Kingdom Arms by Robin of Thornwood Calligraphy by Robin of Thornwood Populous Badge by Robin of Thornwood

The Twelfth Year

Twelfth Night Coronation and Revel
January 7, 1978

From The Page (January, 1978):
(Titled "New Information about Twelfth Night" -- information about this event was in issues of The Page for several months ...)

KINGDOM TWELFTH NIGHT will be held on January 7, 1978, in the Richmond Auditorium in Richmond, CA. Doors will open at 2:00 PM; Court of King Paul and Queen Carol will begin at 3:00 OM. (This is done so that everyone can have a feast with their friends beforehand. In addition, there are seats around the hall where people can take nibbles and congregate; food and beverages will be sold in the lobby.)

The Grand Place will take place as before, followed by the Coronation of King Terrence and Queen Allisandra. Presentations to King Terrence and Queen Allisandra will take place in a separate Presentation Court following the regular Court, held in the Entertainment Room. Attendance at the Presentation Court is optional, but it should be fun.

THE REVEL will begin at 7:00, presided over by Oak, Ash and Thorn. There will be no Lord of Misrule. The first hour of the revel will be lightly programmed to give everyone a chance to eat and to visit the Exhibit Room and Games Room. There will not be a banquet, or a dinner break per se, but there will be tables along the walls of the main hall, where people can place food. In order to simplify the cleanup, and to fit everyone inside, we ask that you plan on finger food and snacks, rather than a feast.

A LIST OF RESTAURANTS and fast food outlets has been prepared for those who wish to go out to dinner: it will be available at the hall. For a copy ahead of time, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Duchess Donna of Rollingwood (address omitted). If you skip the Presentation Court and the first part of the revel, you should have plenty of time to go out, have dinner, and come back in time for the main entertainment.

ANYONE WISHING TO MAKE A PRESENTATION at Court must talk to the Vesper Principal Herald, Wilhelm von Schlüssel, first, and present to him a card with the names of the presenters and a description of the presentation. Additionals to the Royal Regalia must be cleared with the King. Announcements and flyers may be taped to the wall in the lobby in a designated space. Only the most urgent announcements will be made at Court. If anyone has one of these he must present to the Vesper Principal Herald a card describing the announcement and who is to make it. These cards, and those for presentations, should be given to the herald by 2:45 PM at the latest.

THE GRAND MARCH will be run as before, in approximate order of precedence. Each armiger, or group of armigers, should have a card ready with the name(s) and chief title (only one, please) of the armiger(s). If you have a name that can be mispronounced, then a phonetic rendering should be placed on the card, or the heralds may indeed mispronounce it.

COST OF ADMISSION to the revel (the Coronation is, of course, free) will be $4 at the door. (Advance reservations closed on December 24.) Children under 12 will be admitted free.

REMEMBER THE GIANT AUCTION for the benefit of The PAGE. There are already pledges of steins of various sizes, and actively welcome donations. For more information about the Auction, call Lady Juliana du Corwyn (phone) or write to her (address omitted).

(directions omitted)


In order to allow Society parents the opportunity to better enjoy Twelfth Night, the Twelfth Night Committee intends to offer babysitting services from 2:00 PM to midnight. Parents MUST provide the child with all the food, drink, toys, and gear (blanket or sleeping bag, enough diapers, etc.) he or she will need. Full identification markings should be on all of the above, and ON THE CHILD.

The Committee is in need of babysitters, and is willing to pay reasonable wages. We also need volunteer parents who know the various Society children to volunteer to supervise the babysitting during part of the evening. Anyone willing to volunteer, or to babysit, should contact Alice of Briarbrook at (phone). Her address is (address omitted).


The Order of Arachne's Web Competition will be in Venetian, Rosepoint, or some other kind of Punto-in-Aria lace. For directions write to Galina de Keri (contact info omitted).


A 16 mm COLOR MOVIE will be presented by House Havn. This movie documents the 6th Annual Pennsic War, in which a handful of Westerners turned the tide of battle. This will be shown with an accompanying sound track.

