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The Thirteenth Year

First Coronation Festival -- Kingdom of Caid
June 3, 1978 (AS XIII)

From The Page (June, 1978):

The Coronation of Crown Prince Armand Sebastian de la Foret de Savigny and Prince Princess Diana de Savigny, heralding the formal transition of the Principality of Caid to the Kingdom of Caid, will be held at Hollywood Park, North Hollywood, CA. The day's activities will occur in the wooded and grassy area south of Magnolia, just beyond the picnic tables. The Grand March will begin promptly at 10:00 AM.

The Lists will be for the honor of being the Queen's Champion. There will also be CONTESTS: Best Favor on the Field; Potpourri Making; Best Field Attire; and Best Pavillion. The judging of these contests will be done during the day, and the winners will be announced, along with the winner of the Court Costume Contest, during dinner in the evening.

The activities at the park will adjourn at approximately 4:00 PM, to allow time to prepare for the Coronation in the evening. The Coronation Ceremony and Banquet will be held at (address omitted). The hall cannot be missed: there is a huge sign on the outside saying Great American Squaredance Company. The building is large, with wooden floors, a large dressing room upstairs, and seating for 300. The Coronation will begin at 5:00 PM, with the Banquet beginning at 7:00. The Banquet will cost $5.00/person, with the menu as follows:

     First Course:
     Braised Chicken with lemon and rosemary
     Frest Minted Carrots
     Wild Rice and Mushrooms
     Fresh Bread and butter

     Second Course:
     Roast Crown Rib of Beef
     Potatoes of Gold
     French Green Beans with savory
     Bagels with spiced cream cheese

     Third Course:
     Honey Custard with strawberries
     Italian ices with timbales
     Lemon tarts
     Spectacular Sotolte

All reservations should be made out to the Principality of Caid, and sent to: Baron Frederick of Woodlyn (contact info omitted). For further information, please get in touch with Mistress Gabrielle.

From The Crown Prints, Issue #4, 1978 (with thanks to Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux):

Coronation Chronicle

At long last he glorious event for which all Caid has worked so hard came to pass on the 3rd day of June, Anno Societatis XIII. It was a day of joy, of pleasant surprises, of beautiful costumes and excellent food. Baron Fredrick of Woodlyn who is without a doubt the Pavillion Maker Par Excellence in Caid, displayed his newest child ­ a dazzling Royal Pavillion of blue and white which is large enough for several royal personages AND entourages and has an ingenious backdoor which is covered by the striking Caid banner of blue with white crescents. Hanging in the front of the pavillion was the new Caid banner executed by Viscountess Neptha of Thebes and Master Alewaulfe the Red.

At Opening Court many presentations were made to the assembled royalty ­ Prince Martin, Princess Neptha, Crown Prince Armand, Crown Princess Diana, King Gregory and Queen Bevin. Baron Fredrick of Woodlyn and Baroness Lyndia of Woodlyn received Grants of Arms, as did Lady Guinevere de Bremble and Lady Eyana Bat-David NicChlurain. Awards of Arms were given to Kerissa of Silverwolf, Arekose von Dragusus, Leonora Dragonsrun, and Allene Wendell Montgomery. Baroness Rowen-Lynn of Woodbine was admitted to the Legion of Courtesy. Their Caidan Highnesses presented gifts to their entourage ­ velvet hats adorned with jewelled pins which had been made by Princess Neptha, and to His Majesty Gregory Prince Martin gave a silver stirrup cup with a wolf’s head in token of the King’s support and sage council during the last several months of the Principality’s journey to Kingdom status.

The Lists for the Queen’s Champion were fought with 18 participants. The finalists were Lord Jason Griffiths of Shadowhyrst and Sir Heinrich Palantine, with Sir Heinrich emerging the victor.

Court convened at the hall almost on time, and Their Occidental Majesties held court. Lady Brann Morgan Dunmore of Galloway, Lord Sweyn MacChlurain and Lord Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux were the last Caidans to receive the Leaf of Merit. Their Majesties also gave Awards of Arms to Kristin Aelfhildr of Trondheim and Faye of Ye Farther Glenne.

