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The Thirteenth Year

Beltane Coronation
April 28-29, 1979 (AS XIII)

From The Page (July, 1979):

Though it had rained the day before, the clouds had parted and the day was hot. King Steven and Queen Alyanora held their first court at noon. King Steven proclaimed the farm of William of Gad -- site of the Ducal Prize Tournaments -- which is in Reisling shire and therefore now part of Caid, to be a Royal Protectorate of the West. Awards of Arms were given to: Albert Pwn Bree, Anharad, Brandon d'Arindel, Carol of Armegeddon, Doniphan non Sequitor, Gladdi Atór, Kallun of Tybermonde, Marion of Cobran, Michalene Giampoli de Topo, and Thomas for the Interim. Ana Moonstar and Kahina Dhahabiya were admitted to the Order of the Leaf of Merit. Donn an Bronach, Dierdre Muldomnaigh, and Liam of the Barque were admitted to the Order of the Pelican and Gwendolyn of Caer Cerddinen and Nicholas Worthington were admitted to the Order of the Laurel. Presentations were made.

The second Earl Marshal's Pandybat contest was won by Hoghton Towers with a War Maypole. A Queen's Favor List was won by Duke Paul of Bellatrix.

Helen Brownberry won the Order of the Wooden Spoon contest and Tamsin of the Raven Tresses won the Order of Arachne's Web lace contest. Cormac of the Bow was presented with scrolls for being the top archer of the Kingdom in the previous year for leading the West to victory in the Inter-Kingdom archery contest. The Shire of Tarnmist was made a Barony and Colyn de Wyndmere and Caitlin de Wyndmere invested as its Baron and Baroness. King Steven bestowed the rank of Court Baron on a very suspicious William the Lucky and Queen Alyanora gave the Queen's Cyphers to Lady Hilary of Serendip and Mistress Rima of Rockridge. Sir Robert of Dunharrow resigned the office of Kingdom Exchequer after ten years in office and Master Rodrigo de Cerdana was appointed to the position. King Steven granted Sir Robert the title of Exchequer Emeritus and gave him an augmentation of arms of the arms of the Exchequer of the West, Olaf the Maedi-Ogre resigned as constable and Lord Robert of the Isles was appointed to the position. King Steven gave Sir Olaf the title of Constable Emeritus and an agumentation of the arms of the Constabulary, counterchanged.

Then came the coronation of King Steingrim and Queen Rhiannon followed by oaths of fealty. Queen Rhiannon added Aarond the Grey, Michael the Black, Renard of Burgundy, Dierdriana of the Misty Isles and Yolanda del Campo to the Queen's Archers, appointing Lord Llerrett de Granada as its Captain. She also admitted Bolverk of Momchilovich, Gladamere the Black, Ragnar of the Icy Waste, Robert Kinslayer, Robert McFlandry, Ragnar of Blackspruce, and Yagar Stumpface to the Queen's Guard, appointing Lord Brian Drittar an Conn as Captain. A Bardic revel was held in the evening.

At morning court Sir William the Lucky brought forward the finalists in the King Steingrim lookalike contest, all blond and bearded like the King himself except for the winner of the contest, dark haired Sir David Westerville who wore a reversed version of Steingrim's palewise sable and Or costume, complete with hood and glasses.

Queen Rhiannon admitted Lady Maythen of Elfhaven to the Queen's Guard. King Steingrim appointed a King's House Guard, consisting of Sir Radnor of Guildemar, Lady Mary of Uffington, Jarl Ulfred Drømmefjell, and Sir Seamus Peacemaker. The Knights of the Silver Molet admitted Sir Loren Sur la Roche to their Order. An Award of Arms was given to Dunham Wycliffe and Alexa of Krasnador, Arekose von Dragasus, Llerrett de Granada, and Markus the Blue were admitted to the Order of the Leaf of Merit.

