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The Fourteenth Year

Anniversary Banquet -- Province of Golden Rivers
November 24, 1979 (AS XIV)

From The Page (January, 1980):

The cooking crews (busily at work since nine the night before) unbarred the doors in mid-afternnon when entrants in the Provincial Arts Pentathalon gathered to present their entries. Judging and general revelry went on until 6:00 pm when pages began seating people for dinner. At 6:30 the formal procession of the trenchers began. The two and a half hour banquet included Slit Sops (leek soup on toast), Baked Herbed Eggs, Filet of Fish Florentine, Game Hens in Honey, Roast Beef with mushrooms and apple frittars, Lombardy Custard, and a variety of puddings which were entries in the Arts Pentathalon. During dinner several of the Performing Arts entries were encored for the feasters and several guests entertained "spontaneously" by singing frmo the newly released "Cyng-Along Book of the Norman Tabard-Buckle Squire" such tender dittes as "Drown, Cynagua, Drown" and "The Okay Viking" (I'm a Viking, and I'm OK. I wench all night and I sleep all day ...). Copies of the "Cyng-along Book" are available from Renfield Wanderscribe (Free Plug).

Once dessert was served and several rounds of toasts made and drunk, His Majesty Radnor, Their Royal Highnesses and Highnesses of the Mists Christopher and Esmirelda, Their Highnesses Strider and Kathryn, and assorted other High Ranking Nobles graciously permitted Court to be held. Master Cadwalladyr Stone of Stonecroft presented his new hornbook play in which were beauteous maidens, terrible beasts, sages, a fierce emir, and a hero who peaked too soon. A surprise guest, the Baron of the Palatine Barony of the Western Seas (Hawaii) was called forward and presented with a Grant of Arms by King Radnor. The holders of teh Award of the Golden Salmon invited Megan of Thistledowns, James Martel, and Macsen Fidelis to join their ranks. (The Golden Salmon is the provincial service award. There is a unique description of the kind of work required to earn the Award - ask one of the holders). After some to-do about the honor of Normans and white slavery in Clan Kidney during which several wars were declared (I couldn't keep any of it straight), Lady 'Tricia of Weatherford announced the winners of the Provincial Arts Pentathalon. A complete listing of the winners and descriptions of their entries will follow in the next issue. Court ended with cheers for almost everyone present, and dancing and revelry resumed with one important break. The Azalai Dance Company, under the very able direction of Kahina Dahabiya, made their troupe debut. The new troupe performed brilliantly to an enthusiastic audience. All too soon, midnight arrived and revelers magically became clean-up crew, who turned the Great Hall back into a basketball court and silently slipped into the night.

(The author is Kriemhild of Stonecroft)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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