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The Thirteenth Year

Twelfth Night Coronation Festival
January 6, 1979 (AS XIII)

From The Page (January, 1979):

The Kingdom of the West's Twelfth Night Revel will be on January 6 at the First Unitarian Churck of Berkeley in Kensington, Calif.

Only 500 tickets will be sold, none at the door. Until December 23, tickets will be $3 each and $4 after that date. Children under 10 will be admitted free, however their Majesties have requested a child care coop for small children (persons over 10 will be considered adults and treated accordingly). Parents of children needing special care are asked to contribute two hours of child-sitting for one child and one more hour for each additional child. Ana Moonstar (contact info omitted) will coordinate the child care and additional information will be sent with reservation confirmations.

Tentatively, the schedule is: (omitted)

A list of local restaurants will be sent with your tickets. After dinner nibblies and liquid refreshments are allowed but please do not plan to eat dinner at the hall. Also, please plan to clean up. Smoking is not allowed within the hall, but there will be sand buckets outside.

Banners to decorate the hall will be welcomed. Communicate with Dierdriana of the Misty Isles (contact info omitted) if you'd like your banner displayed or if you have other questions or suggestions about/for the Twelfth Night Committee.

Entertainment is solicited -- to volunteer, communicate with Kriemhild of Stonecroft (contact info omitted).

Among entertainments already scheduled is a performance of the Play of Robin and Marion by Duchess Karen de Wyvern, Dale Hill, Simon de Spaldynge, Douglas Brownbeard and others. This is an authentic 13th Century musical comedy/pastoral written by the French playwright, Adam de la Halle in the 1280's. The performance (in a modern English translation) will begin with a Feast of Fools procession leading into the fireside room where the play will be performed.

COMPETITIONS: THE ORDER OF THE WOODEN SPOON competition will be judged in two divisions, one for persons under 13 years of age and one for persons over 13. The category is Christmas or Yule cookies (NOT cake or candies and they must be baked) which will be judged for taste, appearance, and authentic ingredients. Recipes must be included with entries.

THE COLLEGE OF HERALDS medallion contests for the Kingdom Laurel and Pelican medallions has been continued to Twelfth Night to allow time for YOU to prepare your entry. The Laurel medallion must have a laurel wreath as the main part of the design and the Pelican must have a pelican pecking its breast so that drops of blood fall into the mouths of its young in their nest. A blank shield shape may be included on which the recipient might place his or her arms. An actual medallionis not necessary -- a drawing of the design with instructions is a sufficient entry. The prize for each contest is 2 oz of silver. For futher information, communicate with Master Wilhelm von Schlüssel (see Great Officers listing for address and phone).

THE COLLEGE OF SCIENCES Twelfth Night competitions will be for: Game Boards and Playing Pieces; Archery Equipment; and Dress Weapons. All entries will be judged on workmanship, authenticity, beauty of design, and the following criteria for each category: gameboards and playing pieces must be for a pre-1650 game and the entry must include both board and playing pieces made by teh entrant. Dice, dice cups, and other pieces needed for playing the game need not be made by the entrant but it will count in his/her favor if they are. If the game is not a common one, an explanation will be appreciated. Archery equipment includes bows, arrows, bracers, quivers, targets, etc. Multiple entries are encouraged in this category and will count in the entrant's favor. Dress weapons means real ones. The busines end of the weapon need not be made by the entrant but, again, it would count in his/her favor if it were.

SPECIAL PRIZE: Anyone who, by entering one or more of these contests submits a piece of pieces which makes use of all three of the following substances: animal, vegetable, and mineral, will be eligible for a special prize in addition to the prizes in each category. For further information, communicate with the Mistress of Sciences (listed in Great Officers) Baroness Morrigan Fitz-Rolf.

From The Page (March, 1979):

The Kingdom of the West Twelfth Night Revel was held on January 6 in the First Unitarian Church of Berkeley in Kensington, CA beginning at 1 pm. At the first court of King James and Queen Verena, Her Majesty presented gifts to the members of her Queen's Guard and released the Caidan members from their oaths of fealty. King James created the Office of the Wife of the Seneschal and thanked Kriemhild of Stonecroft and Dierdriana of the Misty Isles for their service in this demanding position.