A MEDIEVAL GAMES ROOM will be open: people may bring games to play, or try out others' games. You are invited to bring games for yourself and others.

TEH ARTS EXHIBIT ROOM will display arts and crafts, some for sale. Anyone willing to provide items for exhibit, or wishing to display crafts should contact the Mistress of Sciences.

LAST YEAR'S BALLROOM has been set aside as the Entertainment Room, and will feature a series of entertainments such as singers, musicians, performers, plays, dancers, etc. A schedule of entertainments will be posted.

DANCING and dancing instruction will occur in the Main Hall away from the court area. Besides the usual medieval dancing, there will be Scottish dancing, English country dancing, and Renaissance dancing, with instructions in each.


The Committee asks for volunteers -- from the populace, and particularly from the Chivalry -- to donate an hour's duty as constables, in order that security may be properly maintained for the better enjoyment of all. The more volunteers, the shrter the duty time for each. Please contact Sir William Gordon of York (contact info omitted).

THE COMMITTEE REMINDS EVERYONE THAT THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING in the hall. Those who must do so should step outside.

From The Page (May, 1978):


The April PAGE incorrectly stated that Deporadh of Rannoch was the latest member of the Order of Arachne's Web. In fact, that good lady presented a silver spider (the Order's award of exceptional merit) to Beryl of the Valley of the Moon, for her work in founding a branch of the Order in the Middle Kingdom. Louise of Woodsholme has been asked, as the Order's only current member in Caid, if she will found a branch there.

From the History (by Wilhelm):

Held at the Richmond Auditorium, Richmond, California. The hall opened at 2:00 PM and the court of King Paul and Queen Carol began at 3:00 PM with Their Majesties and their attendants processing in, escorted by Clan Colin. King Paul announced the February war with Atenveldt, and invited all to attend. The Order of the Silver Molet was given a formal charter. The Order of Arachne’s Web announced the winner of the latest lace contest to be Deporodh of Rannoch, who was admitted into the order. Beryl of the Valley of the Moon was authorized to found a branch of the Order in the Middle Kingdom. Sir Jon Fitz-Rolf, Royal Archer, announced the winners of the Royal Round Archery Competition, which had gone on all year. Cormac of the Bow was first, followed by Aarond the Grey and by Rodrigo de Cerdaña. Then various scrolls for past awards were handed out.

Queen Carol called forward the members of the Queen’s Guard and presented each of them with a red leather baldric to wear as a sign of their membership in the Queen’s Guard. Queen Carol then admitted Kriemhilde of Stonecroft to the Queen’s Order of Grace. King Paul called forward Colin of Duntamknackan and, to the cheers of Clan Colin, made him a Court Baron. King Paul then gave Awards of Arms to Alfric Favnesbane and Eowyn Amberdrake. Following this, King Paul admitted Cedric the Dark, Elwyn Greystar (Aelfwynn Gyrthesdottir), and Jason Griffiths of Shadowhyrst to the Order of the Leaf of Merit. King Paul called forward Sean a’Claidheamh and his lady, Marilyn a Leisiere, and gave them the titles of Court Baron and Court Baroness. Lady Kriemhilde of Stonecroft was called forward and sworn in as the new Mistress of Arts of the Kingdom, succeeding Amanda of Cawdor. Queen Carol then bestowed her Queen’s Cypher upon Lady Kriemhilde.

The members of the Order of the Pelican were called up and King Paul admitted Fiona Gregorovna (Natalya de Foix) to the Order. The members of the Laurel were called forward and King Paul admitted Genevra of Estolat and Hal Ravn to the Order. King Paul then decreed that he was investing Baron Theodulf of Borogrove and Baron Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland with the titles of Viceroy of Madrone and Lion’s Gate, respectively. The belted fighters were called forward and King Paul knighted Balin of Tor. King Paul proclaimed Frederick and Lyndia of Woodlyn to be the Vicar and Vicaress of the Barony of the Angels, and gave a scroll of appreciation to Don Jose Martinez, who has supplied much of the kingdom with rattan.

