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The Fourteenth Year

Twelfth Night / Coronation -- Principality of An Tir
January 12, AS XIV (1980)

From The Page (December, 1979):

On January 12 the Barony of Adiantum will host the An Tir Twelfth Night ceremony, combined with its own traditional Midwinter Feast. Festivities will include entertainment, contests, the last court of Trelon and Tamsin, the Coronation and first court of Edward Zifran and Dorothea of the Dunes, the feast itself, and general revelry.

Bring trenchers, bowls, tableware, drinkables, and banners to decorate the hall. Janeltis is sponsoring a contest for "excellence in design and execution done in fabric with needlework of the artist's own heraldic device." Regenleif is sponsoring a contest for subtleties. The theme is Edward Zifran. Anyone interested in sponsoring additional contests please contact Chimene (contact info omitted).

The feast will consist of seven courses. Tickets are $6 and advance registration is strongly advised; the hall is smaller than three years ago and seating limit for the feast is 235. Contact Mistress Reigenlief the Unruly (contact info omitted).

Anyone interested in entertaining at the feast or revel please contact Chimene. There will be a separate, quiet performing area available at the revel.

The festivities will be held at the Conference Center at the Lane County Fairgrounds in Eugene. (Directions omitted).

From The Page (March, 1980):

Neither rain, nor snow, nor fog, nor wind could keep An Tir's populace from witnessing the coronetting of An Tir's eighteenth prince and princess, Viscount Sir Edward Zifran and Lady Dorothea of the Dunes. Indeed, many hardy citizens of the Mists braved the storms, and journeyed north to An Tir's Twelfth Night. Among these were Their Majesties, the King and Queen of the West, Christopher and Esmerelda, and Their Highnesses, the Prince and Princess of the Mists, William and Maythen.

After a small period of confusion, the final courts of Prince Trelon and Princess Tamsin commenced. Dowager Princess Janeltis Karaine Starfarer made presentations to Their Highnesses, Trelon and Tamsin, as well as to Earl Steingrim Stalari and Countess Rhiannon of the Lost Star. Freya Eriksdatter, Cathal Sean Occonnlain, Barra ni Sligo, Marc the Goliard, Linnet Kestrel, Elvina Effynewoode, Alexei Miromovich, and Dae de la Mer were given Awards of Arms. Order of the Leaf of Merit was awarded to Curtis of Rum, Karl Eisenfause, and Domenic d'Aquila. The Honor of the Belated Rose was bestowed upon Viscountess Valkyrie, Master Bjorn of HaVok, Melissa Kendal of Westmoreland, Mistress Amanda Kendal of Westmoreland, and Sir Harrold of Warrington. The Mucking Great Clubbe, the West Kingdom ferocity award, was giving to Ilkka the Crazed. 'Twas then Princess Tamsin congratulated the archers of An Tir on their fine scores in the Mists/An Tir archery contest. Alas, the Mists' archers' formidable experience proved too great an obstacle for An Tir's archers to overcome. None the less, Her Highness awarded the goregous etched goblets to Master Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland as the archer frmo An Tir with the highest score. Master Gerhard announced that he had borrowed antoher archer's bow to shoot the winning arrow, and bestowed the second goblet on Bejulf von Ramhaffen, the bow's owner who was also the second highest scorer. Princess Tamsin then thanked her guard for their service during her reign, and presented each with a portion of cookies which has been laboured over by Duke Henrik of Havn. Gifts were given to Her Highness' ladies-in-waiting when she thanked them for their services. Thus ended the reign of Terlon and Tamsin as they made a stirring speech thanking the populace for all the support they had received.

The coronetting was splendid! Viscount Sir Edward and Lady Dorthea were stunningly arrayed in luxurious costumes of the Charles I period. Prince Edward and Princess Dorthea's first court was punctuated by fits of laughter from the populace at Queen Esmerelda's "pet lizard's" antics. This included one incident in which Bejulf von Ramshaffen was identified as having shouted "Kill that lizard" when it had attacked the royalty. After much deliberation, it was decided that he would have to apologize to Her Majesty, and the lizard would be in his care the rest of the evening.

Presentations were made by Dowager Princess Janeltis Starfarer, Viscountess Tamsin, Baron Gerhard Kendal, Andre Lessard, Mistress Janet of Arden, Lady Mirandel from Atenveldt, and Daniel Shadygrove. As well, Master Baldwin of Erebor and Viscountess Tamsin sang "The Burden of the Crown", and Lady Melissa Kendal and Adele de Betagne sang "The Coronet" and "Amanda". This last song was in honour of Baroness Amanda Kendall. Dowager Princess Janeltis then announced the winners of her stitchery contest as being Laurel of Nailbane and Sir Domric the Sober. The winning entry in the sublety contest on the subject of Prince Edward was "Uncle Edward's School for Wild Women". Their Highnesses were also petitioned by the Barony of Adiantum to give Awarsd of Arms to Ellen of Dragonstryst and Wycliff. This petition was granted. Thus with cheers all around, did end the first court of Prince Edward and Princess Dorthea. May their reign be happy! The sumptuous feast that evening was filled with entertainment provided by Mistress Serena Clendori of Bagulay who belly-danced, Mistress Gwendolynn of Caer Cerddinen who sang from her large repetoire, the English and Scottish Country Dancers and Master Baldwin of Erebor. Following the banquet, the populace enjoyed a show of magic arts, a film showing of Duke William of Hoghton's early career, and a rousing Bardic Circle. In all, a fine and fitting beginning to what will surely be a glorious reign.

(Chronicled by Melissa Kendal of Westmoreland)

Edward Zifran of Gendy
(The Bastard)

Lozengy sable and ermine,
a baton sinister gules.
Dorthea of the Dunes
(No arms registered)
Arms by Edward's Arms by Nicholas Bawcock, of Petersfield,
Colored by Evaine MacGreger.

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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