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The Tenth Year

University of British Columbia Open House -- Barony of Lion's Gate
March 5, 1976

From The Page (June, 1976):

Lionsgate enjoyed and mundanes gaped as the festivities got underway in the U.B.C. Open House on Friday, March 5. Various guilds were represented. Samples of needlework and costumes were spread out while members of the Cloth Guild plied their needles. Nalla, as head of the Leather Guild, exhibited samples of the work in progress as well as doing some of the leatherwork himself.

Games were displayed around the room; many were played during the event. Styraeman and Bombor were busy calligraphing signs.

The Cook's Guild sold Tinker and Welsh cakes and The Medieval Cookbook. This cookbook contains 46 true medieval recipes, all tested by our Lionsgate Cooks' Guild.

The dancers of our Shire greatly appreciated the live music supplied by Felix, Ingrie, Nodrog, Bombor, and Sebastien. The dances included the bransle, the pavane, and the tangle. Mundanes helped in the tangle by enlarging our number.

Some of our members drew swords to battle on the field. Among those were Morgan of Aberystwyth, Bjorn of HavOk, Scallanus of Skye, Harrald of Warrington, Nhille von Haukengranz, Bombor of Bombardia, and Nodrog of Bog. Marshalls included Alan of Edgewood and Boverk of Momchilivich. The highlight of the fighting was a four-man melee won by Morgan. Fencing also took place. Participants in this demonstration were Akbar the Sot, Nodrog, Bombor, Boverk, and Baron Gerhard Kendal.

Angels of Mercy, in the form of Saint John's Ambulance, greatly aided our fighters when they were struck down.

The highlight of both days was the first Baron's Court in Lionsgate. There were several petitions and presentations. Bjorn was awarded the Best and Most Chivalrous Fighter award for his winning the lists at the Monboggian event. This prize is a needlepointed arm band and grants that the wearer is Baroness Amanda Kendal's champion until the next major event.

Nalla of the Moors and his lady Elspeth and daughter Arla were presented with a pottery mug, and an article on the Raising of Babies (from T.I.). Gerek the Far-Seeing was given paper on which to draw a map of the Knowne Worlde. House Llewelyn presented their new squire Robin.

Petitions were many on that day; among them a proposal to expand Lionsgate. House Llewelyn and the Horde challenged all comers to a twilsy war. The glove of the challenge was accepted by the Baron on behalf of these other comers.

Chronicle by Melissa Kendal

(Melissa Kendal is twelve-and-one-half years old. This Chronicle was originally a school report, and appears here unedited. The damsel is gifted.)

This chronicle is presented by courtesy of Ye Crier.

From the History (by Wilhelm):

Held at the U.B.C. campus in Vancouver. Guilds put on exhibits of medieval crafts, games were displayed and played, and the Cook’s Guild sold Tinker and Welsh cakes and “The Medieval Cookbook”, which contains 46 tested medieval recipes. Music and dancing also enlivened the event.

Description of this event, © Copyright 1980 by William R. Keyes (Wilhelm von Schlüssel)
This is from The History of the West Kingdom, Volume 1 (the only volume produced). When reading this text, please keep in mind the following disclaimer:

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Annotations, when they are added, are from The Annotated History of the West, Volume 1, which is the same text as Master Wilhelm's mentioned above, with commentary from members of the SCA who were active at the time of the event, and are added to help clarify questions and expand on what happened and why. This volume is copyright © Ken Mayer (Hirsch von Henford).

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