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The Thirteenth Year

Autumn Crown Tournament
October 7-8, 1978 (AS XIII)

From The Page (October, 1978):

October Crown Tournament will be at Big Trees in Oakland, as far as your Editor knows -- should someone have let us know about this? Did we have the information in the files and not realize it? Who's in charge? Which end is up? Well, if we're wrong about it being at Big Trees, there will prolly be an emergency flier. So rest easy ... but someone please phone or write and tell us how it was that we should have known what was going on here. We're admittedly new to this and sometimes confused. Directions to Big Trees and details about the tourney follow:

Their Majesties announce the Crown Lists will be double elimination. All unbelted fighters who wish to enter the Lists for the Crown must be sponsored by a belted fighter. It is the responsibility of the belted fighters to be sure that the fighters they are sponsoring are proficient and will bring honor to themselves and to the Kingdom by their participation. His Majesty will arm early on Saturday morning so that any unbelted fighters who do not have sponsors may fight with him. He will personally sponsor those whom he deems proficient.

(Schedule omitted)

Late Nite Partying at the tournament will happen at the South end of the field. At the North end, there will be silence by eleven in the evening.

Guy Wires will be kept at least 10 feet back from the Eric. All guy wires must be flagged by at least two brightly colored markers.

Courtesy preclues standing in front of people who are viewing the fighting. Therefore, please do not stand in front of others' pavilions.

Children have been noticed playing rough games such as tweezli wopping and boffer fighting without adult supervision. Please arrange for children to be supervised during such activities, or prevent your children from engag-[ing in them?].

Embroidered Beasties contest of the Principality of the Mists College of Arts will be judged at the October Crown Tourney. Embroidered beasts of any sort may be entered; entrise will be accepted all day Saturday and the winner announced on Sunday. The prize is a hand-knit lace shawl made by the sponsor of the contest, Deporodh of Rannoch.

College of Heralds announces that the medallion contest is postponed at least until October Crown in hopes of receiving more entries. To remind you, the contest is for the designing of official Laurel and Pelican medallions. The Laurel medallion must have a laurel wreath as the main part of the design. The Pelican medallion must have a pelican pecking its beast so that the drops of blood fall into the open mouths of its young in their nest. A blank shield shape may be added on which the recipient may place his arms, if the artist wishes.

It is not required to enter an actual medallion -- a drawing of the design, complete with detailed instructions for construction is sufficient. The prize for each contest is 2 oz of pure silver.

Announcements to be made at tournaments which do not pertain directly to that tournament will, in the future, be posted in writing at the back of the Royal Pavilion rather than being announced aloud.

Order of the Wooden Spoon - Four and Twenty Blackbirds Baked in a left-handed what? October Crown Tournament Wooden Spoon competition will be for decorative pastries -- make it into something it isn't -- a rose, a ship, a left handed widget. Be aware, however, that the judges will taste the entries so no coats of plastic, please.

The judges who assisted at the June Crown meat pie contest were ladies Dorthea the Unsure, Rose of the Tropic Isle, Janet Breakstone, Theresa Ismach, Gisela Hildegaard, and Master Beverly Hodghead. Many thanks to these altruistic souls.

Some of you may not know what is involved in setting up the judging of an OWS competition. Firstly, we must tell that Populace that we cannot handle entries for absent entrants. If you can't be there yourself, please have a friend or member of your household be responsible for your entry. Secondly, we want to let you know that judging time and place are dependent on the Crown's pleasure and on court schedules. Heralds announce the judging three times -- listen for them if you are intending to enter. Also be aware of the OWS representatives at the tournaments: Lady Linda of Collinswood or Lady Kate the Curious.

Arachne's Web will have a lace accessories contest. Prize will be a $15 gift certificate to a lace supply store. There will also be a lace auction, so bring your hoarded silver. For further information: Deporodh of Rannoch (contact info omitted). Or find her at the tournament.

