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The Eleventh Year

Medieval Hunt and Quest -- Barony of Dreiburgen
November 6-7, 1976

Held at Glen Helen Park, Riverside, CA., and sponsored by the College of Equestrian Arts. There was a quest on Saturday, followed by a Bardic Circle and a Skulking Contest. On Sunday there were demonstrations of falcons and wolfhounds in action, archery competitions, spear throwing, a boar hunt, and a trail ride. The Grand March on Saturday was accompanied by Raoul the Urbane and his Troops of Recorders. Prince Morven was about to dismiss the populace after the short court when a creature know as the Wicked Whatever stepped forward and challenged him, saying that he had not invited her to any events during his reign, and announcing her revenge. So saying she placed Princess Bevin under a spell of sleep. Prince Morven beseeched his people to go on quest to find the antidote to the spell. (Lady Fiona Gregorovna (Natalya de Foix) played the part of the Wicked Whatever.)

The quest groups formed and checked out at a little store that Lady Eyana bat-David had set up. She had stocked all manner of paraphernalia that the questors “might” need such as gold coins, magic potions, and crosses- “Hedgia du Loup’s out there, you know,” remarked Eyana. Armed thusly with a map and other important things, the groups set out. The first stations they came to were a Druid (Gwydioan in black), and a Magic Bird (Lady Su) who could be heard all through the forest. From there it was on down a twisting path to a troll (Arrigan of Kerry), named Irwin. You had to guess his name which was spelled out by the first letter of each line on the clue you received from the Druid. Then it was on to the Horse Goddess (Cliveden d’Chieau) and her faithful blacksmith (Katie Twohey) who was cleaning her horse’s hooves. You had to name a famous horse in order to get the Horse Goddess’ help. She gave you a Golden Horseshoe to be delivered to the Frost King.

From there it was up a hill to the Gypsy Camp. You were met along the way by a gruesome old woman (Ann Christopher of Cheshire). The Gypsies were led by a fellow with an unpronounceable name (Oberon Serin). The other gypsies were Lord Charles of Dublin, Lady Marguerite the Uncoordinated, Hedgia de Loup, Matilda, and Katherine, along with what looked like a werewolf (Tristram of Ravengate). Lord Charles secretly placed a needed clue on one of the persons and they had to discover where it was. Down the hill again to the Oracle (sounding suspiciously like the sleeping Princess Bevin), who gave a clue leading to the lair of the Frost King (Prince Morven) and the Snow Maiden (Lady Gabrielle), both dressing in blue, and the Frost King’s horse, Hondo. They sent you on the Blazoning Beast (Lord Renfield and Lady Joan under a kelly-green cloth with holes in it for eyes and nose and mouth of each, with a long chain around both necks, giving the appearance of a two-headed monster). Stuck into the chain at random intervals were yellow paper trumpets. To get a clue one had to guess whose arms were being discussed by the two heads. Then on to the Black Knight (Lady Anna McAyre of Gorabh) who was holding two maidens captive (Katie and Karen Kaneko).

Either you boffed the Knight to death, or he killed your fighter (whom you revived with a golden apple which you got from the Druid and the Bird) and died laughing. In any event the two ladies sent a clue wafting on the breeze to you from their tower and then it was back to camp to find the person indicated by the clues and clock in (Baron Waldt von Markheim).

With the quest over, all trudged in, weary from the two-mile course. During the day a troop of girl scouts had been frightened by the werewolf and the gypsies. Princess Bevin and Lady Fiona invited them to the campfire to see that it was all a game. The culmination of the quest came at the campfire/bardic circle. Prince Morven led a group of devoted fighters who were carrying the sleeping Princess on a cot.The druid made one last attempt to revive her (setting off some powders and flash paper). Then the Wicked Whatever stepped forward and challenged the Prince, saying none would ever awaken the Princess, and setting off a fireball from her staff (flash paper). Suddenly Lord Randolph the Devious stepped forward, followed by his wife Janeann, Marcus, Lord Conrad von Regensburg, and one other, and claimed that he had solved the quest question and demanded the cure for the Princess, which was reluctantly to be Chocolate Chip Cookies! The Princess was awakened and the Wicked Whatever repented and asked to become a citizen of Caid, which the Prince granted, presenting her with a loathsome plastic object resembling a long, bulbous purple eggplant. Then the bardic circle ensued, with the girl scouts participating. After they left Hedgia du Loup read from Dracula, under the full moon.

On Sunday there was a morning trail ride, lunch, and then an afternoon trail ride for those who couldn’t get into the morning ride. After lunch there was a Boar Hunt, with Duryn the Red playing the Boar and Lord Robear du Bois coordinating. The gentlemen were the hounds and the ladies were the hunters armed with boar pikes (water balloons). The boar left spoor (flour) behind for the dogs to follow. If the boar gored you (by throwing flower on you) you were dead. In order to kill the boar you had to hit him squarely on the chest or back with your weapon (balloon). The boar was finally cornered by two hounds (Sir Martin the Temperate and Duke Henrik of Havn), and was killed by Karin von Schatten, but not before he had gored Lady Su of the Silver Horn. Karin got the award for the kill, and Martin and Henrik got the award for cornering the boar.

“Though not true participants in the Quest (we had other duties at that event), we got to see quite a bit of it, and it was a fun day. I especially liked when one Questing Beast head (Renfield) asked the other head (Joan) if they should give the answer in unison, and Joan snapped, "Don't be silly! You know we don't speak Unison!"
     “John fondly remembers the Kaneko twins, about 8 or 9 years old maybe, atop one of those castle-shaped playground things, shouting as much encouragement to the Black Knight who'd captured them as to their would-be rescuers. They were too excited by the action being centered around them to decide just who was their champion.
     “The Boar hunt the next day was almost as startling to the mundane populace as the Quest. The park was made of gentle little hills, lots of bushes, and bits of lawn. So at one point the Boar burst out of some bushes, and did a bit of fancy footwork to avoid a picnic party that hadn't been there when he'd walked through the course a bit earlier. It was priceless to see the look on the picnicker's faces when this wild-eyed, red-haired, flour-coated thing crashed out of a bush, dashed past the picnic blanket, and disappeared into the bushes again. Just as the people regained their breath, a clowder of shouting females shot out of those same bushes, in hot pursuit of the Boar! They finished their picnic, but kept a wary eye on those bushes that seemed to spawn such strange creatures. John and I had a ring-side view on the other side of the hill, and had a good laugh.” – Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani

Description of this event, © Copyright 1980 by William R. Keyes (Wilhelm von Schlüssel)
This is from The History of the West Kingdom, Volume 1 (the only volume produced). When reading this text, please keep in mind the following disclaimer:

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Annotations, when they are added, are from The Annotated History of the West, Volume 1, which is the same text as Master Wilhelm's mentioned above, with commentary from members of the SCA who were active at the time of the event, and are added to help clarify questions and expand on what happened and why. This volume is copyright © Ken Mayer (Hirsch von Henford).

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