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The Twelfth Year

Autumn Crown Tourney
September 24-25, 1977

From The Page (September, 1977):

The full schedule for the tourney will be announced at the site. The Crown Lists will be double elimination.

Set-up will be begin, as usual, on Friday night.

Immediately following First Court, there will be a LUNCH-WITH-A-LADY AUCTION for the benefit of The PAGE. Various ladies of the realm will make box lunches to be auctioned: the highest bidder not only gets the lunch, but receives the pleasure of eating that lunch with the lady who made it. (This can be, for fighters who do not wish to eat before the Lists, postponed to a time of mutual choosing.) Among the ladies who have already volunteered to make lunches for this VERY worthwhile endeavour are Her Most Gracious Majesty herself, Queen Carol of Bellatrix; Duchess Patrice d'Cilla; and Countess Adrienne of Toledo. (The PAGE hereby invites all ladies of the realm who wish to help the coffers of the press to make lunches for this occasion: your help will be most appreciated. Gentlemen, just think: you can have a delicious lunch with a lovely lady, and help the struggling fourth estate at the same time. Please bring money.)

THE SCIENCES PENTATHLON will be held at this event -- please see the Announcements section for details.

The following events will occur at some time during the tourney:

- JEWELRY EXHIBIT, sponsored by the College of Arts -- see Announcements.
- ARCHERY COMPETITION -- see Announcements.
- LACE AUCTION -- held by the Order of Arachne's Web -- see Announcements.
- ARACHNE'S WEB COMPETITION -- Filet lace (Guipure D'Art or darned netting: a background grid of threads into which other threads are darned, woven, and/or "embroidered?" (crochet is fine).
- ORDER OF THE WOODEN SPOON COMPETITION -- Salads (please try to have medieval serving pieces -- appearance will count).

From the History (by Wilhelm):

Held at Big Trees Camp, Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, California. The first day began cool and foggy, becoming pleasant and clear in the afternoon. The second day was somewhat hotter.

King Paul and Queen Carol held first court in the morning. FfellyanDrac the Blind (Harvey the Blind) presented a petition from the Creatures of the Forest asking royal protection and gave a report on the Royal Hunt held in Allyshia. His Majesty promised protection. The Order of Arachne’s Web admitted Gormflait ni Cuallactha, who won the contest for Cut and Drawn lace. King Paul created the office of Royal Chamberlain, and appointed Sean a Claidheamn to the post. King Paul gave Awards of Arms to Juliana du Corwyn, Merin Trefon Sazirr Aela Aerione, and Miranda of Underwood. Then he admitted Geoffrey of Northhaven and Stephen von Behrond to the Order of the Leaf of Merit. The belted fighters were called forward and Heinrich Palantine was Knighted.

Immediately after court a box lunch auction for the benefit of The Page was held, with the ladies providing the lunches and their company and the men bidding for them. Her Majesty’s lunch sold for $20.

Then the double-elimination Crown Lists began, with some fifty fighters entered. In the finals Earl Terrence of Halliday defeated Sir Steven MacEanruig, two out of three, to win the crown. Alejandra Olympia Martiessa de Constantine (Allissandra Olympia Martiessa de Constantine) was his lady. At evening court they were crowned with the laurel and rose wreaths and invested as Crown Prince and Princess of the Mists. The College of Bards read the winning and losing poems for the finalists. King Paul admitted Viscount Morven of Carrick to the Order of the Leaf of Merit. The office of Games and Jollities announced that Sean had won the Dart Throw, with Prince Steven taking second place.

Court ended and the populace moved over to the fire circle to see the lantern-lit wedding of Sir Heinrich Palantine and Fiona O’Morain (mka Nancy). Revelry followed long into the night.

The next morning Their Majesties held morning court. King Paul invested Maelgwyn and Merewyn de Lyonesse as Baron and Baroness of the new Barony of Allyshia, and oaths of fealty were exchanged. The Veterans of Pennsic War VI reported on the war. King Paul announced the formation of the Royal Army and predicted imminent war with Atenveldt (as soon as a good pretext and site could be found). The winner of the Wooden Spoon’s salad contest was Darian de Loo.

King Paul commended the Constables, and granted them a patch on their baldrics in recognition of their service. The belted fighters were called up and Mary of Uffington and David Westerville were knighted. Mary chose to be addressed as Lady Mary of Uffington, rather than Sir Mary. There was a Curia Regis after court at which King Paul proclaimed a number of laws, among them the creation of ruling Barons, extending the Principality of the Mists, starting Coronet Lists in the Mists, and altering the chain of command in the civil service. The College of Science held the Sciences Pentathlon. A Royal Stag Hunt was held, with the Queen “shooting” the stag (who was played by FfellyanDrac the Blind (Harvey the Blind)). There was a Royal Round and an Archery Duel.