Prince Martin and Princess Neptha came forward and rendered up the coronets and capes of Caid. Neptha was created the last Viscountess in Caid. Then Baron John ap Griffin read the three scrolls that recount Caid’s history ­ the petition to form a Principality, the petition to become a Kingdom, and the final approval and statement of severance. The coronation of Armand and Diana followed. Their Caidan Majesties wore blue and white Norman outfits, and were escorted by their entourage.

After a beautiful ceremony, which was assembled by Her Majesty Bevin Fraser of Sterling from bits of antiquity and the Kingdom of the East coronation ceremony and of course her own well-known touches, King Armand and Queen Diana held their opening Court. Awards of Arms were given to Kyna Analisa Dunmore of Galloway and Lyrel Phillippa of Essex. And to the rousing cheers of the assembled crowd, Lady Giesele Hildegaard of the Mystic Dragon was brought forth from the kitchen where she was cooking dinner, and admitted to the Order of the Laurel.

Investiture of new officers included Conrad von Regensburg as the new Baron of Lyondemere, Mistress Louise of Woodsholme as Kingdom Mistress of Arts, and Lord Thin Robert of Lawrence as Kingdom Chancellor.

The banquet included such tempting edibles as huge loaves of lemon bred, Thelin’s rye bread, juicy ribs of prime beef, various vegetable dishes, and carrot cake and delicious cheese cake. The hall was filled to capacity and it took the efforts of the Crescent Herald, El Munadi Pursuivant, and Coral Pursuivant to get necessary information to the assemblage who were hesitant to cease their boisterous reveling. However, all proceeded according to plan, and during the evening various entertainments were displayed. The Dreiburgen Consortium and Friends provided music during the Coronation; the Collegium Musica gave us several beautiful songs during first course; and a newcomer named Richard the Talented brought the hall to dead silence by playing two recorders AT ONCE! (Maybe the heralds should take up recorder playing?????)

All during the banquet, the costume contest was being judged by the Royal Ladies, as well as Lady Kreimhild of Stonecroft and Mistress Gabrielle Deveraux. There were continuous presentations to the Head Table, but the presentationof the Insulters’ Guild brought the house down. Lord Wilhelm von Messer presented King Gregory and Queen Begin (who, of course, are Caidans, as you know) with their own Green Cards, because they are now resident aliens!

A raffle was held at the hall to help with the Coronation expenses. Ticket-sellers were Viscountess Lorissa, Lady Karen, Lady Kate, Lady Kathryn, Nyla $ & Trey of Woodlyn (who could resist someone asking if you’d like to purchase an "apple-ticket"?) The raffle winner was Colin of Duntamknackan, the Chief of Clan Colin, who carried home the beautiful white porcelain unicorn made by Lady Kristin Aelfhildr of Trondheim. Since Lord Colin is White Unicorn Pursuivant of the Province of Ceantir (Petaluma), he was overjoyed to win this beautiful unicorn. Many thanks to the donors of other prizes a personal pattern-drafting from Mistress Giesele Hildegaard; a "drunk cake" from Lady Eyana Bat-David; 2 bottles of Gwydioan’s mead; shortbread from Lady Sine & a malachite gem from Baroness Bjo. The raffle made $92+ which will help ease the costs a bit!

That evening Duke Henrik of Havn showed the Pennsic War Epic film, and there was also dancing, led by Lord Ioannes Leckie and Lady Jaelithe of Dragonstower. There was also great revelling in and around the hall, with belly-dancing under the trees. And thanks to the combined efforts of everyone on the Coronation Committee, and most especially Mistress Gabrielle Deveraux, Mistress Giesele-Hildegaard of the Mystic Dragon, Master Alewaulfe the Red, Barons Conrad von Regensburg and John ap Griffin, Baron Fredrick of Woodlyn and Baroness Lyndia, it was a most glorious first day of Anno Caidis I!

Description of this event from The Crown Prints.

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