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The Thirteenth Year

War Between Golden Rivers and Lion's Gate -- Caer Lyon
July 1-2, 1978 (AS XIII)

From The Page (April, 1978):


... and then the King said, "Allow me to remind you that Golden Rivers lies between Lions Gate and Dreiburgen, and one of the traditional rights of Barons is the collection of tolls for the right to pass through their lands." Well, the battle was fought last summer, and still the Baron of Lion's Gate refuses to pay for passing through the marches of Golden Rivers on his way to his fatal meeting with the Baron of Dreiburgen in the Province of the Mists.

Since this kind of abrogation of the rights of Barons cannot continue undisputed, a meeting to negotiate the issue in the usual Medieval manner has been set for July 1&2 in Ashland, Oregon. Arrangements for the site and facilities are still tentative, and will be announced at a later date. Until that time, sharpen your swords, polish your armor, and PREPARE TO MARCH.


On the weekend of July 1&2, the armed forces of the Barony of the Golden Rivers and their allies will march forth to force the miscreant Baron of Lions Gate to acknowledge and pay his just debts which he has so treasonably disavowed.

Therefore, the Barony of Golden Rivers is recruiting mercenary troups to ensure the success of this enterprise. Interested captains and individuals should contact the Baron, Earl Kevin Perigrynne (contact info omitted), and provide a roster of the troops you will provide plus a bid (to open negotiatons for fees). We are prepared to pay the usual (fluid) coin, or negotiate other forms of recompense.

So come to the war on the victorious side, and plan to join in for bloodshed, slaughter, and looting.

From The Page (June, 1978):

My Lords, my Ladies, Good Health --

July 1 & 2 you will have your opportunity to strike a blow for freedom, and show the tyrant of Golden Rivers that he cannot tamper with the rights of passage of free people.

Good people, this is war. The Baron of Golden Rivers would charge tolls to those who would pass through his lands, and claims these rights were given to him by King Kevin.

I deny the moral right of this toll.

Therefore, now is the time to come and aid in the fight (literally) for freedom!

The Barony of Lions Gate welcomes all who would raise sword or other assistance against the oppressor of travellers. 'Tis also said that Lions Gate might have fabled Canadian Beverages to lubricate the gullets of those who would assist us.

My Lords, my ladies, for freedom, I am

Gerhard Kendal, Baron in and of Lions Gate (contact info omitted)

From The Page (July, 1978):

This fierce struggle over rights of property and honor will be held at Willamette Park, south of Corvallis, OR, on July 1 and 2.

Schedule (omitted)

THE ARTS COMPETITION: The Design and Execution of a Fighting Surcote, and/or the embroidered arms for same. Judging will be done on the Arts Pentathlon point system, rather than by comparison. The judges will be looking for appearance, design, authenticity of materials, and/or execution (no embroidery stitches from after 1600), and practicality (is it washable? does it need 3 squires to get into it?).

THE SCIENCES COMPETITION: The Design of a Castle and Siege Engine (1/2 point for each). It must have a drawing to scale, and be based on pre-1500 technology (no gunpowder). Castle will be judged on defensibility, authenticity, comfort, use of terrain (setting) and design. The siege weapon will be judged on practicality, operational ease, portability and/or ease of assembly, effectiveness/threat, and design.

The site has flush toilets and running water. Camping is OK both Friday and Saturday (and after, if anyone wants to stay). There's a $2 per vehicle per night levee, so car pooling is a good idea. The weather will be warm to hot during the day, and cool to cold at night. There are stores and gas stations reasonably close. For people arriving very late on Friday night, there is some crash space available.

ANYONE WITH QUESTIONS ABOUT THE SITE get in touch with Ludwig von Lemminghaus or Garrick the Silent at (contact info omitted).

FOR DETAILS ABOUT THE EVENT, get in touch with Earl Kevin Perigrynne, (contact info omitted) or Baron Gerhard Kendal (contact info omitted).

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Description of this event, © Copyright 1980 by William R. Keyes (Wilhelm von Schlüssel)
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