Lunch With a Lady -- Don't forget this exciting benefit for THE PAGE. (Remember THE PAGE?) Come, ladies, with an elegant and beautiful lunch. Join us, gentlemen, with your silver and your paper-imitation-money. Romance will flower and the hearts of all shall be lightened by pleasing discourse and the palate excited by the delicacies the ladies shall prepare. (And THE PAGE's coffers filled to overflowing so that we can continue to delight your mind and eye with this superlative magazine.) Sound good? Then do it!!

From The Page (November, 1978):

Autumn Crown Tournament was held at Big Trees Camp, Redwwoord Park, Oakland with clear, warm days and chilly evenings. At morning court King James announced that all fighters in the Crown Lists would swear allegience to the Kingdom. Queen Verena gave favors and Queen's Guard Screwdrivers to those members of the Queen's Guard who had not been at the Coronation Festival and gave green arm-guards to the archers, as their symbol of office.

Many presentations were made to Their Majesties. Lady Kriemhild of Stonecroft, Mistress of Arts, announced the winner of the leather accessories contest, Damien of Silvertere, who modeled the boots, tunic, belt, pouch and hawking glove she had made, as well as a rat-leather glove.

After court the fighters swore allegience to the Kingdom and Allyn Samildanach was knighted. A box-lunch auction benefit for The Page was held then the Crown Lists began. During the fighting of the lists, the Arachne's Web lace contest and the shooting of the Royal Round archery were held. The winner of the Crown Lists was Sir Steven MacEanruig whose lady Queen will be Baroness Alyanora de Vinca of Adiantum.

Sir Steven was crowned Prince of the Mists at second court; his lady, who was not present, was represented by Mistress Rima of Rockridge. Awards of Arms were given to Aelswyth of Coventry, Ana Moonstar, Bodo the Brutal, Dierdriana of the Misty Isles, Llerrett de Granada, Lonna Animalia des Pines, Richard of Seahaven, Ronald the Mad, Stephen of the Yews, and William of Briardust. Lonna Animalia des Pines was admitted to the Order of the Leaf of Merit, a Grant of Arms was given to Lady Kriemhild of Stonecroft, and Baroness Janeltis Karaine, Starfarer was given the unique title of Dowager Princess of An Tir.

In the evening, there was an Arachne's Web lace auction, a bardic circle, boffer wars, and general revelry. In the morning there were challenges, melees, and war practices for the fighters. Final court began at 4:00 pm. An upcoming war was announced between Duke Aonghais dubh MacTarbh and Viscount Edward Zifran, Bastard of Gendy, arranged by Baron Gerhard Kendall of Westmoreland without Edward's knowledge because Edward (also known as Fast Eddie) had the reputation of being the greatest actor on the field and Baron Gerhard felt that Duke Aonghais was trying to usurp that title. Baron Sean a'Claidheamh informed His Majesty that Reisling fighters had raided the Canton of Fette Burg and taken the site for the Ducal Prize Tourney. Their Majesties replied that the upstarts from Reisling would get their just deserts at the war and that the site would be reclaimed.

The winner of the Order of the Wooden Spoon contest was Grün der Spitzenklöppler, with a chocolate log with meringue mushrooms. Her Majesty received an honorable mention for her pastry Queen's Order of Grace emblem. The winner of the Embroidered Beastie contest was Dierdrianna of the Misty Isles. Duke William of Hoghton resigned as Earl Marshal and appointed Sir Allyn Samildanach as acting Earl Marshal. The Shire of Eskalya petitioned Their Majesties for Barony status and asked that Hugh of the North and Selenia of Silverwood be made the Founding Baron and Baroness. Their Majesties granted all three requests, pending confirmation from the BOD.

The Muckin' Great Clubbe went jointly to Sir William the Lucky and Master Briann Dritar an Conn, for their fight with double hilted sword and double hafted sword, respectively. Queen Verena gave the Rosemary Wreath for Valour to Sir Christopher of Hoghton. Rodrigo de Cerdana was admitted to the Order of the Laurel, Pascan was announced as the winner of the archery contest, and Their Majesties announced an unravel at their home that evening.

(author unknown)

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