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The Fourteenth Year

War - Mists/Cynagua and Durament Prize Tourney
March 8-9, 1980 (AS XIV)

From The Page (January, 1980):


Because there is a lack of suitable and available week-ends, the Duramen Grand Prize Tournament and th e"First Principal Conflict" (war between Cynagua and the Mists) will be held together to make one stupendous weekend on 8 & 9 March.

Besides the war, there will be the following competitions:

Equestrian - All equestrian events will be run in armour (excluding shield)

Tilt field competitions will be run for score, and will include quintain tilt, ring tilt, and power tilt.

Open field competitions will be run as if battlefield conditions, high and low targets, on and off side, for both score and time. They will include battle joust, archery run, and sword run.

The overall winner of the equestrian competitions will receive a tilt lance donated by Duramen.

Team competitions -- All team competitions will be limited to households or areas (baronies, shires, cantons, etc.)

Treasure Tryst / 5-man teams - a treasure chest (with prizes in it) will be placed in the center of an area with teams around the perimeter. The winning team is, of course, the one that succeeds in carrying the chest out of the area. (Be gentle, remember the prizes are inside!)

Position Defense / 3-man teams - Defend and taken an assigned position. Prize: three shield blanks.

Wounded Comrade Rescue / 5-man teams - One wounded, four comrades (all in armour). Wounded fighter must be transported from Point A to Point B through an assortment of obstacles. Prize: five carved trenchers.

Archery / 3-man team - Archery course. Prize: three goblets.

The overall winner in the team competitions will receive an axe with the name of their house or area engraved on it to hold until next year when it will again be fought for.

Other competitions:

Heraldry - Prize: Herald's staff hand-carved by Macsen Fidelis.

Poetry - A poem or song written about one of the events during the week-end. Prize: A cloak made by the ladies of House Persistent.

Each competition has an entry fee of 50 cents per man. Please help make this week-end truly grand. Bring your skill, your beauty, and your pageantry.


Oh! How sharper than a serpent's tooth! Informants (ours are informants, theirs are spies) have brought it to Our attention that the Armies of Cynagua under the leadership of their Prince, Strider, have been recently engaged in what we can only assume to be preparation for war. Mutterings in ale houses and inns have been heard where the epithet "Misties" has been bandied about. Can we allow this? While being a peaceful people, we must not allow a threat to our lands. The situation is expected to become critical by the week-end of 8 & 9 March, when we must meet them on whatever ground. His Highness, Prince William, calls upon every able-bodied fighter to attend him on this campaign. Her Highness will march at His side. Can any others do less? Let us smash the Cynoggy Menace.

WAR WITH THE MISTS (Cynaguan viewpoint)

Father, forgive them, for they know now what they do.

It has come to Our notice, (their informants, Our spies) that Our fog-bound cousins to the west, Their Highnesses the Prince and Princess of the Mists, William and Maythen, are planning an unmerited attack on Our western boundaries on March 8 & 9, and plan to widen Their borders into Our lands (if they can find their way out of the ale-houses).

We hereby acknowledge this, Their proposal for war, and stand ready to defend ourselves, for We shall not allow the over-running of Our Principality by these "Mistified" brigands. We call upon all honourable citizenry to arm yourselves and stand with Us in this "First Principal Conflict" that We might hold Our lands and show the world that We are well-deserving of Our lands and have the strength to hold them.

So I call forth my army to come and "Play With Misty For Me."

               Strider, Prince of Cynagua

Anyone wishing more information or to offer their service,s please call His Highness, Prince Strider, at (contact info omitted).

From The Page (May, 1980):



It came to pass that in the days of Radnor, when he was the King of the West, that at the Coronetting of William and Maythen, Prince and Princess of the Mists, at attendance as honoured guests at that Court were the Princely pair's dear cousins of Cynagua, Prince Strider and his beauteous wife, Kathryn. They did dine in gracious good cheer amongst the merriment of the people of the Mists when did occur an act of great and consumate woe. For Prince Stirder, Cynagua's jewel, had a squire, Garret, of growing skill at arms and blossoming courtesy and chivalry. But, alas, he did by error to himself and his great Lord, a greivance great. For he did fall while carving meat and in this slip did slip sharp steel within the body of Mists' own Bailiff, Catalin, of Naples born, and Squire to the King. Good Catalin, who likeless was a lad of great promise but of hot blood, which oft brought honour to his knight and as oft did turn to hot blooded jest which brought tears of laughter to many eye, at this moment his blood dod flow from out his coprse, and he did unthinkingly cry "Foul treachery!"

"Can this be?" Strider demanded. "Nay, Lord, it was but an accident." his squire pleaded. "Cousins, do not shed more blood, but forgive," spake Radnor fair. "But, Lord," spake William, "You did not see that he who was struck down was your own squire." The King grew wroth and spoke again. "Do what you will, and may right triumph." And so for honor's sake the two Princes embraced and parted to meet again in battle.


