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The Twelfth Year

May 1, 1977 - April 30, 1978
Anno Societatis XII
Event Titles/Locations from the Calendar of The Page

Date Unknown, 1977
(?)Baron War(?)
Various EventsIntroduction to the SCA VideoWest Kingdom
May, 1977
May 1May Day Tourney and Tenth Anniversary CelebrationProvince of Southern Shores
May 1May Day RevelBarony of Lion's Gate
May 7Bardic RevelBarony of Lion's Gate
May 7St. Domitian's Day Frolic and RevelCollege of St. David
May 7-8May Day TourneyBarony of Calafia
May 7-8Celebration of the MayShire of Allyshia
May 14College of St. Hildegard RevelProvince of the Mists
May 14Brotherhood of the Blade Invasion of RieslingshireRieslingshire
May 14Viking Ship LaunchingBarony of Madrone
May 14-15San Bernadino Renaissance FestivalBarony of Dreiburgen
May 14-15Equestrian Ride and WorkshopCaid
May 20-21Renaissance Faire (Land Fund Benefit Faire)Province of Southern Shores
May 21Golden Rivers Archery TourneyBarony of Golden Rivers
May 21St. Edwinís Day TourneyBarony of Madrone
May 21Isles Anniversary TourneyBarony of the Isles
May 28-30Egilstourney, SkallagrimssonurBarony of Adiantum
June, 1977
June 4Provincial FestivalProvince of the Mists
June 4Second Annual Memorial Floating War TourneyBarony of Madrone
June 4Summer Investiture TourneyPrincipality of Caid
June 4-5Medieval Highland GamesBarony of Lion's Gate
June 11Midsummer MadnessProvince of St. Andrew's
June 11Summer Coronet TourneyPrincipality of An Tir
June 11Fifth Beggarís BurdicaBarony of the Angels
June 12Equestrian TournamentBarony of the Angels
June 12Mini-TourneyBarony of Calafia
June 18Cates Park Picnic and RebellionBarony of Lion's Gate
June 18-19June Crown TournamentKingdom of the West
June 19Renaissance FaireBarony of Lion's Gate
June 24-26Summer TournamentShire of Eskalya
June 25Ye Medieval QuestCaid
June 25Potluck Revel, House MithlondProvince of Southern Shores
June 25-26University of Ithra at Lionís GateBarony of Lion's Gate
June 25-26Equestrian Trail RideProvince of the Mists
June 25-26Vikingsholm Rides AgainBarony of Golden Rivers
July, 1977
July 2-5Baron Sir Frederick Memorial Tourney & Adiantum Reclamation ProjectBarony of Three Mountains
July 3Westercon Helmet BashBarony of Lion's Gate
July 4-6Second Annual Shasta Counter-InvasionBarony of Three Mountains
July 9House Llewelyyn Kite Flying and Castle Forging ExtravaganzaBarony of Lion's Gate
July 9Hunt for the Chalice of St. GuntherBarony of Calafia
July 9-10First Annual Highland Celtic Games and Foligue, Blatha an OirBarony of Madrone
July 10Seagirt FeastBarony of Lion's Gate
July 10Equestrian Ride and WorkshopBarony of the Angels
July 16Sergeant of Arms TourneyBarony of Madrone
July 16Wedding RevelBarony of Three Mountains
July 16St. Swithin's Day Revel and FeastShire of Tarnmist
July 23Sherwood DaysBarony of Three Mountains
July 23Lyonesse Anniversary TourneyBarony of the Angels
July 23-24Peasant's RiotBarony of Golden Rivers
July 30-31Purgatorio Coronation FestivalKingdom of the West
July 30-31Summer Tourney and Clamming ExpeditionBarony of Adiantum
July 31People in the Parks FaireBarony of Madrone
August, 1977
August 6Michaelís Feast UnravelBarony of Madrone
August 6(Canton of Caer Lyon) Housewarming RevelBarony of Adiantum
August 6Expedition to CamelotBarony of the Angels
August 6-7Queen Calafiaís Consort TourneyBarony of Calafia
August 6-7Equestrian TourneyBarony of Golden Rivers
August 13Summer Coronation TourneyPrincipality of An Tir
August 13Crown Prints Prize TourneyBarony of the Isles
August 20Summer FestivalProvince of the Mists
August 20Wedding and Nuptial TourneyBarony of Madrone
August 20Games RevelBarony of Adiantum
August 20Society DemonstrationBarony of Calafia
August 21Prize Tourney and Box Lunch SocialBarony of Three Mountains
August 21Prize Tourney and Box Lunch SocialBarony of Adiantum
August 27Minstrelís FaireBarony of Madrone
August 27-28TourneyShire of Allyshia
August 28Brotherhood of the Blade Tourney of RankBarony of the Angels
September, 1977
September 3-5Grand University of IthraProvince of the Mists
September 3-5Fall Coronet TourneyPrincipality of An Tir
September 7Formation of the Canton of DerryabarreBarony of the Angels
September 10Prize TourneyCaillte Dun
September 10-11Second Annual Leodamas of Thebes TourneyBarony of Calafia
September 17First Westermark TourneyProvince of St. Andrew's
September 17Bunen Medieval Feste and FaireBarony of Madrone
September 17-18Fall Coronet TourneyPrincipality of Caid
September 24-25Autumn Crown TourneyKingdom of the West
September 24-25Second Annual Burgundy Prize TourneyBarony of Madrone
October, 1977
October 1University of IthraMadrone
October 1St. Andrewís Anniversary TourneyProvince of St. Andrew's
October 1Angels Anniversary TourneyBarony of the Angels
October 8Prize TournamentTarnmist
