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The Thirteenth Year

Beggar's Burdica -- Southern Shores
September 16, 1978 (AS XIII)

From The Page (July, 1978):

All them rich folk, they been paradin' about in their dandy duds, sippin' their dainty tea, havin' their fine fun, being' oh, so refined an' upstandin', while we peasant folke gotta be hidden away in the scullery or somewhere so as not to spoil their elegant affairs. Well, ain't it about time we gets our fun, too?

Bloody well right, it is! We're gonna have us a day of our own, Sept. 16. We don't know just yet where we'll have it, but we'll let ya know as soon as we can, probably in next month's PAGE.

We'll have none of this business with swords and all (who can afford all that stuff?) but we'll probably do all right with boffers. We'll have a sack race, ax throwing (not at the racers), that fine Atenveldten game of clench-a-wench, maybe an egg-catching contest, and more like that there.

Everyone's invited, EXCEPT them rich folke. Oh, sure, if any real live royalty shows up, we'll have to let 'em hang about, but that don't apply to other gentlefolke or peers. This is for their serfs and peasants. If any o' them other fine folke show up, they's likely to have their fine clothes replaced with proper rags; at the very least they'll be fined. Except for His Maj and the like, all should be in their "finest" (koff, gag) medieval rags.

FOR MORE DETAILS: Contact Josephus, vassal and servant to Lord Renfield Wanderscribe.

Description of this event, from The Page.

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