King Paul then called forward Prince Martin the Temperate and announced that the Board of Directors had agreed to upgrade Caid to the status of a Kingdom, and announced that the upcoming coronet tourney would be the first Crown tourney for Caid, and that the June Investiture Tourney would be the first Coronation Tourney for Caid, at which point, with the crowning of its first King, Caid would officially become a kingdom. King Paul displayed the scroll with this proclamation and announced that it would be presented at Southern Twelfth Night. Maythen of Elfhaven (Maythen Gervaise) presented King Paul with a scroll thanking him for activating the Principality of the Mists and making her the Seneschal. She announced the first Coronet Tourney in May. Alewulfe the Red presented King Paul and Queen Carol with a pair of napkins which had their personal arms embroidered on them. King Paul thanked Clan Colin for their service as Royal Escort during his reign and paid them their wages. Then the Grand March was held. Following that the members of the Order of the Laurel were called forward and Sir Mark von dem Falkensfenn was admitted to the Order.

Then Terrence of Halliday and Allissandra Olympia Martiessa de Constantine were crowned King and Queen of the West. Oaths of fealty were exchanged between King Terrence and the officers and peers of the realm. Queen Allissandra called forward the members of the Queen’s Guard and gave them her favor and named Brian Dritar an Con as Captain. Simon de Spalding then presented their Majesties with a performance of a motet written for them.

King Terrence then gave Awards of Arms to Cerf Agile, Chloë de la Solidaze von Shoenwald, Elisabeth dei Geminiani, Gerhard von Nordflammen, Jana Seasgair, Leon von Schrecken, Owain Apeceon, and Paul yn Darragh y Ellen Vannin. King Terrence gave a Grant of Arms to Hilary of Serendip, and then called forth the members of the Order of the Pelican, and admitted Cadwalladyr Stone of Stonecroft to the Order. Master Stone announced that Earl Kevin Peregrynne was his Chief Deputy Seneschal. The schedule for the revel was announced and then King Terrence adjourned to the Entertainment Room for Presentation Court. This was then moved back to the Main Hall. The House of the Anonymous Bosh presented Their Majesties with four cheesecakes. Benjamin von Armentrodt presented a check for the Land Fund from the sales of the Land Fund Calendar. Randolph the Devious and Jane Ann presented their Majesties with stationary. Mistress Louise of Woodsholme made a final presentation to Queen Allissandra and the court was adjourned so the hall could be cleared for the revel.

The revel featured an Exhibit Room, with displays of Society Arts and Crafts, which was very popular, a film room, where the Pennsic War film by Duke Henrik was shown to popular acclaim and where James Drakeslayer performed his Magic Act. The Entertainment Room featured a number of performers, and the Main Hall had several forms of dancing, to the music of a hardy band of players. The Oak, Ash and Thorn singers were in charge of the entertainment for the evening, and performed several times. A Lady of Misrule was chosen by means of the Twelfth Night Cake with the misrule bean enclosed within. Food and drink and informational material was sold in the lobby. The revel lasted until midnight, when the happy revelers finally left the hall, after a most enjoyable Twelfth Night.

Terrence of Halliday
Per bend sinister azure and
counter-ermine, a sword bendwise
sinister argent, overall a helmet
facing dexter argent, plumed, a
bordure Or.
Allisandra Olympia Martiessa
de Constantine

Argent, a dragon involved in annulo
Or fimbriated sable, surrounding a
double rose gules seeded Or.
Arms drawn by Nicholas Bawcock of Petersfield, used with permission,
Arms colored by Beatrix zum Dunklenturm

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“Is this the one where King Terrence was in bad odor, shall we say? I seem to remember carrying Prince Martin's belt up when I went to swear fealty & I was not the only Knight who was also representing someone else. I have some of the story behind this but there are gaps. Someone care to fill them?” – Charles of Dublin

