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The Eleventh Year

Midsummer Crown Tourney
June 19-20, 1976

From The Page (June, 1976):


Big Trees Camp will once again echo with the sounds of sword on shield as the populace of the West Kingdom gathers for the June Crown Tourney on June 19th and 20th. The main business of the first day will be the Crown Lists, which will be run as double eliminations to ensure the highest caliber of fighting. (The Crown will, however, entertain opinions on this matter.)

As at May Coronation, a $1.00 tax will be levied on all persons over 10 upon entering the site. Parks and Recreation must be rendered unto. At the same time the General Waiver must be signed.

(Schedule omitted)

There will be three more events of the Arts Pentathlon (the Calligraphy portion will be judged at the Arts Pavilion at a time to be announced during the tourney.) Judging of cold cold beer, stout, or ale (the list of applicants for judges grows ever longer -- make lots!) will take place Sunday afternoon, giving the Pie-decked Dukes something to look forward to. The entrants must keep their beer cold, so plan ahead. There will also be a competition to compose a properly "period" Happy Birthday song, judged at the convenience of Her Majesty.

A departure from usual practice is being tried with this tourney, and if it works, may become the norm: we are having Autocrats. At least, someone will be responsible for running the tourney who is not the Kingdom Seneschal. Maybe he can get to enjoy an event in peace for a change. The two oh-so-unreluctant individuals who will be co-autocratting the Crown Toruney are Rogar Grey Wolf (phone) and James Cameron (phone), who should be consulted in cases of quandry or desire to assist. Please feel free to help!


Notice to the Fighters and Rattan Smiths of the West Kingdom: at the June Crown Tournament (June 19 & 20), there will be a Pandybat Competition and Grand Melee of Pandybatters. There will be an award for the best Pandybat, with the survivor of the melee becoming Champion Pandybatter of the West. (Note: All Pandybats must be safe to use on the field, though the considerations of authenticity and handling need not be applied to their design.)

For the information of those who are not familiar with this (in)famous class of devices, an explanation: a Pandybat is a weapon (?) of Tournament Combat, which at first glance is obviously not a sword, mace or axe, and at closer inspection does not appear to have any relevance to fighting whatsoever. Pandybats are difficult to use, and so unlikely and clumsy in their handling and application that their use is preferred by only a minute coterie of devotees, who are often difficult to distinguish from fools and incompetents.

There are a number of species of Pandybats (perhaps mutations is a better term), among which are:

The Classical Pandybat: "Well, umm, y'see, I started out to make a sword, but the rattan wasn't long enough, so I put a mace head on the pommel for fighting at close quarters, then I remembered that I fight best with axe, so ..."

The Left-Handed Pandybat: "But if I use it in my right hand, the flail hits me on the knee, and the corkscrew catches on my shield strap."

And the Equestrian Pandybat, a device intended for use from horseback, and which, due to its singular lack of applicability to foot combat, has only been mastered by a hard core of demented souls, who are shunned by even the general run of Pandybatters.

So let your imagination (and your sense of humor) run rampant, and join in the carnage (mostly self-inflicted) which will ensue.

From the History (by Wilhelm):

Held in Big Trees Park, Redwood Regional Parks, Oakland, California. King Paul and Queen Carol reigned. At morning court Queen Carol admitted Astrid of the Two Towers to the Queen’s Order of Grace. King Paul gave Awards of Arms to Astrid of Two Towers and Yaeger Broken Nose. Astrid, the mother of Sir Bela of Eastmarch, celebrated her 80th birthday complete with angelfood cake decorated with her name and a large gold candle. Following court the Crown Lists were held in a double-elimination format. The finals pitted Kevin Peregrynne versus Rogar Greywolf (an alias of Duke William of Hoghton). After each had one of the two-out-of-three contest there was a spectacular double-kill. The winner at last was Sir Kevin Peregrynne, who was carried off the field on the shoulders of several fighters. Sir Kevin and his lady, Patrice du Couer Fidel, were crowned as Crown Prince and Princess of the West by King Paul and Queen Carol. Mistress Rima of Rockridge read the winning and losing fighter poems. (She had been waiting three years to read Kevin’s victory poem.) The Order of the Wooden Spoon contest for fruit pie was won by Katiana Amaralnaya for her blueberry pie. Trude Lacklandia and Olaf the Maedi-Ogre resigned from the Queen’s Guard due to outside commitments and Heinrich Palantine was admitted. That evening there was a bardic circle.

At opening court on Sunday King Paul knighted Lorin sur la Roche. Daniel the Bard read a poem for the Invocation of the Lists. That afternoon saw the First Annual Earl Marshall’s Pandybat Contest, which was won by the Squire’s Guild for their five man human battering ram team. Earl Marshall Kevin Peregrynne awarded them their prize, the Pandy Bat (a toy panda bear with bat wings). Then the Ducal Pie Throwing Auction was held for the benefits of the College of Sciences, sponsored by Lord Brian Dritar an Con. Targets for the auction were their Graces: Duke Aonghais Dubh MacTarbh, Duke Andrew of Riga, Duke Siegfried von Hoflichskeit, Duke Douglas Longshanks, Duke William of Hoghton, Duke Henrik of Havn, and Duke James Greyhelm. As a surprise addition Lord Brian’s assistants put Lord Brian himself up for auction. Altogether over $400 was raised.

