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The Tenth Year

Brotherhood of the Blade Melee Tourney -- Barony of the Angels
April 3, 1976

Held at Arroyo Seco Park, Pasadena, CA. Ronal Negri-Khan was the autocrat. King William gave an Award of Arms to Fiona Gregorovna (formerly Fiona MacGregor, later Natalya de Foix).

“It is hosted by the Brotherhood which is an Angels based org, not a household per se but a band of like minded fighters organized under a single banner in service to the king, though mostly to the prince of Caid as the Brotherhood was the organized core of the Caiden army in those days. We were the first organized fighting group, I believe, to practice, arm, and go to battle together.
     “Fighters were divided into teams for each battle. So the trick was to be effective regardless of who you were teamed with. Points for being on the winning team, more points for surviving, more for surviving uninjured. A single winner (can't remember who it was) at the day's end.” – Martin the Temperate

“The First Brotherhood of the Blade Melee Tourney was autocrated by Charles of Dublin and myself. There were 10 melees held, with a total of 20 fighters on the field. Teams were picked by the lists using a random draw, with the first one picked being the captain. We saw a wild variety of tactics tried that day, from a hollow square with 2 polearm men inside (which worked well if your opponent spread out around the square and attacked in a dis-jointed fashion), to a swarm of skirmishers fighting individually (which worked well if you had the better fighters). Points were also given based on what you fought with...I think a large shield was -2 points and a pole arm was +3. We must have had 6 Ladies at the lists table, as each fighter had to check in after each battle and a separate score sheet was kept for each fighter. This was really good practice for wars and a lot of fun. The Rieslingshire event was held at the Jonny Barton ranch. I think this was the first event at that site, which would be regularly used for a long time.” – Robear du Bois
“Maihie McFergie won the Brotherhood Melee Tournament in April 1976. The scoring took into account how big your shield was or if you did not have one by giving extra points for smaller shields & weapons or polearms. Points were also given for being on the winning side even if you were dead, more for being wounded and the most for being unwounded. In addition the losing captain was penalized a point while the winning one got an extra.
     “I won my first singing contest at Guy's the next day-the prize was a music stand given by Cedric the Dark & possibly Conrad von Regensburg. My Award of Arms was given to me by Prince Gregory of York & Princess Vivian (of Happy Memory).
     “Earl Kevin thanks for setting the record straight on where the rule on no non-fighting titles on the field came from. We did not follow it down here (CAID) as long as I was Earl Marshal because I could not see how one could logically in a feudal society deprive major peers of their titles just because they were on the field. The explanation never got down here that I heard, but the heralds attempting to practice it were a pain in my ass.” – Charles of Dublin

Description of this event, © Copyright 1980 by William R. Keyes (Wilhelm von Schlüssel)
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