“It is indeed. I'm working on it. It isn't easy to do without stepping on a few toes, however.” – Steven MacEanruig
“Let me try describing the results first. (I'm not quite brave enough to take first shot at the causes. Good luck, Steve!)
     “When Balin was called up to be knighted, there were 2-3 dozen knights assembled before the Throne.
     “When the Knights were called to swear fealty, there were six (count'em 6), not including those present by proxy -- and a couple of those 6 came up to the rest of us later asking, roughly, "Where was everybody???" It was about as dramatic a commentary as a group could make without anyone organizing something or anyone getting up in court to sound off.” – William the Lucky
“I do know that this one had a chance of splitting the Silver Molet permanently. One of the few times that Sir Robert and I were politically opposed. The Order eventually decided that those of us who wanted to would march with the King, those who didn't wouldn't, which was probably the sanest solution.
     “It was one of those interesting situations in which what the King did in his private life spilled over onto his SCA life. In retrospect, I have heard of a lot worse done by other kings. As far as I can tell at this remove, Terence was just leading his usual life and had no idea that what he did with it could impact his situation in the SCA. It is to his credit that he fulfilled all of his duties as King and performed them well in an occasionally adversarial situation.
     “If this had happened in the first five years of the SCA, it might not be around today.
     “In general, Terence's conduct on the throne was, if not exemplary, at least reasonable and well within the usual parameters.
     “Okay, everyone who doesn't know is asking, what did he do? Essentially, he broke up with his girlfriend (Jennet of the Two Minds, who was the mother of Queen Seitse and somewhere around here was a member of the Board of Directors) and took up with a new girlfriend – an underage girlfriend – and made her his Queen Alissandra. He was associating with her against the wishes of her parents, if I remember correctly. At this point, I cannot recall if he was fighting for Jennet and then switched, or had already broken up with Jennet.
Hirsch, December 2014: Just to clarify -- this is a misunderstanding -- Alissandra was not the underaged girl in question.
     “The Kingdom immediately divided along Family Values lines. As a gross gross gross oversimplification, all the 60s hippies and 70s swingers in the group thought there was nothing wrong with this and all the fathers and folks from strong nuclear families and traditional values thought there was something very wrong with this. Words like honor, example of behavior, chivalry, Courts of Chivalry, and so forth were bruited about and a lot of folks were really upset.
     “It didn't help that the swingers and traditional values folks had already had several set-tos and a lot of bad feeling was simmering under the surface. It made for interesting social/political dynamics because people who were politically opposed on some issues might be, if you'll pardon the expression, bedfellows on this one.
     “Is that controversy still hanging around the SCA these days? Or has everyone come to realize that the organization is a community and a community will have lots of life styles? I'll point out that I'm mellower about these things now than I was then, though I was never amongst the more vocal of Terence's critics. I was already fading out of the group and this was just another good reason to steer clear.” – Stefan de Lorraine, who had too many friends in each camp to be militant about either ...
[It is to his credit that he fulfilled all of his duties as King and performed them well in an occasionally adversarial situation.] “I don't think I could say that. I don't regard storming out on the field to accuse people of cheating in the lists fulfilling one's duties. Especially when both fighters and all three marshals did not think there was a problem.
     [At this point, I cannot recall if he was fighting for Jennet and then switched, or had already broken up with Jennet.] “As I recall, Alissandra was not the 13 year old, though heaven knows my memory is shaky enough as it is. It would have been a bit difficult since at that point the police were looking for her as a runaway. Again, that's just my ancient and creaky memory.
     [Words like honor, example of behavior, chivalry, Courts of Chivalry, and so forth were bruited about and a lot of folks were really upset.] “It wasn't altogether about family values, although they certainly came into it. The father of the girl was making serious legal threats against the SCA and those were the days of little money to deal with such things. Actually, my memory is that it didn't revolve about hippies, swingers and traditionalists.
