword I shall accept all combat which falls my lot in the coronet lists, though I reserve unto myself the right to refuse combat with a weapon I deem unchivalrous or ungentlemanly. I swear by this sword should I win the throne, I will rule justly and to the utmost of my abilities, sparing nothing to fulfill my duties as Prince/Princess. All these things I swear by this sword, and my honor."

                     Christopher of Hoghton KSCA QOG OBH MGC
                          Prince of the Mists

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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