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The Fourteenth Year

Coronet Tournament -- Principality of An Tir
September 1-3, 1979 (AS XIV)

From The Page (September, 1979):

At Silver Creek Falls, North Campgrounds near Salem, Oregon. The area has been reserved for September 1, 2, and 3 only -- do not plan to arrive before Saturday. Facilities include: large hall with fireplace and kitchen, restrooms, campsites with firepits, and a locking gate at the entrance to the camp. To defray camp rental, everyone over the age of 12 will be asked to pay $2.50 at the gate.

From The Page (December, 1979):

For climactic extremity, Egilsdrowning was second to the September Coronet. An Tir's fighters (in waterwings, flippers and snorkels) have always been known as fine mudders. The three fields of fighters -- soaked to the proverbial bone, were admired by the populace and chronicled for the mundanes by Portland's Channel 6 swimming reporters. The Royal Pavilion and the Mistress of the Lists' tarp were scan refuge from the torrential downpour. Steingrim came under the protection of the tarp only to be drenched by a guerrilla puddle crouched above his head (a Rebel sympathizer?).

Prince Trelon invited all belted fighters present (plus a herald with a large bumbershoot) to attend him on the field for the final round. With many grumbles and dark looks, the good (as well as mediocre) knights fared onto teh sodden march as Edward Zifran bested Ludwig von Lemminghaus. On the good advice of the Court physician and other concerned nobles, the King decided not to take the field for a bout of recreational combat with Don the Archer.

Meanwhilst, back at the Great Hall, the Madrone Culinary Guild created an impressive feast. Keeping passably dry, they cajoled diverse and delightful ingredients into a feast fit for (and lavishly praised by) the King and Queen. Tidbits included an interesting portion of The Cure for the Bite of a Mad Dog. Between removes, minstrels sang, Serena Cleindori of Bagulay danced with such grace and skill that she captured everyone's undivided attention, Arias and Roger teh Goliard sang duets, and Gwendolyn of Caer Caerddinen added her talent to the evening's entertainment.

A subtlety on the theme of A Feast was presented by the Culinary Guild. Heralded by Daniel Shadygrove, the guild paraded a series of removes at the 'Typical' medieval feast, including A Cheesy Tart, a Stewed Tomato, A Hot, Spicy Meat Dish, and a Subtlety.

Final court was held after the feast. Many Awards of Arms, as well as Laurels, Pelicans and Leaves of Merit were presented, as were other awards (Kingdom and Principality). Their Majesties impressed all present with their extemporaneous presentations.

The last order of busiiness was the perfomance of excerpts from Edward Zifran's musical "West Kingdom Story", dedicated to the Prince and King. Accompaniment was provided by Donn an Bronach and divers members of the Order of Motley. Despite his humility, Zifran was coaxed by the Royal and Popular Demand to an encore of I Feel Princely.

His Majesty, much moved by the feast, the revelry and the citizens of An Tir proclaimed that the only adequate expression of Their Majesties' appreciation would be a hug to each subject. Someone stage-whispered "Three cheers for the King and Queen! The line forms to the right." Many good ladies of An Tir were seen in said line thrice over -- and gentlemen were equally solicitous of Her Majesty.

The Culinary Guild, in gratitude for Her Majesty's personal post-feast appreciation, presented her with their popular cookbook, The Beste of the Lotte.

After court, Her Majesty made a progress in the Great Hall accompanied by Princess Tamsin and misntrel Gwendolyn of Caer Caerddinen. SHe paid personal respects to her damp, chilled subjects, who were thus cheered and somewhat overwhelmed. Bardic riot ensued and proceeded well into the small and soggy hours of the morn.

The next morning Valfriborg prepared a pancake breakfast for the populace from 8 am to 10 am. Prince Trelon persuaded them to renew their efforts at 10:30 with no real use of his blade, 'tis said. The unabated deluge encouraged early departure. (One lady was still stranded at the site at 3 pm ... the Culinary Guild has promised to experiment with her moss-and-lichen soup recipie.)

(This chronicle was written by Pippin, Ashahia, Draggi, and Dierdre, and was originally published in Ye Crier, newsletter for An Tir.)

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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