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The Fourteenth Year

Cynagua's First Coronet
November 3-4, 1979 (AS XIV)

From The Page (November, 1979):

The new Principality of Cynagua, in the Central Valley, (hence the name, which means "without water") will hold its first Coronet tourney on Saturday and Sunday, 3 & 4 November, at Lodi Lake Park in Lodi (same site as the March Crown this year).

Opening court is scheduled for 9a.m.; the lists open at 10a.m. (or whenever court ends, whichever comes first) and close at 11:30. Fighting will begin at 12:30. The investiture of the new Prince and Princess will take place Sunday morning at 10a.m.

Directions (omitted).

From The Page (January, 1980):

The skies were gray-clad as the morn of Cynagua's first Coronet dawned. The tourney was held at Lodi Park, once more, on the small outjut of land which formed a haven of time past. Unto this haven, the heavens gifted a shower of intermittent rain, turning firm ground into sinking ooze, and thus granting the name of "Los Agua" to this first Coronet.

Their Majesties, King Radnor and Queen Shannon-Morgan, forewent morning court to spare their subjects the discomfort of the rain, and bade the lists open. The field consisted of eighteen determined fighters, who all fought well for the honor of being Cynagua's first prince. In the final round stood Sir Strider of Duramen against Rolf the Relentless. The battles were fiercely fought and, as the skies once again opened, Sir Strider persisted.

Cloud bursts drove most of the people to home or to most generously offered accommodations. The night was spent in revelry and the comfort of dryness by those who returned to the Province of Golden Rivers and to Windy Meads. Those who remained held more private, tent-bound merriment.

Under dry skies the coronation party followed the Swan banner of Cynagua, and approached Their Majesties. Sir Strider of Duramen and his Lady, Kathryn dhil Lorriel, knelt before them and thus received the coronets. Oaths of fealty were sworn by the officers, and their Highness' first court was held. The court was but brief; presentations were made by the Shire of Silver Desert, which provided a demonstration of its new form of jousting, and by Freehold Skalle which presented massage oil to prevent any rubbings of the wrong way. The Constables' Companions adopted "Chrissie" Hoghton as the Constables' Companions' Companion.

That day also held the Princess' Champion Lists. In a single-elimination list, Sir Robert Kinslayer won this singular honor. Melees and a spectacular hill defense by Crown Prince Christopher of Hoghton and four other fighters ended the first Coronet of Cynagua. May the tradition continue as it began; woundrous fighting and good will, albeit a bit drier.

(The author is Keridwen MacAoudhegain)

(On the next page of The Page as the chronicle above, the following was printed:)

Drown, Cynagua, Drown
(tune: Silent Knight)

by David von Markheim and Renfield Wanderscribe

Rainy night, soggy knight
All is wet for your fight
'Round yon mudhole, sword and shield
If you fall in, you surely must yield

Drown, Cynagua, Drown
Drown, Cynagua, Drown

Rainy night, soggy knight
All of you came out in the rain
Dripping gear, armor's bane
Rust on helmets, rust on sword
Ten foot splashes leap up from the sward


(From the "Cyng-along Book of the Norman Tabard-Buckle Squire")

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Strider of Duramen, the Persistent
Argent, a bend sinister argent,
fimbriated, overall a winged unicorn
salient sable, armed, unguled,
and collared of a label trailing a
broken chain Or, on a chief sable a
label throughout argent.
Kathryn Dhil Lõrriel
Argent, on a bend sinister
gules cotised sable a Lady
Banks rose slipped and leaved
proper. [Rosa ladybanksiana]
Arms drawn by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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