At final court, Sir William the Lucky presented the Muckin’ Great Clubbe to Mary of Uffington, as Guy de Montfort was not present. Queen Carol presented her Queen’s Cypher to Duchess Lorna of Leeds and Olaf the Maedi-Ogre. Amanda of Cawdor, Mistress of the Arts, announced the winners of the various Art Pentathlon events held that weekend. Musical performance was won by Heinrich Palantine, Calligraphy by Merewyn de Lyonesse, and Dramatic Recitation by Johann Heinrich Michael Siemon von Wernigerode. The winner overall in the Archery Contest was Geoffrey Brokenblade, who also won the Warfare contest. The crossbow contest was won by Christopher of Hoghton.

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[Lord Brian's assistants put Lord Brian himself up for auction. Altogether over $400 was raised.] “Humorous note The Pies were whip cream filled pie tins, each with a succulent fresh "ducal" strawberry. Each strawberry was fed to the duke prior to receiving the remainder of the pie to the face ... All except for the unfortunate Duke Douglas Longshanks. His pie was purchased by his good friend Sir Ian of Cawdor, who ate the strawberry himself and then, as everyone including Douglas was laughing, he deposited the pie in Douglas' face with a unique motion that forced large amounts of whipped cream up and into every facial orifice of the good Duke, mouth, nose and ears all included.” – Martin the Temperate

“As a minor aside, Duke Aonghus requested and was granted a chocolate pie to be splattered with (it seems he was deathly allergic to strawberries). Wendy (Lady Gwendylon of the Thistle who was later Gwendylon Firousi) nailed me with her own pie. Duke Henrik had a broken nose (perhaps from a horseback accident) at the time and his pie had to be carefully delivered to his profile.” – Brian Dritar an Con
“I had a deviated septum from being bucked off a horse at a recent equestrian arts tournament – it was my fault I got bucked. My recollection is that the pies were real - crust and filling too in the aluminum pie tin – strawberry cream, chocolate, and lemon meringue for Brian. I have an after photo of me with red and white goop on the side of my face dripping down on to my tunic.” – Henrik of Havn

[The finals pitted Kevin Peregrynne versus Rogar Greywolf (an alias of Duke William of Hoghton).] “This was the first double-elimination Crown Tournament in the WK. It bears mentioning that William entered the finals undefeated while I had lost an earlier bout - also against William (quarter finals or the round before as I remember). Paul offered him the option of doing the finals with deaths retained or starting over best two-out-of-three. William said that he felt that the finals should always be best two out of three, and that's how it was done, setting WK precedent from then on. As for the fighting, I was so focused on proving that I had really come back from my broken elbow that I don't remember who I fought (except losing to William) or in what round until the finals.
     [The winner at last was Sir Kevin Peregrynne, who was carried off the field on the shoulders of several fighters.] “A photographer/writer team from Sunset were there that day, I forgot giving the photographer permission to shoot from the field (after briefing him on how to stay safe and not block people's views) until days later. The scene described above was the lead photo of the article when it appeared months later. I haven't looked at it recently, but I recall that Duke Andrew and Sir Steven were two of the hoisters.
     [Earl Marshall Kevin Peregrynne awarded them their prize, the Pandy Bat (a toy panda bear with bat wings).] “The judges thought that the fact that the 'ram' (face-down through the entire proceedings) gave the orders to the other four for direction of attack (which they obeyed literally) was the quintessence of the Pandybat concept.” – Kevin Peregrynne

[At final court, Sir William the Lucky presented the Muckin’ Great Clubbe to Mary of Uffington, as Guy de Montfort was not present.] “And few people ever deserved it more. Mary fought with such enthusiasm that it was easy to lose track of the fact that she was a relatively short and small-boned teenage girl. And anyone who did not lose track of the fact tended to end up very dead, very fast.” – William the Lucky

“Short, yes. Small-boned, no. Mary was solid all the way through and the Mannion family, as Larry explained to me once, runs to large bones.” – Steven MacEanruig
“When talking about the first two prominent lady fighters, someone once explained that the difference was that ‘Trude loves to fight, but Mary loves to kill people.’” – William the Lucky
“I'm not positive, but I believe that the MGC presentation was when Mary's insider's nickname went public - "Mary of OOF!ington". I once described her style as that of a rabid squirrel - she climbs up your torso, inside your face plate and chews you to death.” – Kevin Peregrynne
“But Kevin, I guess I'm not an insider since I never heard that nickname for Mary. The only one I used to refer to her, mostly to irritate her, was Mary the Muffin. Your description of her style, however, is perfectly accurate.” – Steven MacEanruig

[The Order of the Wooden Spoon contest for fruit pie was won by Katiana Amaralnaya for her blueberry pie.] “Yup that was a prize winning pie, one of my random early memories. There are probably embarrassing photos of me with blueberry on my face to prove it.” – Eden of Lionsguard

Description of this event, © Copyright 1980 by William R. Keyes (Wilhelm von Schlüssel)
This is from The History of the West Kingdom, Volume 1 (the only volume produced). When reading this text, please keep in mind the following disclaimer:

Disclaimer: This history may have errors in it, as much of the detail is “remembered” history, or as one of the cover pages of the original type-written manuscript states “The material within is derived from the information printed in The Crown Prints and in The Page, and from the memories of the participants.” The original document was typed on onion-skin paper, with hand-written notes (often in the margins). All attempts have been made to reconcile the notes with the original document.

Annotations, when they are added, are from The Annotated History of the West, Volume 1, which is the same text as Master Wilhelm's mentioned above, with commentary from members of the SCA who were active at the time of the event, and are added to help clarify questions and expand on what happened and why. This volume is copyright © Ken Mayer (Hirsch von Henford).

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