In the afternoon there was an arts auction for the land fund, a Queen's Champion lists, a Wardlord melee, and two maypoles. The ladies of the Kingdom voted on Philanderer of the Year and an archery contest was begun.

At closing court it was announced that Sir Christopher of Hoghton had won the Queen's Champion lists, Anthony Shadowtrapper -- winner of the Wardlord lists -- was invested as Protector of the Royal Wards, and Queen Rhiannon admitted Thomas the Incomplete to the Queen's Guard. Countess Patrice di Couer Fidel summoned the finalists in the Philanderer of the Year voting and introduced them to Her Majesty. His Majesty glared at all of them. The new Philanderer of the Year and still Champion Neck-Nuzzler of the West was Duke James Greyhelm. His lady, Duchess Verena of Laurelin (who is increasing, much to the joy of all concerned!) announced that the arts auction had netted over $500 for the land fund. The winner of the Battered Helm was Brandon d'Arindel.

King Steingrim thanked the populace and Dowager Princess Janeltis Karaine Starfarer and Princess Koressa, who were visiting from An Tir, and court and the tournament ended.

(This chronicle was written by Wilhelm von Schlüssel)

Reminisces of the May, 1979 Coronation Tournament
Sir Steven MacEanruig

"It was a fairly amusing tournament. Steingrim was the first An Tirian to win the Western crown and he was kind of fair game for various jokes.

"Opening court had some good moments, for me at least. It included a long poem by the college of the bards about my reign, starting with something like "King Steven sat on the western throne clutching his lukewarm Tab.", referring to my favorite drink at the time. I'll post a copy if anyone can find it. This was presented by Sir William the Lucky and I had to grin and bear it. I got my revenge though.

"I had let it be known that I was going to give Jody Lee an award of arms, which she didn't really want but richly deserved. When she asked William, in my hearing, what one should do in such a case he replied that one should smile and pretend one wanted it. At close to the end of my court I was able to call William up before the thrones. He was convinced I was going to appoint him Chamberlain, a position that had recently been invented to serve as the right hand of the king when he was unable to be present. Being a traditionalist, I had, of course, not appointed one. He came forwards slowly, wrapped in his cloak and acting fearful. I was then able to make him a Court Baron, telling him to smile and pretend like he wanted it.

"After crowning our successors, my lady and I joined hands and skipped out of court, both of us fairly deliriously happy about getting off of the thrones. We did succeed in starting a three reign tradition of having the royal couple break up during their time on the throne.

"One other picture sticks in my mind at the event. In January I had been the first king of the west to visit Alaska. At Beltane I accepted the resignation of Sir Robert of Dunharrow as kingdom exchequer and appointed a gentleman named Rodrigo. When I accepted Robert's resignation I granted him an augmentation of his arms in honor of his long service. After the coronation Robert, Rodrigo, and I met and the transferred kingdom funds to me to cover part of the Alaska trip. It had all the look of a payoff to transfer the lucrative office of exchequer. Very medieval, when all is said and done.

"That afternoon was held what was in my estimation one of the better pandybat competitions. It included the boulder flail, the greatshears, the murder-go-round, the pandybed, and many another weird and wondrous item.

"The afternoon court also included a series of Steingrim stories and a Steingrim look-alike contest. The contest was held with all of the tall blond guys we could find and David of Westerville who is short, slender, and half Japanese. David was dressed in the same basic outfit that Steingrim always word, a yellow and black surcoat. You can guess who won the contest."

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Steingrim Wulfharesson Stallari
Paly of six Or and sable, a fess
Rhiannon of the Lost Star
Azure, a cross flory tripartite
between four hearts in saltire,
all within a bordure Or.
Steingrim's Arms drawn by Nicholas Bawcock of Petersfield, used with permission
Steingrim's Arms colored by Evaine ni MacGregor
Rhiannon's Arms by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm

Description of this event (if any), taken from The Page, or from memory of at least one person who attended the event.

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