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The Tenth Year

Midwinter Revel -- Barony of Three Mountains
December 7, 1975

Held in the Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR. Numerous crafts were on display. There were fighting demonstrations and dancing. Normand of Araby was given a silver Chalice by the House of Deitrich (Seneschal of Three Mountains) for Best Man’s Costume and Serena was given a brooch. The third award was Scatterbrain, that infamous blade created by Jamie Oakenshield, foisted by Valkyrie on some unsuspecting and here-in unnamed stalwart.

“Scatterbrain was three pieces of rattan, attached side by side, to form a very formidable greatsword. I fought Jarl Sir Ulfred Dromfelt last year or the year before, and the sword he was using was made out of piece of Scatterbrain.” – James Greyhelm

“I had forgotten Scatterbrain, but James brings it (her?) back clearly to mind. It brings to mind a pair of areas that we have touched upon - weapon names and the difficulty of detecting impacts experienced by certain fighters and/or from certain weapons. Scatterbrain, Red Ruin, Feather, Swansdown have all appeared so far. My original ratttan-edged axe was named Smartax because of a comment that Harold the Grim made when he was the first hit with it (something like "Ouch that smarts!"). Among other weapons specifically designed to "Get their attention" were Henrik's broadsword, with half sections of bamboo laminated to the edges for striking surfaces, my plywood short falchion for combat when both I and my opponent were on our knees, and the full size laminated rattan falchion that Aonghais commissioned for use" When those Caidans get uppity." I guess most of us have our own "Old Betsy" weapon stories ... I just thought I'd bring it up.” – Kevin Peregrynne
“No, I never made a broadsword with bamboo glued to the edges. I did make a single edged curved (katana like) hand and a half of split and planed strips of bamboo taped together with 2" wide adhesive cloth tape. No glue was used so that the strips would slide against each other when the blade flexed. It was an experiment which broke over a shield rim about 12" back from the point. It had a leather shinai tsuba for a cross guard and was about 46" ling overall. The blade was about 1" wide and about 1 1/4" inch from back to edge with a gentle taper to a 9/16" wide rounded cutting edge.” – Henrik of Havn
"Vis-a-vis famous swords, Martin had one called Tree that he broke over my head one Brotherhood Melee Tourney which sore disappointed him. Since I'm commenting, here are several more bits of trivia-it's Kerissa of Silverwolf. Maihie McFergie won the 1st Brotherhood Melee Tourney.” – Charles of Dublin
“I was squire to Sir Jamie Oakenshield back in the day, and Scatterbrain (the name, at least) brings back memories. It's always nice to remember the old days. I know that the Zweihander, another one of Sir Jamie Oakenshield's brainstorms, was not known as an impact weapon, but I don't remember anyone having trouble counting blows from it.” – Earl of Morris

Description of this event, © Copyright 1980 by William R. Keyes (Wilhelm von Schlüssel)
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