The day of battle was warm and clear, a day to live, a day to die. Lord Herald Macsen, gold manacled and vert tabarded, splending in his appointment rode out to speak for the King. "Princes, both come forth." he cried. "Is there no other course but battle?" "Nay" cried the two great Lords as one. "Then, by our King's command lay on, in Chivalry and honor." The forces drew upon a field. A great machine of war was rolled up to Cynagua's left. Yeomen stood ready, and the battle cry went forth. Great Greyhelm led the Mists bold right. Sir Steven led his brother knights and untried youths on the left. But woe to Mists and glory to Cynagua. Great Mists' Prince and Princess both were slain by Cynagua's Prince's own bodyguard, as aided by doughty Allyshia's winge. In the fray Her Highness did do battle with the Mighty Grace, Duke Aonghais, and by his noble hand was slain. "O lack a day" the courteous Noble cried, "that cousins' quarrel should bring us all to this. I vow a gift of rare value to ease the grief of Her Highness' liegemen." Young son to gentle Sir Elriin, and Stephan, bold Bellatrix' lad, being both too young to take up steel, did for their respective Princes pluck a bow. And each the other's mighty sire did lay low. Now orphans both. Yet as each army mourned these Lordes did they all know that in these sons there was now new hope. And so Cynagua triumphed.


Mists fled into the gentle woods, soft and green from spring's healing rain. May heaven wash clean the field just fled. Though Prince William, sly as an old grey wolf, did deploy his forces skillfully, so clear the eye of Cynagua's Lord that all was revealed. Cormac, Aarond, hight the Grey, yeoman bold, did take a toll of Mists Gentle blood. But the scale was balanced by Earl Sir Kevin, his arrows hawk-like flight his former liegemen slayed. But all in all, it was Cynagua that prevailed and slew their foe. O, woe, Strider, Prince and Knight, perfect in gentleness and courtesy did fall, and on his shield was borne from battleground by tearful entourage, Duke Aonghais stalwart, leading widow Kathryn, her fair visage veiled in tears.


Mists forces gathered round standard azure, putting bold face before their aching hearts. "Yea, do not despair," spake Duke Sir James of the helmet grey. "They gather on a bridge. This is our day." And so the forces met in hard a press. So great was the heart and comaraderie amongst the Noble Lords of Mist: Bold James, Duke Paul, Sir Steven of high rank, the grey bearded William, Prince of all the Mists, and one who was blazoned as a bee, and knights and squires by the score, that the youngest and most green gave of their all to emulate those legends there gathered. The fray went on wtihout a slack far into the day. The dead piled high and moans of wounded filled the sky. Each side did try, for Dame Mercy's sake, to relieve the hurt by pulling forth the dying from the bridge. But soon the dead did form a wall of grief between the foremen. "Lord Prince," cried gentle Sir Steven, "Beg a truce that we do not dishonour our beloved dead." "Truce, Cousin," bellowed doughty William bold, and then was the cry ta'en up by all. Came forth Lord Herald Macsen, and did plead, and readily did flame-haired Cynagua's Liegelord yield. "In courtesy and with all my heart let us clear what noble dead We both wish, but We will see this battle to the end." In Mists' ranks a youthful voice was heard. "Is this a game? This is no war." But Graceful James this youth did chide, "When Gentlemen do fight, we these rules abide." And so grim war too soon resumed and in the final thrust Cynagua fell. The Prince's squire, that selfsame Garrett, stood by his side, shielding his Lord with the banner pole, till it was splintered in his hand, and he fell shrouded in Cynagua's own Or and argent, the Sable Swan's sweet wings enfolding him in death. One bold man, Relentless Rolf, though disarmed and bearing mortal wounds, did attempt to cross the bridge to Mists' home side to let it be said that at least one Cynaguan crossed the bridge. But Prince William spied him and him he did capture. Princess Maythen herself did boldly take him to his own and cried out, "Herald, call forth your Prince." Strider strode forth and with some surprise bowed in courtesy and asked, "What brings you, Royal Lady, to our camp?" "We give you back your own," and filled the air with noble words of this lad's deeds, a credit to his Lord, and as his honor spread, his soul, it fled.


"Once more to the woods" the Princes cried, "to hold Our banner or to die." Then off they went, two mighty foes. Count Master Frederick his Prince's banner bore throughout this day and all the war. Fitted as a spear so it was, so he did kill and maim and shed much blood. "Pick a spot to make our stand. For anon the enemy will be at hand," commanded William. Frederick did as he was bid, and in a glade by a stream Mists' fighters led. "I advise we stay unsplit," spake Grayhelm and it was so. And soon came Cormac of the dreaded Bow, and Aarond, too. But Sir Jon the Lean did draw a sight on both and with his crossbow both them slew. Then he spun and shot again and struck poor Llerrett, his own friend. The shaft struck plate and did not pierce. "Dear knight," cried Llerrett, "be not so fierce." Cynagua's force was led by Radnor, gracious though his head no longer bore the Crown. The swan's left flank, the Flying Master met, and was struck down. To right Allyshia's fairest went for to slay Duke Paul, but by a lucky throng was each one mauled. "Vivant," cried Frederick, Holland's son, "Seek out their camp and slay each one." William, Maythen and their forces, scarce depleted did trudge their way in the mud and mire till Cynagua's banner they all sighted. They met in a quiet grove of trees these two great princes. Strider in honor and great courtesy his sword did yield. "Nay, take it back again, dear Prince," spake William hight the Tower, "Let us greet each other as we greet a brother." And so the war was ended and before the King and Queen all ills were mended. The banner of Cynagua was returned by Sir Steven and Sir William's lucky band. Cups were given and health was drunk. It was a draw. Who then won the day? Sir Chivalry and Dame Courtesy, I say!

(The author is Maythen of Elfhaven)

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