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The Thirteenth Year

The Battle of Brown Water -- Winter's Gate
Spring, 1979 (AS XIII)

The "Battle of Brown Water" was the first war held in what is now the Principality of Oertha. It was nominally a battle for the independance of the Shire of Winter's Gate from the Barony of Eskalya.

Winter's Gate was able to field 4 fighters, 1 archer, a trebuchet, and some "Wizards". Eskalya fielded 11 fighters and 4 archers. Guess who won the war? Luckily, Baron Hugh and Baroness Selenia felt magnaminous, and gave Winter's Gate its freedom anyway ...

All told, it was a fun weekend. The trebuchet folk had a field day, as they found in a ditch hidden from the sun a mound of snow, and started lobbing snowballs at the Eskalyan fighters. The Eskalyans didn't really know how to deal with the snowballs so ignored them. But it was a fun time. -- Hirsch von Henford

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