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The Thirteenth Year

Winterfeast -- Barony of Eskalya
January 20, 1979 (AS XIII)

From The Page (December, 1978):

Eskalya's Winterfeast and Lord Defender's Tournament will happen on January 20 at Mac Chalet, Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska (probably -- more info later). Everyone is requested to attend either in a mideastern persona or as their usual persona visiting a mideastern court. Non-mideasterners are requested to prepare a story about their relationship to the mideastern culture.

The Lord Defender's Tournament will begin at 12:00 pm, with registration and weapon and armor inspection between 11:00 and 12:00. Fighters who have not registered and had their equipment inspected by 12 will not be allowed to enter the lists. Fighters are requested to provide the Heralds with a wooden (or other similar material) 2" by 3" heater shaped emblazon of their device.

The lists will be followed by team fights or melees. Standard Eskalyan Tournament rules will apply and the first two rounds must be fought with mass weapons. The lists will be double-elimination with the last round two out of three. After all this fighting, hot stew and bread will be served. Nothing is yet planned for the time from about 3:30 to 6:00 -- ideas and volunteers are requested. At 6:00 pm the Feast will begin but the menu and price are not yet known. (More later.) Bring pillows to sit on; entertainment will be provided. Much of this is still in the planning stages and ideas will be welcomed. Communicate with Lord Vladimir ap Gwynne (whose address, if we had it, we've lost -- doubtless the Seneschal, listed in the Regnum, can tell you).

The following description of this event comes from reminisces of people who were there on SCA-West (the West Kingdom mailing list):

"To that point in time, Oertha (which I think we were still calling "The North" at the time, we weren't close to considering Principality status yet), had had one Royal visit, King Stephen (MacEanruig), who came north with his friends William the Lucky and Hilary of Serendip. Most of us had no clue how much history was behind those three names, but there you go. (Hirsch)

"I remember the visit well. One of the most fun times I had as King. But the name is Steven, not Stephen. ;~> -- Steven MacEanruig
Darn, I knew that. Sigh. I was staring at the name saying to myself "That's not right", but after awhile, you just give up ... -- Hirsch von Henford
That was a fun event. First Oerthan Royal visit, had a great time. Got to see William crashed in front of the high table and the comments of "The Knight after the day before" ... Hirsch von Henford
Part of William's problem was that he was sitting under the heater with hot air blowing on him. I understand there was some consideration given to auctioning him off during the fund raising auction but it was decided that it was better not to do so. -- Steven MacEanruig
Actually, I was responsible for that suggestion. He just looked so peaceful, sprawled out in front of the high table (barely above ground as the feast had been middle eastern and we were all pretty much on the floor). There was a lull, and I suggested we auction William off. Only to have him open his eyes and 'look' at me. We all giggled and went on. He was actually in what he used to call his "autopilot" mode: eyes rested at the close, but still very much awake. It's a story I have taken great delight in telling our many newcomers over the years. (Morgana)
Good to hear the other side of the story. He did make an interesting addition to the court, all sprawled out in front of everyone. -- Steven MacEanruig

I survived the comment, and was much pleased to call him friend for years thereafter. He was king when our group went to province from shire, and then the sidestep to barony. (Morgana)

William has an excellent sense of humor and is well able to deal with such situations and not hold it against anyone. -- Steven MacEanruig

Steven also gave me my first award: my AA. I was so new I didn't really even know what it was at the time, and my herald had to explain it afterward. I was the seneschal of the very new not-yet-official shire, and his words of encouragement when he gave me the AA remain with me to this day. -- Morgana yr Oerfa

I remember sitting around the kitchen the night we arrived, all of us peeling leaves off of something or other to wrap something or other else while catching up on the local gossip. Made me feel right at home. -- Steven MacEanruig
That was fun -- as I recall, you, William, and Hilary were all at Sharane's place, and Morgana and I had driven down from Winter's Gate. We were told we were staying there as well, so that's where we went. Sharane was out doing shopping or something, and since we were all gamers, conversation turned to gaming. I remember being told that D&D was dead, and we should all learn Runequest by you three. Had great yucks and fun before (and after) Sharane and Fyodor got home ... -- Hirsch von Henford
Other recollections of the event:
Watching William the Lucky destroy the confidence of the fighters in Oertha, in his non-chalant style of combat -- move the shield just enough to block a blow, stop. Move the shield to block a blow, stop. Swing a sword, kill his opponent. Repeat ... over and over ... (The Oerthan fighters learned a lot about not expending more energy than necessary!)

Watching friends get awards, even though most of us had no idea what most of these awards meant ... all in all, a fun time was had. Hirsch von Henford

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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