At final court Queen Carol admitted Allyn Samildanach and Nicholas Worthington to the depleted Queen’s Guard. Countess Patrice du Couer Fidel, holder of the Olde Battered Helm, said that Duke James Greyhelm died best at this event. Sir Strider the Persistent presented the Muckin’ Great Clubbe to Marshal of Eaglesbane. Sir Iain of Cawdor transferred the office of Earl Marshal to Duke William of Hoghton. Cormac of the Bow won the Archery Duel, with Earl Kevin Peregrynne second. In the General Class Trelon of the Woods won, with Master Wilhelm von Schlüssel second. In the Sciences Pentathlon Duke Henrik of Havn was the overall winner, winning in Metalwork and Military Science. Hal Ravn won in Furniture, Däwyd Suomalainen von Markheim won in Astrology, and Michäela de Neuville won in Medieval Hunt and Feudalism. Then all broke camp and left. A potluck revel was held at the home of Duke James Greyhelm.

“An interesting event and possibly a classic example of how winning the crown can be bad for you. I was asked afterwards by various folks if Terry was counting my blows and when I later looked at the films I did see some that appeared questionable. However, I felt then and still felt that the fights were nice and clean and I had no problem with them whatever. It sort of makes a good case for the fighters being the best judge of what is good.
     “Alas, Terry went on to what was probably the roughest reign anyone has had in the West Kingdom. I won't go into details at this time, but his time on the throne, IMHO [In My Humble Opinion] and to all outward appearances, basically drove him out of the SCA. It might have been better for Terry if I had won since he wouldn't have been in quite so public a position when it all hit the fan. Wouldn't have been better for me, mind you, and I'm ever so glad I lost and didn't have to deal with things.
     [The belted fighters were called up and Mary of Uffington and David Westerville were knighted. Mary chose to be addressed as Lady Mary of Uffington, rather than Sir Mary.] “That was fun. In retrospect David should have been knighted first since he was well liked and would have received a perfectly reasonable welcome. Mary just about blew everyone away in semi-hysterical joy, however. Mary had always wanted to be knighted in a dress and we informed her she was going to be knighted by several of us (I remember her father Loren, William the Lucky and I, there may have been others) going up to her and telling her to put on her dress. We were all delighted.” – Steven MacEanruig

“I'm particularly proud of that dress. Earlier in the year, I asked Mary how she thought the people who objected to women fighting would react if she showed up to get knighted in a dress. (Mind you, virtually nobody in the SCA, except her father, had ever seen her in one.) The argument proved compelling, and we spend a couple of months making a heraldic gown -- in spite of the fact that her arms are much better suited to a heater shield than a dress shape. At least it made the point that it was actually her dress, not one just borrowed for the occasion. (Much harder to justify taking offense that way, 'cause you can't prove it was a deliberate affront.)” – William the Lucky

“Some three weeks after this event, I won the Coronet of the Principality of the Sun. My investiture was the first weekend in November. The following week, I was in the West and spent a few days with Paul, who asked my assistance in getting the war machinery rolling. Paul made dinner while I worked (very hard) to come up with the appropriate insults to cause WAR between His Majesty's Kingdom and my Principality. It was a great evening and, before we were done, we had the basics for what is now Estrella War. I promised to find a site that was not "in town" and that everyone had to travel to (no home field advantage). I also promised to autocrat the event (actually, I did the first three. I had too much fun to stop after just one.) and Paul promised an army to fight; ie. "You do it, we'll be there." When I called our Aten King, Koris of Natterhelm, I started the conversation with the line ... "Dad, I need your help" He asked what I had done, I told him I had insulted the Crown of the West and He, me and we had agreed to disagree. Koris basically said, "You do it, I will bring the rest of the Kingdom to save your Princely butt.” The war took place just three months later. More info to come as we approach Feb. 78 in our studies.
     “Remembering things that, if you told someone you did it in three months, they would swear you were lying ... or crazy ... but we did ... from nothing on the calender of either kingdom and no site, to the first Estrella ... it all came together in three months. FUN!” – Denis of the Titans

“And I don't think I've ever forgiven you for scheduling your war the same weekend as the DunDraCon convention I help run and cannot, therefore, skip. I guess I'm fated never to see a war ...” – Stefan de Lorraine, who wouldn't miss DunDraCon for the world, but is still allowed some regrets.
“My feelings also. I didn't even manage to go when I was king, a year or so later. I seem to recall telling everyone to go and have a good time, I wouldn't be able to make it.” – Steven MacEanruig

Description of this event, © Copyright 1980 by William R. Keyes (Wilhelm von Schlüssel)
This is from The History of the West Kingdom, Volume 1 (the only volume produced). When reading this text, please keep in mind the following disclaimer:

Disclaimer: This history may have errors in it, as much of the detail is “remembered” history, or as one of the cover pages of the original type-written manuscript states “The material within is derived from the information printed in The Crown Prints and in The Page, and from the memories of the participants.” The original document was typed on onion-skin paper, with hand-written notes (often in the margins). All attempts have been made to reconcile the notes with the original document.

Annotations, when they are added, are from The Annotated History of the West, Volume 1, which is the same text as Master Wilhelm's mentioned above, with commentary from members of the SCA who were active at the time of the event, and are added to help clarify questions and expand on what happened and why. This volume is copyright © Ken Mayer (Hirsch von Henford).

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