October 8Valfriborg RevelBarony of Three Mountains
October 8-9Leif Eriksson Day TourneyBarony of Calafia
October 14-16Wedding CelebrationBarony of Three Mountains
October 15Communications RevelBarony of Three Mountains
October 15Henry VIII FestivalBarony of the Angels
October 15Communications RevelThree Mountains
October 15Canton of the Canyons BallAngels
October 15-16Fall TourneyReislingshire
October 22Harvest RevelBarony of Adiantum
October 22-23OctoconProvince of Ceantyre
October 22-23Ducal Prize TournamentKingdom of the West
October 28SamheinThree Mountains
October 29SamheinBarony of Madrone
October 29Harvest FestivalProvince of the Mists
October 20-30Anniversary TourneyDreiburgen
October 30All Hallow's Eve RevelTarnmist
October 30Provincial Archery Tourney and Halloween RevelProvince of the Mists
November, 1977
November 4First S.F.U. Medieval Club RevelBarony of Lion's Gate
November 5Third Dukeís DinnerProvince of the Mists
November 5Eastside Benefit Medieval FaireBarony of Madrone
November 5Tanists' TeaBarony of Three Mountains
November 5Games NightBarony of Lion's Gate
November 5-6Seventh Anniversary TourneyBarony of Calafia
November 6Fall TourneyProvince of Southern Shores
November 12Bunstable's RevelBarony of Madrone
November 12Harvest Feast and RevelAllyshia
November 12Medieval BanquetBarony of Dreiburgen
November 18-20Canterbury FaireBarony of Lion's Gate
November 19Thanksgiving RevelSt. David
November 19Fall Investiture TourneyPrincipality of Caid
November 19House Stormbringer RevelThree Mountains
November 25Shadygrove House Cooling PartyBarony of Madrone
November 26Baronís Feast and DanceBarony of Lion's Gate
November 26Norton Mini-TourneyBarony of Dreiburgen
November 26Anniversary BanquetGolden Rivers
December, 1977
December 3Winter RevelProvince of Southern Shores
December 3Founding Feast, East FarthingBarony of Madrone
December 4Annual Park Blocks Revel (Midwinter Revel)Barony of Three Mountains
December 7Baronís Court and Christmas PartyBarony of Calafia
December 10Yuletide RevelTarnmist
December 10Princessí TeaBarony of Three Mountains
December 10Canton of the Canyons Christmas BallBarony of the Angels
December 17Baronial Christmas Party and MeetingBarony of the Angels
December 17Yule RevelProvince of St. Andrew's
December 17Yule FeastBarony of Three Mountains
January, 1978
January 7Twelfth Night Coronation and RevelKingdom of the West
January 14Twelfth Night Coronation and RevelPrincipality of An Tir
January 14Twelfth Night RevelPrincipality of Caid
January 14Lord Defenderís Tourney & Second Annual Winter FeastShire of Eskalya
January 28Midwinter FeastBarony of Adiantum
January 28St. Guntherís TourneyBarony of Calafia
January 28Traditionally Dull RevelGolden Rivers
February, 1978
February 4Allthing for Prince ManfredBarony of Three Mountains
February 4Love FeastBarony of Dreiburgen
February 11Valentineís Day RevelProvince of the Mists
February 18Valentine RevelGolden Rivers
February 18Canton of the Canyons Kite FlyBarony of the Angels
February 18-19Shire of Seagirt Prize Tourney and RevelBarony of Lion's Gate
February 18-20War (Field Maneuvers: West Kingdom versus Atenveldt)Kingdom of Atenveldt
February 25Anniversary Tourney and Fund-Raising Event for the Crown PrintsBarony of the Isles
February 25Valentine's Revel and TourneySt. David
FebruaryLupercalia RevelBarony of Madrone
March, 1978
March 3RevelWindymead
March 4Tourney de LyonesseAllyshia
March 4-5University of Ithra in CaidBarony of Calafia
March 11St. Padraigís Day ParadeBarony of Madrone
March 11Rialto Mini-Tourney and Baronial DinnerBarony of Dreiburgen
March 11Arts FaireShire of Eskalya
March 18Spring Crown TourneyKingdom of the West
March 18St. Patrickís Day RevelShire of Eskalya
March 24Games RevelBarony of Lion's Gate
March 25Brotherhood of the Blade Melee Prize TourneyBarony of the Angels
March 25-26March Coronet TourneyPrincipality of An Tir
April, 1978
April 1Tournament and Feast of FoolsWestern Sea
April 1Insulterís Guild Tourney and Feast of FoolsBarony of the Angels
April 1All Foolís Tourney and RevelBarony of Madrone
April 1QuestBarony of Lion's Gate
April 1Revel at House Van DagEskalya
April 1-2April Fool's Tournament and RevelGolden Rivers
April 4-5Simon Frazer U. Open HouseBarony of Lion's Gate
April 8Anniversary TournamentPrincipality of Caid
April 15Damsel in Distress TourneyGreat Oak
April 15Warriorís GatheringBarony of Three Mountains
April 15UC Irvine Prize TourneyBarony of Calafia
April 22Banquet and Games TournamentBarony of Madrone
April 22-23First Crown TourneyKingdom of Caid
April 29Dragon Quest to Raise MoniesBarony of Madrone
April 29Reed College Renaissance FairBarony of Three Mountains
April 29Bardic RevelBarony of Lion's Gate
April 29-30Beltane CoronationKingdom of the West

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