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NOTE: This information is for SCA members who currently live in or have lived in the Kingdom of the West in the SCA. This is not for any other fantasy groups, or other purposes.

Enter as much of the information below as you can that seems appropriate. Feel free to request changes to outdated information if needed (people's lives change all the time!). When you click the button at the bottom an email will be sent to the West Kingdom Historian and the data will be updated as soon as possible (you should receive a response back) ...

Note that some of the areas allow for some formatting, please do not go overboard. Not all formatting will come through email, and not all will end up on the History site.

When updating your information, please review your Who's Who entry first, rather than sending information that is already in place ... thanks!

Your Contact Information

Region of the Kingdom you live in, or "Other Kingdom" if appropriate

Local Branch you currently live in if in the West, if "Other Kingdom" from above, what Kingdom?

If you do not live in the West, but have awards from The West, this information will be overwritten in the update process. You may want to note these in your bio area instead, as the way the process works is fairly complicated.
If you DO live in the West and awards from other Kingdoms are not listed, please contact the Golem Herald at the Herald's Awards List website, and provide the information there -- it will make it into the Who's Who ... (or simply list the Kingdom(s) you have received recognitions from, and they will be looked up).

Let us know what title (if any) you prefer people use for you -- example: Duke Sir, Herzog, Master, Maestro, or Baron even if you are allowed a peerage or other title ... this can include alternate language titles which can be looked up at:

Please specify branch, office (i.e., Seneschal, Arts Minister, etc.), and the month and year you started and ended the position ... For multiple items, for readability, please add a semicolin (;) at the end of an office, pressing enter between each (so they are on their own lines), or using the bullet list option (look at the toolbar). A proper entry might look like:
   Shire of Podunk, Seneschal, June 2010 to June 2012;
   Shire of Podunk, Herald, February 2013 to February 2014;
Note that this is not limited to jobs/offices, but can include championships, or reigns for branches outside the West, if you live here in the West but reigned elsewhere ...

Please specify specific things you have done (and provide dates if you can) for artistic or scientific endeavours that have contributed to the West Kingdom. Some of these might include "Head Cook for Feast at xxx event, date: ..." or "Taught class on xxx topic at xxx event, date: ...", and so on. Please press the Enter key after each item you list. If you have URLs to websites (or to items on this site), please note that you have URLs, but this routine is designed to call URLS SPAM because that's too common in Spammer messages. Instead, make the note, and when the email is received by the historian, you will be asked for details.

Tell the world something about who you are in the SCA -- however please be warned that lying will not be used; any bio you provide may be mercilessly edited to clean it up for public consumption; and we will NOT accept bios from anyone but the person the bio is about -- you cannot write up some story about someone else and expect to see it listed on the West Kingdom History website ... Also please keep it short (although it can be multiple sentences), this is not everything you've ever done in the SCA, but more of an overview of who you are now in the SCA ... please use second or third person if possible (i.e., "Fred has been active in the SCA since 1985, a participant in the Equestrian arts, a fighter ... He is married to Wilhelma von Totenburg and has been for 12 years.")

Please provide the names of households, war units, etc. that you have been associated with over time. Please press enter between each (so they are on their own lines), or using the bullet list option (look at the toolbar).

Please list any relationships you wish noted (married to, apprenticed to, squired to, any student relationships, other things you might want to list ...) and to whom ... This should be someone in the Who's Who as well -- a link is generated to their entry when the Who's Who is updated. Please press enter between each (so they are on their own lines), or using the bullet list option (look at the toolbar).

Please provide any OTHER information you think will help ...

Upload photo for page -- This should be an SCA photo of you, and specifically of YOU. Photos will be displayed at 175 pixels wide, and should be as close to a headshot as possible. While the Historian can modify photos a bit, it can take some work ... Please help out. Note that all photos follow the photo policy on the main page of this website -- you have to have permission to post it, and submitting it assumes that you do. If a complaint is raised about copyright it will be removed.

If there's a photo, please let us know who took it ...

Upload registered armory (device or coat of arms, not badges) if it is not already on the Who's Who (and Award List), or if you are not happy with the armory that is displayed. Please note this in the notes/comments area above. Armory that is not registered to you will not be displayed in your Who's Who entry ... If your arms are registered and not here, you might want to see if they are on the West Kingdom Roll of Arms, and if so -- just let me know (make a comment in the Notes section above to check the Roll of Arms). (The Historian is also a Herald and has plenty of resources at hand.)