Reislingshire presented the Crown with a petition to be allowed to join the new Kingdom of Caid and King James agreed upon acceptance of a red purse full of coins. The citizens of Reislingshire were freed of their oaths of fealty to the West and swore oaths of fealty to Caid and King Martin.

King James and Queen Verena invested Viscountess Janeltis Karaine, Starfarer as Dowager Princess of An Tir, to the cheers of the populace and of Prince Ulfred and Princess Valkyrie who sat beside Queen Verena. Awards of Arms were bestowed upon Damian of Silvertere, Errol the Seeker, Lachlin MacColin, Victoria Starwing, Aushitedes of Caves Griffin, and Lance. Benjamin von Armentrodt, Aushitdes of Caves Griffn, Deporodh of Rannoch, James Cameron, and Lance were admitted to the Order of the Leaf of Merit.

Dorthea the Unsure, Edgar the Unready, and William Gordon of York were invested as barons and baronesses and a Grant of Arms was given to Llerett de Granada. The members of the Order of the Pelican were called forward and Annette of Faire Monte and Olaf the Maedi-Ogre were admitted. The members of the Order of the Laurel were called forward and Merewyn de Lyonesses was admitted thereto. The knights and masters of the West were summoned and Scellanus of Sky was knighted.

Queen Verena gave her Queen's Cyphers to Countess Jennet of Twominds, Lady Dierdriana of the Misty Isles, and King James.

Many presentations were made including a bottle of (medicinal?) wine complete with syringe and instructions. There were announcements and a break with music followed by the Grand March.

Steven MacEanruig and Alyanora of Vinca were crowned King Steven and Queen Alyanora. Knights, peers, Great Officers, Barons, Baronesses, and Prince Ulfred and Princess Valkyrie swore allegience and fealty to the new King and Queen. The Queen's guard was called forward and Trelon of the Woods and Ludwig von Lemminghaus were admitted and Lord Brian Dritar an Con was made its Captain.

Many presentations were made. Lady Mary of Uffington was invested as Queen's Champion and all qualified female fighters were given favors from Queen Alyanora in honor of Joan of Arc's birthday. Lonna Animalia des Pines was invested as Royal Chirurgeon and head of the Kingdom Medics Guild.

Awards of Arms were given to Margaret Threadbare, Rowena Douglas of Falconhurst, and Sanjuro and Sundowner Joe and Esmirelda Dancingstar were admitted to the Leaf of Merit. Robert Kinslayer and Christina Northlander were invested as Baron and Baroness. Morrigan Fitz-Rolf, Jon Fitz-Rolf, Erzebet Tycodi, Olaf the Maedi-Ogre, and Hilary of Serendip were admitted ot the Order of the Pelican. (Huh? Olaf was admitted to that Order at the previous Court, it says here. Surely it didn't happen twice? Well, whatever.)

Court was adjourned and the popualce left for dinner.

At the evening revel which began at 7 pm and lasted until midnight, there was an entertainment room which featured flamenco dancing, recorder music, singing, and belly dancing. The main hall had Elizabethan dancing, general dancing, a dancing exhibition by the Canton of Windy Meads, and the Misrule Court. The bean in the Misrule cake was found by Tricia of Waterford who was declared Lady of Misrule and her Lord of Misrule was Charles the Smoke Eater. Oak, Ash and Thorn were required to perform. The winners of contests were announced: The Order of the Pelican medallion contest was won by Mistress Yolanda del Campo de Cerdana, The Order of the Laurel medallion contest was won by Danel Shadygrove, the Order of the Wooden Spoon cookie contest was Elaine of Gad and Helen Brownberry received an honorable mention.

(author unknown)
Note that the comment in italics in the text was inserted by the editor of The Page, not by Hirsch, who re-typed this for this web page.

Steven MacEanruig
Potent, on a pile sable a cross
crosslet argent.
Alyanora of Vinca
Argent, a periwinkle [Vinca minor]
Arms by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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