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The Thirteenth Year

University of Ithra at Mists -- Province of the Mists
August 12-13, 1978 (AS XIII)

From The Page (August, 1978):

This session of the University of Ithra will be held at the campus of Merritt College in Oakland, CA. The preliminary schedule has 52 course offerings, covering both the usual areas of arts, sciences, crafts, heraldry, history, and chivalry, and many others new and wonderful (e.g., The Mirror of Princes, Introduction to Medieval Cooking, and the Unified Theorem of Celtic Interlace (geometry credit given)). CATALOGUES are available from Margie Armentrout (contact info omitted).

BABYSITTING: The University will not provide a babysitting service; small children not in classes must be under responsible supervision. We will, however, be glad to gather a list of names, addresses, and phone numbers of parents who are interested in cooperative arrangements. (details omitted)

THE BOARD OF PROCTORS of the University of Ithra was established to allow Ithra students to challenge of waive courses. The Proctors decide whether a student is sufficiently knowledgeable to do more advanced studies. A successful challenge gives the student credit for teh course. A waiver allows the student to take a more advanced course without taking a prerequisite course. A waiver does not grant credit toward a degree. THEREFORE, THE BOARD OF PROECTORS OF THE MISTS CAMPUS WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT CHALLENGES. Waivers of prerequisite courses will still be possible; if there is no course currently offered beyond the student's knowledge in a given subject, he may ask to teach a course and earn credit in that way. Challenges granted by the Proctors of the other campuses will still be accepted at Mists as part of a student's records. Waivers of courses at the next Ithra at Mists session must be requested in writing before August 1.

Description of this event from The Page.

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