     “With the sole exception of Terry's personal friends, pretty much everyone thought he had screwed up big time. The issue was, in part, whether his actions outside of the SCA should affect his term as king. He had met the girl outside of the SCA and did not involve her there much if at all as I recall.
     “As I remember my own take on it, it was closer to not wanting to be involved with or swear fealty to someone I regarded as seriously morally reprehensible.
     “I fought Terry in the finals. I'd always gotten along well with him. I had no doubts that he had won the lists that day straight and clean. I also decided after the events above and one or two other more minor things that he was a sleazeball. That's a feeling that I still hold today.
     [It made for interesting social/political dynamics because people who were politically opposed on some issues might be, if you'll pardon the expression, bedfellows on this one.] “There had certainly been set-tos. I still remember vividly the great morality crusade which has had some effects come down from it to this day. I don't think Terry was considered to be part of that whole problem, however.
     [I'll point out that I'm mellower about these things now than I was then, though I was never amongst the more vocal of Terence's critics. I was already fading out of the group and this was just another good reason to steer clear.] “My impression is that the group is a bit mellower about such things, but I don't know enough about the current interactions to swear to it. Society has changed a bit since then and the SCA has changed with it.” – Steven MacEanruig
“I was king at the time, and had to make the decision of continuing with the coronation, or not. I decided to continue, since whatever was happening was not happening in the kingdom. Neither choice was a good one.
     “Whichever group I fell in (hippies or swingers), I certainly did not approve of his conduct in this matter.” – Paul of Bellatrix
“I am minded of another 13 year old, who, when first seen by many, would elicit comments along the lines of ... “She’s only 13???” This was about 12 years earlier, and tended to generate a paternally protective response in those of us who were her friends. Perhaps memory of that time and lady, added to the strength of some people’s attitude and reactions.” – Henrik of Havn
“One comment and one addendum ...
     “The comment ...The young lady from the early years, if I am thinking of the same person (and if I am, she's on this list), did indeed elicit comments about her surprising youth both because of her physical maturity and because of her adult outlook and assumption of equality with the older SCAers of the time. (I remember one revel where Jon DeCles was found banging his forehead gently against a wall muttering "She's only 13, she's only 13!”).
     “The significant difference was that she was immersed in the SCA and its culture (daughter of a knight) and never, as Henrik noted, lacked for friends to look out for her interests. Terrence's young lady lacked that benign chaperonage and look how it worked out.
     “The addendum ... And then there was Manson Family alumnus Squeeky Fromm who dropped by Golden Rivers Sunday practices a time or two before she took her pot-shot at Gerald Ford.” – Kevin Peregrynne
“Well, I must be the person referred to as "the young lady from the early years." I don't know if the two very different experiences reflect what was just happening in the SCA, or the outside culture in general. At the time I was 13-18 (when I then moved away from the Bay Area and the SCA), there was a strong social agreement that underage girls were off limits sexually. Yes, there was certainly kissing and flirting, but the concept of "jail-bait" was firmly in place. Had I been trying to have sex, I'm sure it would have happened, but the cultural context was that it wasn't appropriate, which suited me just fine. The SCA of that time and area was a safe place to grow up, "try on" different roles, and have a large number of adult mentors available.
     “Anyway, there is the chance for teenage girls especially to seek status through sleeping with people. Adults of all ages should help them learn that there are other ways to that end.” – Astrid of Hawkridge
“I guess that I ought to put in my two bits worth here. In large part I concur with what everybody has said - there were at least three separate areas in which one could find grounds to not approve of Terrence' behavior at the time. Each person's individual blend of which grounds, how strongly they disapproved and their own style and background made for a very confusing atmosphere when the matter was discussed.
