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The Eleventh Year

The Caid-Atenveldt Peace Mission -- Principality of Caid
February 12-14, 1977

Held near Tucson, AZ. Prince Martin led the forces of Caid on a peace mission into the Principality of the Sun in Atenveldt. Prince Ivan due Grae welcomed them to his principality and bade everyone get acquainted. Master Richard of Arkham, Master of Arts, wrote and played a galliard for the visiting Prince and Princess of Caid. Master John ap Griffin and Mistress Bjo of Griffin (Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani), represented by Lady Lorissa du Griffin, presented Prince Ivan with a bottle of wine. The two princes then announced that Caid and the Principality of the Sun were to proclaim peace between themselves, and that the two princes would sign a proclamation of peace. However, there was some discussion concerning the color of the initial letter on the proclamation, with the forces of the Sun preferring red and the forces of Caid feeling blue would be better. No agreement was reached and court was dismissed. Then there was an abduction of Lady Fiona Gregorovna (Natalya de Foix) and Lady Kerensa of Carlee, Mistress of the Lists, followed by a “snow ball” melee, in which two fighters fought, then teamed up against two others, who then joined them against four others, and so on until all were on the field in a grand melee. Further melees and challenge matches followed until the time came to change into festive attire for the evening feasting and revelry. A feast was prepared by Suleiman and his crew of gourmet cooks.

After breakfast on Sunday the fighters gathered together to decide upon the color of the first letter of the peace proclamation, and strangely enough all of the Caid fighters lined up on the side of blue, and all of the Sun fighters lined up on the side of red. Caid was outnumbered 28 to 18. The first melee was a prearranged ambush, with the Solar army advancing in a Column and the Caid forces charging when they were 50' away. The forces of the Sun reformed in time and defeated the onrushing Caid fighters. The forces of Caid then retreated up to a hill to defend a “castle”. The forces of the Sun then proceeded to take it, and red was looking more attractive all the time. One more field melee was scheduled and for this Baroness Trude Lacklandia and three Atenveldt fighters defected over to the Caid side, providing the edge for the Caid forces to emerge victorious. Two of the Sun knights returned to their side and a final melee was fought which lasted a long time, ending with an indeterminate result. A brief closing court was held, where the peace pact was produced, illuminated in both red and blue by Mistress Bjo of Griffin (Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani), and it was signed by the two Princes. Camp was struck, farewells exchanged, and all departed for home.

“This event was a follow-up to a less than successful "raid" into Atenveldt by the Brotherhood of the Blade. In an attempt to create "hostilities" over which we could start a regular war between Caid and Atenveldt, the Brotherhood showed up, unannounced, at an Aten event. While it was a start, there were some hard feelings over the event. (Particularly one Aten warrior who was so lightly armored, (bare shouldered, not even a tunic) that we had refused to fight him.)
     “So the idea for a Peace Envoy was proposed. I thought up the idea to have a Peace Treaty, but to leave the first letter of the scroll un-illuminated. (At least that's how I remember the planning session, probably more the group mind.)
     [Prince Ivan due Grae welcomed them to his principality and bade everyone get acquainted.] “The treaty was actually between us (Caid) and the Kingdom of Atenveldt but the Aten Royalty could not attend. They were represented, however, by His Grace, Duke Reynard the Fox. I remember this well, and the reason I remember will become clear later.
     [The two princes then announced that Caid and the Principality of the Sun were to proclaim peace between themselves, and that the two princes would sign a proclamation of peace.] “We had assembled our various armies, everyone knew we had come to do battle, but they didn't know the pretense. It was at this point that we produced the treaty and I announced that it was almost complete with just a little more illumination required, and once the scroll had been appropriately illuminated in BLUE, all would be well. Ivan and Reynard had been briefed and reacted strongly to that suggestion, and that RED was a more suitable color, and that was how most of the attendees first learned what they would be fighting over. We thought it delightfully trite.
     [No agreement was reached and court was dismissed.] “As court ended, I made some trifling comment about the cut of Reynard's garments, and as he turned towards me I loudly asked, "What DO you call that color of your tunic?" He said “blue”, I said “EXACTLY!!”
     [A feast was prepared by Suleiman and his crew of gourmet cooks.] “I think I had baited Reynard with questions about his arms, his tunic, the color of his fire chariot, even the color of the Aten sky, throughout the day. Reynard was quite the good sport because each time he dutifully answered “blue” (how could he deny it) and I could say “CORRECT!” Now much of this was between Reynard and me with a few bystanders each time. But word was spreading throughout the camp that this was happening. Reynard plotted his revenge and he intended to get me back at the banquet, where all could hear. Reynard stood and got everyone's attention and related how I had been baiting him all day and asked me what the color of my tunic might be. Well, our hosts had set up an impressive, circus-sized tent for the banquet and revel. It was very large and it had several entrances. Unfortunately Reynard hadn't seen me come into the tent and I had changed from my (very red) fighting tunic into a blue surcoat. I stood up so all could see and yelled "BLUE your Grace, and what's the color of yours?" and there he stood, once again, in his favorite blue tunic.
     [Camp was struck, farewells exchanged, and all departed for home.] “The peace envoy had accomplished its mission. The two camps departed in good humor and friendly terms, next year would be the first "Burro Creek War."” – Martin the Temperate

“ I don't recall the event being in Tucson? I thought it was Phoenix; but then, I wasn't driving (had been in the back of the bus with Bjo) and only recall your [Natalya’s] anguish at the Jerry's restaurant along the way ('my oreos', wasn't it?).” – Jason Griffiths of Shadowhyrst

“(1) It was HiHo crackers, not Oreos
“(2) It WAS Phoenix (just outside of Phoenix) - not Tucson
“(3) Ivan de [or] du Grae (I think - but check an Atenveldt OP).
“(4) Don't you remember that woman with the snake who tried to seduce you?” – Natalya de Foix

Description of this event, © Copyright 1980 by William R. Keyes (Wilhelm von Schlüssel)
This is from The History of the West Kingdom, Volume 1 (the only volume produced). When reading this text, please keep in mind the following disclaimer:

Disclaimer: This history may have errors in it, as much of the detail is “remembered” history, or as one of the cover pages of the original type-written manuscript states “The material within is derived from the information printed in The Crown Prints and in The Page, and from the memories of the participants.” The original document was typed on onion-skin paper, with hand-written notes (often in the margins). All attempts have been made to reconcile the notes with the original document.

Annotations, when they are added, are from The Annotated History of the West, Volume 1, which is the same text as Master Wilhelm's mentioned above, with commentary from members of the SCA who were active at the time of the event, and are added to help clarify questions and expand on what happened and why. This volume is copyright © Ken Mayer (Hirsch von Henford).

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