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The History of the West
by Wilhelm von Schlüssel

Many years in the past, Master Wilhelm created a history of the first 12 years of the Kingdom of the West. This was typed by hand on onion-skin paper, and placed into a notebook (denim, with the word "History" handwritten in silver on the binding/edge). It was completed in October, 1983 -- he had several people edit it over the years. Some of the information came from back issues of newsletters, some of it is expanded upon, including some handwritten notes in the borders, and some pages are just handwritten.

In the late 1990's Wilhelm and his lady moved to a new home and cleaned out their garage. Somehow I ended up with a ton of newsletters and this notebook.

I held onto much of this, organizing the documents, putting the mimeographed newsletters (The Tribune, Tournaments Illustrated, The Page ...) into binders (in page protectors, which hopefully will help keep them from deterioriating ... or at least slow the process). I discussed this with some friends and thought that it would be really fun to be able to do something with all this, possibly working with the folk "who were there", but I had no idea how to pull it off.

I took on the task of typing (at that time in WordPerfect) up the contents of Wilhelm's document and storing it in a single file. I tried to keep any typos just because I was trying for accuracy from the original document. I didn't have a scanner that was any good at the time, and OCR software was not very good yet.

Somewhere a year or so after I received this bounty, Stefan de Lorraine and Steven MacEanruig appeared on the SCA-West Yahoo group, which was a lot of fun. That summer we got word that Sumer Redmaene and a couple of other folk had passed away. This prompted me to follow up on some thoughts that I had discussed with friends, and pondered ...

In the summer of 1998, an email list was created and emails went out to the oldtimers that we could find -- it grew by leaps and bounds over time as people found they had email adddresses for other people -- that had email. Each message started with an event copied from the WordPerfect document. We then discussed via email the event, with people remembering different aspects, correcting each others' memories, and more. It was a fun and fascinating time. I was on the computer a lot for two years, just dealing with these emails. We did two complete passes through Wilhelm's history, the second pass including prior commentary.

I added much of the commentary into the WordPerfect document. This was completed March 15, 1996. Dame Teleri Tawel created armory that was included throughout for both branches and royalty. I made it available for a friend to print and sell (at Pennsic, etc.) -- I made no money from it, I just wanted the information out there. A PDF version of this was also created and is available here: Annotated History of the West.

In November, 2000, the West Kingdom History site went live, putting the text from these documents up, with the comments noted. The original was early HTML (the internet has evolved so much since), and not as clean as the current version (let's not get into thoughts running in my head to revise the whole thing). Eventually photos were added, and the site has evolved to what we have now. (Huge, tens of thousands of photos, a Who's Who, and much much more.)

During the week of Golden Beltane (The West Kingdom's 50 Year celebration), I took it upon myself to scan the original document by Wilhelm. As the pages were scanned, they were being placed into page protectors and a new binder (the page protectors make the pages take more space, and the original binder just barely had room for everything in it). These pages don't have the commentary. For the commentary (some of which has been enhanced/added to in the years since) you would want to go to the main page of this site, and use the calendar/menu on the right. It's a bit of a rabbit hole, make sure you have some time ... -- Hirsch von Henford, West Kingdom Historian

A Chronology of the Kingdom of the West
Volume One: The First 12 Years

Master Wilhelm von Schlüssel,
M.L., M.P., O.L.M., Q.O.G.

Copyright 1983 by William R. Keyes

Table of Contents (1 Page)

Kingdom and The Society (61 Pages)

Principality of the Mists (1 Page)
     Province of the Mists (8 Pages)
     Province of Ceantyre (2 Pages) -- now Caldarium
        Province of Ceantyre (2 Pages) - handwritten notes
     Province of St. Andrew's (2 Pages)
     Province of Southern Shores (3 Pages)

Principality of An Tir (9 Pages)
     Barony of Madrone (13 Pages)
     Barony of Three Mountains (6 Pages)
     Barony of Adiantum (4 Pages)
     Barony of Lion's Gate (8 Pages)
     Shire of Eskalya (1 Page)
      Principality of Caid (8 Pages)
     Barony of the Angels (13 Pages)
     Barony of Calafia (12 Pages)
     Barony of the Isles (4 Pages)
     Barony of Dreibergen (5 Pages)

Principality of Atenveldt (2 Pages)

The Outlands (The Marches)
     Barony of Allyshia (5 Pages)
     Barony of Golden Rivers (6 Pages)
     Province of Shasta (1 Page)
     Rieslingshire (2 Pages)
     College of St. David (1 Page)
     Shire of Montalinas / Perilous Visions (1 Page) --
       now Montaigne du Roi
     Shire of Great Oak (1 Page) -- now Rivenoak
      Defunct Branches (1 Page, all handwritten)

SCA Officer Lists (5 pages, all handwritten)
Kingdom Officer Lists (25 pages, all handwritten)

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