     “Personally, my strongest objection was centered on Terrence' behavior while on the throne. As one of the marshals of the fight mentioned where he stormed onto the field, I found his behavior extremely unseemly (to understate and grossly simplify in my turn). I also found such activities as setting off firecrackers in the dry grass of Big Trees during a high fire danger season to be irresponsible in the extreme not to mention dangerous and risky to the SCA's relationship with the Regional Parks Administration. Likewise my concern about the underaged lady was based on her parent's reputed feeling that the SCA was at fault which, if true, threatened our existence as a group if legal action resulted.
     “The 'underage lady' eventually was divorced from Terrence and (last time I saw her) is a happily married Duchess in this kingdom.” – Kevin Peregrynne
“With regard to the facts of the matter, I offer some points germane to our history and the legacy of its people and actions for clarification/perspective. The facts are indisputable, the perspective empirically unassailable. The vitriol is all mine.
     “Terrence was 32 yrs. old, a graduate student at Cal and the young lady 13, attending 8th. grade. The young lady had fallen for him in the way one can only fall when doing so for the first time. Terrence was aware of this and pursued the relationship regardless. The parameters of his pursuit were no different from those of an adult relationship. To defend this in the context of the acceptable "irrationality" of love is romantic ignorance.
     “The young lady's parents were adamantly opposed to the relationship. They told Terrence so. She ran away from home, taking her school books (she was an "A" student), and was fostered by friends of Terrence. All SCA friends. Terrence, while King, broke laws that in today's legal climate would have put him in Federal prison for many years. He also implicated, through his relationships built as a person of consequence in the SCA, a number of SCA members in some of these crimes in their roles of aiding and abetting.
     “After his stepping down Terrence married her; breaking even more laws along the way. Applying the word "honourable" to this act is stomach turning. His expressed motivation at the time was to attempt to lessen the severity of the legal repercussions should he be caught (they were living as fugitives at the time). Further, it ignores the reality of making a decision like that part of the reality of a 13 yr. old's introduction to adulthood. They move out of state to establish the facade of an adult union. The youth is separated from friends, family, and education. Her entire socialization is crafted to avoid detection and exposure. Her peers suddenly are professional adults 15 to 20 years her senior for whom she is supposedly in her mid 20's. No slumber parties with her best friends trading make-up. No flirtatious crushes with the cute boy in home room. No High School and its introduction to higher education. Her childhood ended less than 8 months after her first kiss. This act was remarkable in its cowardice and selfishness.
     “After bearing two children, specifically denied the option of returning to school or pursuing employment to that end, she divorced Terrence in her 20th year.
     “The young lady has since grown and has taken herculean steps to make up for the material elements of education denied her. She raises her children with the wisdom of one many years her senior, wisdom bought at a great price. Her middle child, my step-daughter, is sixteen. She is a 4.0 student in high school, has a crush on the drummer in a rock band, and is never given a reason to realize the flavor of her excited recountings of life are being heard by her mother for the first time.
     “I take these uncomfortable steps, my friends, to cry the reality of Terrence of Halliday's acts and his place in our history. What he did, and continues to do, defines the antithesis of honour.
     “The SCA was fortunate to have survived him. Others were not so lucky.” – Respectfully Submitted, Radnor of Guildemar
“I'm going to make an Auntie Jilara observation about some of the discussion that has gone on relative to Terrence, and why it seems to have such power, even now.
     “We set out to create something of a medieval utopia, "the Middle Ages as they should have been," and found out that people were people, with all their considerable flaws, and that our recreation was perhaps a little too accurate in many ways, more like the Middle Ages as they really were, in all their dysfunctional glory.
     “One of the reasons that I pretty much dropped out was that after years of doing the Constabulary, I had stopped looking at the people of the SCA as boon companions who shared the dream, but rather looked at them more as potential perps. I saw a little too much of the real people inside the dream.
