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The Tenth Year

(No event title) -- Barony of the Golden Rivers
June, 1975

Baron and Baroness Cheryl of Castlewhyte announced that they were resigning as Baron and Baroness due to outside demands on their time.

“What this is short-hand for is that the stagflationary economy made their business as an independent plumbing and heating contracting company incompatible with having as demanding a hobby as being SCA Territorial Baron(ess).
     "Since the story is going to come up about now, here is my version of what happened.
     “The Baronial Mucky-Mucks (to use Stone's term) were already concerned. When King Douglas received David and Cheryl's resignation, he called Patti and I for our input ... who among the Golden Rivers gentry would be the best new Baron/ess. We told him, more or less, that - while there was oodles of talent in the barony, there were no native(s) of Sacramento who could both fill David and Cheryl's shoes as figureheads/focuses and work smoothly with the two of us as expert resources/kingdom insiders. He took it under advisement and called back a day or two later and asked if we would be willing to take on the job. We asked if we could think on it and get back to him.
     “Two years before, we had deliberately decided when we found Golden Rivers, that we were going to be a resource, NOT a power, in the fragile new group that we had will'e-nill'e joined by moving. (And we had done so for almost two years). But our assessment for the King was accurate - the barony was on its way to being something big, but there was nobody who could be both baron and power behind the throne effectively except the PattiPhil and we weren't willing to let all of the good work and progress die for lack of an experienced guiding pair of hands. (Even though we damn' well knew that we would wind up with some folks hating us and probably work ourselves to death before it was over.) When we called Doug back we accepted the 'honor'.
     “When you adopt a child you are morally bound to do the best you can.” – Kevin Peregrynne

Description of this event, © Copyright 1980 by William R. Keyes (Wilhelm von Schlüssel)
This is from The History of the West Kingdom, Volume 1 (the only volume produced). When reading this text, please keep in mind the following disclaimer:

Disclaimer: This history may have errors in it, as much of the detail is “remembered” history, or as one of the cover pages of the original type-written manuscript states “The material within is derived from the information printed in The Crown Prints and in The Page, and from the memories of the participants.” The original document was typed on onion-skin paper, with hand-written notes (often in the margins). All attempts have been made to reconcile the notes with the original document.

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