     “I saw a bit too much of what a lot of others didn't see, the abuses, the rapes and attempted rapes, the drunkenness, the domestic violence, the dishonorable and unbecoming behavior, and the just plain stupidity. I can cite notable personages and occasional peers who, in some other time or venue, might well have been arrested for their actions. One Notable Person whose name has appeared in these accounts is currently serving a life term for murder. Another person whose name has appeared here turned out to be an accomplice. I knew of a couple girls who were fourteen and fifteen and passing themselves off as in their twenties at tourneys because they equated sex with validation. I've been yelled at and insulted by a Queen because I wouldn't let her park in a fire lane, and once was sexually assaulted by a drunken peer. It's part of our unofficial backstory that we wish would go away, all the character flaws that came in from the "real world.
     “I even recall an Esfenn event where a small oriental man tried to convince us he was a dangerous ninja who had killed people, and we patted him on the head and said "Yeah, right, Charlie." That man was Charles Ng, recently convicted of a string of serial murders back in that time frame. The SCA has had all kinds. Some of them unfortunately rose through the ranks.
     “We wanted our kings, our peers, our SCA role models, to be Heros. We wanted them to epitomize the chivalry we wanted the group to embody. Maybe we really believed in a variation of Trial by Combat, in choosing our Kings, where the Worthy were those who would triumph. We wanted everyone to be only the best and brightest, but some were simply flawed people with feet of clay. And that realization hurt, and the outrage is still with us.” – Cynical, but still working toward The Dream, Jilara of Carrowlea
[Cynical, but still working toward The Dream] “"The Dream" is something I've always been a little fuzzy about. I don't recall the term until sometime after year five or so and it's never struck me as anything any of the SCA founders I knew would use.” – Steven MacEanruig
“Regarding the term "The Dream"---This term was not in use when I joined in AS IX, nor do I recall it being used while Caid was a Principality. The term "the Current Middle Ages" was widely used then, and I would guess that "The Dream" came into use in the mid 80's. It obviously struck a chord with many of our members, considering how widely it is used now, but I must confess I prefer the old term.” – Robear du Bois
“"The Dream", I don't recall it being around at this point in our timeline (my first Crown Tourney was when Gregory and Bevin were on the Thrones). I think one of the reasons the term has caught on is simply because it is so subjective, and is generally acknowledged as such. When folks talk about "The Dream" they are, perhaps, reducing the descant "The middle ages as they should have been." Hence, its extension "In Service to The Dream" is not dogmatic, rather it speaks to our collective manifestation of the pursuit of something special.
     “Besides, I kind of like the metaphorical application I dearly love dreaming, it's a magical world where I get to live out my fantasies; but when that alarm goes off, I get up and go to work. If it was an especially good dream, it can linger in my waking frame and make me a little better by it.
     “-"I have had a dream, past the wit of man to say what dream it was." --Shakespeare” – Radnor of Guildemar
“The problem is not with "Dream", it's with "The". As "The Dream" (Das Traum) came to be applied to Society activities, it became more and more "My Dream ... and if you don't feel exactly the same way I do, you're scum." That's why many of us refuse to use that phrase -- and why we were, for a time, promoting the "Dream-Aid Bardic Circle”, a benefit fund-raiser for sufferers from "The Dream" (TM).” – Eilis O’Boirne
“The word was around for a while before then, but I trace THE DREAM as a social phenomenon to the SCA's twentieth-year celebration. Duchess Sieglinde Syr -- who has a truly magnificent voice -- sang the song that begins "Come, share the Dream/Come, hold it in your hands ..." and it galvanized the great hall. It was later printed on the cover of TI 80 (Fall 1986).
     “The Steward's correspondence was never the same again.
     “It really is/was a grand song ... but the effect was to provide an instant weapon for those who wanted to assert that anyone who didn't agree with them was a traitor to all things good and wonderful -- and who uniformly denied any such intent when called on it. Nonetheless, it was almost always the least reasonable and most manipulative letters that made use of the image, and that spoiled the word for me (I'd initially rather liked it) very rapidly indeed.” – Hilary of Serendip
[“The Dream” is something I’ve always been a little fuzzy about.] “Ni-ag-ra Falls ... Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch ... Every time I hear that term “The Dream” I get riled. I mean no disrespect to those in the SCA who feel strongly about “The Dream”, but as Steve says – this wasn’t started out as a “Dream”, it was a fun sharing of fantasy and reality of heros and talents, and “I wish I coulds” and “I dids” and color and pomp and splendor and found family and different friends and common ideals and uncommon learning how things and people were and can be, how a how a silk purse can really be made out of a sow’s ear, how playing as a grown up is ok, how being a grown up as a child is ok too. It's calligraphing a single letter during class on the inside flyleaf of a book instead of doing an assignment, it’s going to a dance class at a collegium, it’s looking through a bookstore’s section of cookbooks, trying to find a recipe for a feast, it’s going to a flea market to find something that works for a tournament or feast or prize, or costume, or a gift to an SCAer, or armour, or ... it’s finding a “significant other” who has gotten the same ride with the same friend to the same war, it’s getting on a horse for the first time in your long life, and finding it fun and marrying a horse owner within the next 24 months, it’s, it’s Monty Python and the Holy Grail ... it’s a Pas d’Arms, it’s a demo for the second grade class when they are studying the middle ages, it’s knighting a child at court who has terminal cancer, through contact from Make a Wish Foundation. It’s not a Dream, it’s a better life than some ever had!” – Henrik of Havn
[Editor's Note: At the time this was originally put together, I couldn't reproduce this the way it was originally presented to me: hand-written, in a spiral starting from the outside going in ... Now we have a scan of it (Added May 16, 2016)... Hirsch]
“As a kid during the whole Terrence uproar, I thought it was completely hypocritical that in a group where we (the kids) were exposed to drugs, child molesters & rapists on a regular basis, everybody was in such a big uproar over a teenager involved in a consensual situation.
     “As an adult I agree that what Terry did was wrong, stupid, immature etc, but I still hold that compared with a lot of the stuff that went by without comment in those days, the outrage over this situation was/is excessive.” – Eden of Lionsguard
“I have very mixed feelings about many things from this era in my life. And in the center the SCA. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ... I loved the SCA and learned a hell of a lot, and it saved me in a lot of ways. It for better or worse molded me. But as I look back on the era and the things that were accepted, it rather horrifies me. I felt the same way at the time as Eden. I still do. It isn't even that men in "positions of power" had sex with underage girls, that is not unusual. It was that this went on rather openly and the only comment that I ever heard was that there were a few among the peers that would come up the gent (or lady I knew some young men rather mangled by being passed around as well) in question and say "Did you know she was under age?" That however (obviously) was not an issue for some. I very clearly remember two different 14 year olds I knew well candidly discussing their sex lives. I have also from the same era had more than one friend molested by a Kingdom officer. I was in a sexual relationship with a Kingdom officer when I was just 17 (different officer) his wife and other peers knew this. It was not legal, it was a bad idea and ultimately we were both hurt by it. I did however learn a love of Japanese culture and treasure the things we shared. I have always felt sorrow because I ended it badly - I was thinking about that this afternoon. It is amazing I feel responsible after all these years for hurting someone who was twice my age. It does make me wonder who the real child was? The thing that makes me sad is I know at least three guys from my age group in the SCA who have been in legal trouble for relations with underage girls. Is this from example or gross stupidity? Both I'm sure, it also shows a lack of respect for people that has intensified over the years within the SCA. One of the reasons I no longer play. Forget "the Dream" -- a modicum of consideration and courtesy would go a long way. Fortunately I had adults that I could look up to as well (I am glad to see you here, Doug and Lorna) and it's their SCA I miss so much. I am sorry if my honesty makes some of you uncomfortable, if this isn't the SCA you remember or that you want remembered, it is however part of my and many others experience and though we were not "peers" (at least then) we were as integral a part of the SCA and its development as Joe Blow stick jock. (Actually I was a stick jock though I doubt many remember any more.) It does seem we as an organization had a bad case of Utopia and free love gone bad and the concepts were just twisted into licence to do as you please. Like the spoof serial "Crowleyo's" eat what thou wilt is the whole of the law ...” – Jana Seasgair

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